"So alike were they... Two peas in a pot, one a mirror image of the other."
This article is about Irene Diaz' current boyfriend. You may be looking for the Aristocrat of Evil, Pitt.

Julius Pitt is an actor at Haymarket, who is currently in a romantic relationship with Irene Diaz.

Character Outline

Julius is an adult male with short brown hair and thick eyebrows. He dresses in a tidy white suit. He is active in his acting career. He must keep his romantic relationship with Irene Diaz a secret, in fear of bad publicity, since he is part of a rivaling theatre company.[1]


Ch85 Julius and Irene

Julius and Irene Diaz.

Julius is traversing through London on a horse carriage with Irene Diaz. Their carriage suddenly moves in an erratic manner and tips over. Sebastian Michaelis tears off the door of the carriage to free the both of them. After introductions are hastily made, Irene worries that they will miss the start of her performance. They cannot be seen together since they are part of rivaling theatre companies. Sebastian comes up with a solution: he pulls the carriage, with the both of them inside, all the way to the theatre.[2]


  • He shares his surname with Pitt. So far, it is unknown whether they are in some way related to each other or this is just a coincidence.


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