Karnstein Hospital.

Karnstein Hospital is a medical facility that is renowned for allegedly reviving the dead.[1]


Karnstein Hospital, on the newspaper.

The Karnstein Hospital is an institution that conducts illegal human experimentation in an attempt to resuscitate the dead back to life.[2] According to Aleister Chamber, a woman by the name of Madam Samuel was the cause of the Hospital's efforts being publicized in the newspaper.[3]

They often shop for foreign slaves at the back docks that Lau is in charge of, and yet the numbers have increased as of late.[4]

Their procedures are executed surreptitiously in order to evade the risk of being caught. They are able to conceal their work to the extent that Sebastian Michaelis was not able to find a clue inside the hospital.[5]

However, the upper-rank doctors in the hospital, including the director, Rian Stoker, have opened an association called the Aurora Society where its true face is a secret group that consists solely of doctors who have been confirmed of conducting illegal human experiments daily.[5]



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