Jan and Hao are two orphaned brothers who became friends with Mey-Rin at some point.

Character Outline

Both Jan and Hao have short dark hair and dark eyes. They are missing a few teeth and wear old, battered clothes.

Jan's attire consists of a dark-checked coat which is slightly too big for him, a light shirt and waistcoat, dark pants, and a scarf wrapped loosely around his neck. Furthermore, most of his hair is concealed with a cap. Like his older brother, Hao wears an oversized coat; unlike Jan's, his is light and plain. Hao does not wear a waistcoat, only a shirt which he has tugged into his high-waisted dark trousers. None of them wears shoes.

While Jan is vivacious and talkative, Hao is calmer and stays more in the background. Jan is quite protective of his younger brother, and Hao is often seen clinging to Jan.[1][2]


At some point, Jan and Hao were orphaned and left to live on the streets of London where they eventually met and befriended Mey-Rin. Utilizing Mey-Rin's far-sightedness and excellent marksmanship, they created a special technique to gather money: While Jan and Hao distract rich-looking women, Mey-Rin shoots down one of their earrings which the brothers then pick up from the ground before running away.[1]

Ch158 Jan and Hao are thrown off the roof

Jan and Hao are tossed off the roof.

This went well until sometime in 1877[3] when Mey-Rin accidentally hurt a woman while shooting down her earring. Enraged, her husband then ordered his subordinate Haku to catch and punish Jan and Hao. When they were caught, Jan apologized and offered to return the earring. Haku yelled at him that a simple apology would not be enough for what they had done though and that he would sell their livers. Upon hearing his words, a terrified Jan told Haku that neither he nor his brother had hurt the woman, but Mey-Rin who was waiting for them on a nearby rooftop.[4]

Jan and Hao led Haku and some other men to the rooftop. There, one of the other men dangled Hao and Jan from the roof, and Haku gave Mey-Rin a choice: If she showcased her talent, she would live. If she did not, she would die alongside Jan and Hao.[5]

Mey-Rin decided to show Haku her talent and, to his amazement, skillfully shot down the earring of a random woman in front of the Royal Opera House. However, Haku had only promised to let Mey-Rin live; Hao and Jan were thrown off the rooftop and died upon impact with the ground.[6]


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