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Jack the Ripper

At the end of the 19th century when the social season was about to end, a series of murders occurred in London. The deceased victims were all prostitutes; their bodies were cut open, and their uterus deliberately removed. Due to the brutality inflicted on the victims, the police authorities and other prostitutes called the criminal Jack the Ripper.[1]

Angelina Dalles is the true mastermind behind the attacks. Grell Sutcliff, a Grim Reaper, joined her as a co-criminal after they witnessed her first murder.[2] The prostitutes are all patients at the Royal London Hospital, where Angelina worked at. The order in which the victims died corresponded exactly to the patients on her abortion operation list.[3]


Because of Jack the Ripper's disruption to the regular society, Queen Victoria had sent Ciel Phantomhive to investigate and discover his true identity.[1] As noted by Ciel, Jack the Ripper's ways of killing were unconventional and unorthodox, and for this matter alone, it greatly distressed the Queen. The wounds were due to some kind of sharp tool that inflicts quick cuts, resulting in a painful death.[1]

Undertaker had revealed that all the victims have had their wombs removed so accurately and professionally that the murderer had to be someone experienced in the medical field.[4] In order to narrow down the suspects, Sebastian Michaelis had listed the conditions for being Jack the Ripper: a doctor who is knowledgeable about anatomy, has no alibi the day before the incident, and/or is connected with a secret society or black magic.[5]

Identified Victims



  • Jack the Ripper relates to an actual, unidentified serial killer whom attacked in London contemporaneously. He also murdered prostitutes by slitting their throat and mutilating the bodies. However, the historic Jack the Ripper did not always remove body parts and did not stick to just removing the womb.[9]
  • The victims were based on the real victims of the actual Jack the Ripper. Mary Ann Nichols was based on her real-life counterpart;[10] so was Mary Jane Kelly.[11] Annie Shepherman bore a similar name to the real victim Annie Chapman.


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