Joanne Harcourt[2] (ジョアン・ハーコート, Joan Hākōto) is a second-year student at Weston College.[3] He is part of the Red House, classified by his gentility. He was previously the Prefect's Fag of Edgar Redmond.


Joanne Harcourt is a young male student. He has straight silver-blonde hair, cut to chin length, and side bangs that usually cover one of his red eyes. His typical attire consists of a suit and a tie, as part of his school uniform.


Having been deemed a liar by the majority of the students,[2] Joanne possesses low self-esteem. As a consequence, he developed a reserved demeanor and rejects the idea of being popular, claiming that his only potential is to read and nothing else.[4]

Joanne has a fragile temperament, as shown when he easily bursts into tears when reminded of the pitiful state he is in due to the misunderstanding of other students,[4] but eventually regains his confidence when he becomes Edgar Redmond's Fag.[1] He generally regards others with friendliness.


Public School Arc

Ch70 Sebastian aids Harcourt

Professor Michaelis retrieves a book for Joanne.

Joanne Harcourt is in the library of Weston College. He attempts to read the original version of Hegel's "The Science of Logic," but is unable to reach the top of the bookcase, and thus Professor Michaelis, the dormitory warden, aids him.[3] When Professor Michaelis comments that he must be popular for being capable of reading such a challenging book, Joanne denies this, saying that his sole capability is reading.[5]

Professor Michaelis observes his troubled countenance and suggests that they head to the chapel. There, Joanne discloses to him that Maurice Cole claimed to have given him an invitation to the Swan Gazebo, but he never received it. Later the invitation was discovered in his desk, so everyone deemed him a liar.[6] Professor Michaelis assures Joanne that he does not think he is a liar, and tells him to pray that this misunderstanding will clear up one day.[2]

After Maurice's treacheries are exposed, Joanne replaces him as Edgar Redmond's Fag. He socializes with the P4 and their Fags at the Swan Gazebo, and explains to Ciel Phantomhive the fundamentals of June 4th.[7] He relates with Ciel on the matter that it would be awkward to compete against friends in the upcoming cricket tournament.[8]

During the opening ceremony of the tournament, Joanne appears beside Edgar as their dormitory is introduced to the visitors.[9] He is later selected as one of the participants in the competition roster for the first round.[10]

After the tournament, Joanne is next seen at the Midnight Tea Party, due to his role as the Prefect's Fag. He is not seen to speak and is shocked when Derrick Arden is revealed to be a Bizarre Doll and the headmaster is revealed to be Undertaker.[11] He is seen being shocked at the Prefects' revelations of Derrick's death.[12]

Blue Cult Arc

At Weston College, Joanne, to his surprise, is approached by Sebastian Michaelis, who is disguised as Professor Michaelis. Joanne confesses that he longed to see him again, especially since he could not say goodbye to him last time since Sebastian left his post so suddenly. Afterward, Sebastian explains the circumstances regarding Edgar Redmond, Lawrence Bluewer, Gregory Violet, and Herman Greenhill, and Sphere Music Hall. He recruits Joanne as a member of the upcoming Funtom Music Hall group, "Phantom Five," alongside Edward Midford, Cheslock, and Soma Asman Kadar. Joanne agrees to help, promising that he will do anything for Sebastian, for the latter saved him when he was "alone and friendless."[13]

Afterward, the five recruited assemble at Ciel's office in the London townhouse. When Cheslock questions their choice of Clayton, Sebastian modifies Clayton's appearance, and they are all impressed with the result. Ciel calls for their attention, stating that they must undergo special training. On Ciel's command, Sebastian passes out a folder involving "character setup" to each individual of the Phantom Five. Ciel asserts that the group's appeal will increase if each member has his own distinct, unique characteristics: Joanne, in particular, must be "a little devil of a younger brother." Joanne studies his folder for a while.[14]

When Ciel insists that they must increase their marketability, Sebastian, in a menacing fashion, maintains that he will train them thoroughly, to the Phantom Five's discomfort. They, then, refine their speech, mannerisms, singing, dancing, and skills through rigorous lessons under Sebastian's guidance.[15]

Following the eventful two weeks, Joanne and the others join Edgar, Lawrence, Gregory, and Herman, the Starlight Four, on stage at Sphere Music Hall, disguised as the supporting choir. After singing a hymn, the S4 remove their robes and prepare to sing their new song, "Search for Sirius." Instead of stepping off the stage, Joanne and the others call the Starlight Four "frauds" and belittle the "radiance" they are attempting to deliver, claiming that they, on the other hand, can give "the real thing." They, then, remove their robes, perform their own song, to the disbelief of all the spectators, and identify themselves as the "Phantom Five." The Phantom Five, then, direct the audience to the newly erected Funtom Music Hall across the street.[16]

Afterward, the Phantom Five gather at Ciel's office, where Ciel commends them for their performance. Joanne admits that he was very nervous.[17]

Ciel tells the Phantom Five that they must perform well. The Phantom Five stack their hands on top of one another, and cheer.[18]

Later, Joanne and the other members of the Phantom Five start their show by dropping down from the ceiling on wires. They, then, remove their cloaks and perform their song, "Phantom Knight." Subsequently, the Phantom Five encourage the audience to mimic them, and swing their towels; the audience complies. Afterward, the Phantom Five leap off the stage and walk down the aisles. The lights suddenly shut off, and Edward declares that the light of the stars or radiance is needless when they have them to brighten their days; the colored sticks the audience has begin to glow. Next, the Phantom Five perform "Broken Star." After the show concludes, each member of the Phantom Five stands at their respective gate to personally see the audience off on their way home.[19]

Joanne and the other members of the Phantom Five continue with their respective shows, and succeed in drawing about twenty percent of Sphere Music Hall's attendees to Funtom Music Hall.[20]

During a Phantom Five performance, Edward is dragged off the stage by his mother. Since then, Ciel has put the Phantom Five on a hiatus.[21]


  • Joanne is a very popular character among Yana Toboso's assistants and Mr. K, her editor. This fact made Toboso reconsider her plan of only letting Joanne appear very briefly in the manga, turning him into a more important and regular character. Furthermore, Mr. K even tried to get Joanne on the cover of Volume 16.[23][24]


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