James (ジェームズ, Jieemuzu) is a dog trainer who lives in the village of Houndsworth.

Character Outline

James is a young man with auburn hair and eyes. He greatly loves dogs and trains multiple of them. His dogs are extremely loyal to him, and would risk their own lives to protect him.[1]


Houndsworth Arc

When Ciel and his servants go to the village of Houndsworth, under the pretense of scouting out a potential resort for Queen Victoria, they see James while entering the town. He is in the middle of training a dog, and Mey-Rin comments on him.[1]

Later that night, the Demon Hound kills James, presumably for breaking Henry Barrymore's rule of having no more than five dogs per person. Apparently, James had six.[1]

The following day, they find his sixth dog, and the piece of fabric the dog held in its mouth proves that James's real killer was Henry, not a demon hound.[1]


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