Indian Butler Arc
Agni's Curry
Start Chapter 15
End Chapter 23
Volume 4 - 5
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The Indian Butler Arc was the third arc of the Kuroshitsuji manga. It was a major conflict that depicted Ciel Phantomhive and his butler, Sebastian Michaelis, investigating the case of Anglo-Indians being continuously assaulted, stripped, and hung upside down from the eaves of the Hindustani Coffee House in Portman Square.

The conflict started when Ciel, Sebastian, and Lau visited East End where they encountered Indians who threatened them. Soma Asman Kadar and his butler, Agni, appeared and initially went against Ciel until they discovered that the Indians were the ones who started the fight without reason and dealt with them instead. Afterward, they took shelter at Ciel's London townhouse in compensation for saving them earlier.

Soma was in search of his nanny, Mina, who was taken to England. They investigated further to determine that Agni has sided with Harold West Jeb and was the one who attacked the Anglo-Indians in order to retrieve Mina again. West was planning to use Agni's "Right Hand of God's" in order to win the Royal Warrant at the curry fair. Thus, Ciel joined the fair.

The conflict ended when Sebastian's and Agni's curries were on par and the judges were unable to choose a definite winner. The draw was overturned by Queen Victoria, who chose Sebastian as the winner of the contest. Soma confronted Mina who refused to come back with him because she rather be the rich wife of West's. He understood and asked Agni to stay by his side. Consequently, Lau sent his personal assassin, Ran-Mao, to kill Mina and West.

With the visit of the Scotland Yard, Agni tried to confess his crimes but was stopped by Sebastian. Ciel allowed Soma and Agni to stay at his London townhouse.


It's currently winter in England where the grey season is enveloped with thick and heavy snow. After the conclusion of the serial murders of Jack the Ripper, London has returned to its state of peace and tranquility. However, that only lasts for a brief time.[1]

Englishmen, who have recently returned from India, have been continuously assaulted, stripped, and hung upside down from the eaves of the Hindustani Coffee House in Portman Square. Since then, noblemen or soldiers who had returned from India were faced with the same fate. The victims all had the same threatening notes attached to them that consists of denouncing England and its citizens of being rotten, decadent, and depraved with iniquity. They deserve a severe punishment from Heaven and at the end of the note is a drawing of a tongue.[2]

Scotland Yard's police commissioner, Arthur Randall, crumples up the note, disgruntled by the fact that its the twentieth case of the same incident. He yells at Scotland Yard officer, Fred Abberline, for not apprehending the culprit as of now and complains that the glory of catching Jack the Ripper was also stolen from them by the "brat." Ciel Phantomhive, followed by his butler, then approaches them, sarcastically apologetic for being such a brat. Fred demands how he has gotten in here and Randall stops him and asks Ciel why he's here. Ciel answers that he has come to clean up the mess caused by the old pathetic hunting dog, that is Randall.[3]

Ciel grabs information on the Anglo Indian assaults from them, in order to review the case, muttering that the victims are not dead. He states that because this is embarrassing for the royal family, as they are blatantly being insulted, he would get involved. He agrees to the note's saying of "chosen children of sloth and depravity" as he believes England will be better off without India's wealthy upstarts. At the present, the British empires dominion over India and a lot of British settlers are living in Britain's Indian colonies. The third and fourth children from upper-class families, who cannot afford luxurious lives in England, are able to live like aristocrats in India. Those who return from India are called Anglo-Indian. Those who can't leave the lazy lifestyle due to luxury they found in India are called Indian upstarts. Randall replies that they are likened to cowards who are superfluously indulged with extravagance and worthless pastime, most of which are upper-class people in so-called Great Britain. Ciel remarks that upper class is worthless and inquires what the tongue means.[4]

Exacerbated, Randall yells that the criminal is mocking Britain and the Queen. He demeans them as an idiot who only targets those who return from India so he or she can't be anyone other than a vulgar Indian barbarian. Ciel notes that the reason he's being called here is the majority of smuggling Indians have a stronghold in East End. He muses that even Scotland Yard don't know what to do with a dark street such as that and it's hard to identify the route and the exact number of smugglers. Therefore, Ciel will make a move according to his own way since he wants to return to his manor as soon as possible. They return the documents, with Sebastian Michaelis stating he had already memorized them, and they take their leave.[5]

Fred questions who Ciel is, and Randall explains that this country has a secret executive agency which is directly controlled by the Queen and is strictly confidential. The Phantomhive family is called the "Queen's Watchdogs" or the "Evil Noblemen," who has served for generations. Randall says that their task is not blithe nor easy and explains that every country has a surface, ostensible world with an underworld as well, with Great Britain being no exception. The Phantomhive is a dark agency that conceals all of the royal family's wrongdoings and eliminates every thread linking to the royal family's involvement, no matter how dirty the method. The dark street of East End is where people involved with the multinational underworld gather in the country. Hence, the Phantomhive family has the power to control and manage everything in the underworld of Britain and maintain the division between the underworld and surface world. Fred says that in other words, it's the opposite of the police and they use evil powers to fulfill the Queen's wishes. Randall then describes Ciel not as a kid but as a "demon."[6]

