Jane is a maid working at Heathfield Manor.

Character Outline

Jane is a young woman with fair, slightly curly hair which she has pinned up and partially hidden beneath a cap. She usually wears the uniform every maid at Heathfield Manor has to wear: a simple black dress and an apron with frills. Unlike the other maids, Jane also wears a bowtie[1] and keeps guns hidden in her apron.[2]

She is very agile and a talented fighter and markswoman as she is able to keep up with Mey-Rin, a trained assassin.[3]


Blue Cult Arc

When in late 1889, Heathfield Manor welcomes two new maids–Mey and RanMrs. Abbie charges Jane with guiding them to their rooms and instructing them.[1]

Sometime later, Jane polishes the banisters with Mey and instructs her to start from the bottom while she begins at the top. On her way up, Jane turns around and notices that Mey is using shoe polish and stops her. She gives her the correct polish abrasive and asks her whether she made the mistake due to her bad eyesight, but Mey tells her that she simply reached for the wrong polish. Jane then points out that, as glasses are rather expensive, maids can rarely afford them, and Mey says that her previous employer gifted them to her. Jane notes that he must have been a generous man despite everything and resumes their work.[4]

One morning, there is a commotion among the maids, and when Mey asks for its reason, Jane informs her that Baron Heathfield has returned from parliament last night and that everyone will have to line up to greet him–newcomers even have to stand at the front of the line. They then go to greet the Baron.[5]

Afterward, the maids excitedly talk about Chris and marvel over his good lucks. Jane reminds them that noblemen only fall in love with maids in romance novels, but one of the maids replies that this is possible in Heathfield Manor as Chris once invited a maid–"his favorite"–to his bedroom every night until she surprisingly quit. Jane adds that Chris most likely grew tired of her and that she subsequently returned home.[6]

Later that day, Annie goes to Chris' bedroom after receiving an invitation, and Mey follows her, but Jane who is patrolling the manor finds her in front of the bedroom and catches her.[7][8] Silently, Jane guides Mey to the kitchen where she reminds her of the curfew and tells her about Chris' wish to find a replacement for his deceased wife who resembles her not only in appearance, but in voice, personality, body, compatibility, and shape of soul too. Jane then sends Mey back to her room.[9]

Two days later, Jane goes to Mey and Ran's room to wish them a good morning. Seeing Mey still in her nightgown, Jane wants to know why she is not wearing her uniform as they planned to polish the chandelier this morning. Mey entrusts her that Ran has not returned to their room last night, and Jane realises that Ran was chosen by Chris. She assures her that everything is fine, but says that she may not see Ran for a few days as she has seemingly become Chris' new favorite.[10] Then, they go to polish the chandelier.[11] Later that day, Jane catches Mey behaving suspiciously as she "mistakenly" goes the wrong way to the laundry room.[12]

That night, Jane watches over the secret basement, where the maids who have "left" the manor are kept in a comatose state, when Mey breaks into it. Jane shoots at her, and they fight for a while until they cease fire for a moment to talk; however, they keep their guns directed at each other. Jane tells Mey that she knew that she was not an ordinary maid and that she had fighting experience—and having seen her fight just now, Jane makes Mey a proposition: If she joins her, she will get thrice as much as what her current employer pays her. Mey seemingly considers the offer.[13]


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