Sebastian and Ciel arrive at an ominous place where they go down the stairs and through a door in which Ciel comments that the place has an awful smell. The indicated person tells Ciel that he has finally found this place and although it feels awkward for Ciel to see him this way, he has anticipated that this day would come eventually. It is then revealed that they're at Lau's opium den, where he is relaxing with several girls, and Ciel yells at him at what kind of day this is. Lau asks him how it's been and congratulates his recent birthday in which Ciel counters that he doesn't care about such things and says that he has something to ask him.[7]

Lau says that the Earl has come all this way to ask about "that" incident. While Lau explains, a couple of girls ask Sebastian if he wants a smoke and he replies the negative. Lau says that the news spread fast as they have already reached Ciel and tells him that he has been investigating "that" incident. Ciel replies that if it's about orientals, the most efficient way of gaining information is to ask the person with strong influence around here, that is the president of the British Branch of the Chinese trading company, Kunlun, and also of the Shanghai Mafia, Qingbang executive, Lau.[8]

Lau nonchalantly tells Ciel that he doesn't like it when he addresses him that way, as it is too formal, and asks the girl on his lap, Ran-Mao, if she agrees. Ciel scolds him to stop smoking opium and listen and leaves the East End as Lau's responsibility as the number of people who move in and out of this street are under his management. Lau assures him that he would do what the Earl asks of him as that's the compensation that allows him to conduct business in the underworld of this country. However, he has one question to ask of him: what exactly is "that" incident. Ciel is dismayed as he has to go back and explain from the start while Sebastian comments that he's typical of a yes-man.[9]

They head to the stronghold of Indian people and after Ciel's explanation, Lau acknowledges that he wants to arrest "that" mischievous kid. Since there are no casualties, it must be because he targeted upper-class citizens or soldiers. As it's Ciel's duty to set an example for the common people, it must be exhausting for him which Ciel replies that that's just nonsense. Sebastian intervenes, saying that they've been walking for a while now yet they haven't arrived at stronghold of Indian people. Lau comments that he got lost in their conversation so it seems that he lost track of where they're at, much to Ciel's annoyance.[10]

Ciel accidentally bumps into a man and the latter begins screaming for help, claiming that his ribs cracked. They are then surrounded by Indians. They demand that because Ciel is noble, he pays them consolation money and strip of everything they have and hand it over to him. Sebastian tells Ciel that they are once again caught among some irritating punks and Ciel orders him to dispose of them immediately. The Indian man says that all of them here despise noblemen because of the way the British selfishly brought them to England and then "dumped them like trash." Because of them, they ended living like miserable 'gutter rats' and England has stepped all over them. They boisterously offer to give them a 'taste' of what it feels like to be plundered and humiliated.[11]

While they are threatening Ciel and Sebastian, a well-dressed Indian and his butler appears, holding up a poor drawing of a woman. He learns there is a fight going on, and notices Ciel with a butler and concludes that they are British noblemen. He says he will side with the people of his country, and orders his butler, Agni, to attack. Agni complies and says he'll 'swing this fist blessed by the Gods for my master's sake'. Sebastian is able to avoid his blows, although he comments that he moves quickly. An Indian man enters the battle, trying to attack Sebastian from behind but he ducks and Agni unintentionally punches the Indian man instead and apologizes. Their fight resumes with Agni particularly pressing his fingers against Sebastian's pressure points several times. He notes that Sebastian's arm should be paralyzed by now and questions how he is still able to fight.[12]

During that pause, Ciel comments that they had barely stepped foot in this place and those guys picked a fight with us and angrily questions if all Indians attack the British indiscriminately like barbarians. The prince asks the others if they had a reason to fight, and when they fail to present one, he reprimands that provoking fights without reason is childish and orders Agni to side with the British, adding that his "brothers" are the wrong ones here. Agni quickly takes out all of the Indians. The prince, Soma Asman Kadar, hopes that they're not injured and picks up Ciel's hat and places it on the owner' head, saying that this kind of area is not a place for a kid to wander about. He's currently in a busy search and leaves with Agni.[13]

Lau praises that those two are amazing and it is revealed that Lau was hiding on a roof for the "right chance to jump in" and he leaps down. He comments that Soma and Agni were definitely not from the East End, and in addition, they wear "pretty dresses" and their English accent is "pretty" as well. Sebastian says they should report and deliver the Indians who attacked them to the Yard.[14]

At the Ciel's London townhouse, they agree to wait to hear from Randall, as the perpetrators of the attacks may have been among those men. Ciel is annoyed by going all the way to London for this pitifully boring case, and Lau converses that the Earl can't help but "bark" if there is any sort of threat to the Queen so being a watchdog is distressing. His servants greet Ciel warmly and Lau says that he has brought his servants all this time and Sebastian says that they would be more of a burden if they were eventually left at home. Sebastian goes to prepare some tea when they notice they have some guests: Agni and Soma.[15]

Soma states that in India, it is common to welcome and entertain benefactors. He asks where the bed is, and Lau asks him why he's looking for one and Soma answers that in his country, they sit together with the guests on the bed. Agni comes down from the stairs, cheerfully saying he found one. Soma ascends the stairs, commenting that nevertheless that the place is narrow, he decided to stay here. Ciel demands why he has to house them and Soma remarks that he didn't consider staying at an inn and questions if he will just kick the benefactors out in the cold. He is introduced as the twenty-sixth child to the king of Princely State of Bengal, Prince Soma Asman Kadar. He tells Ciel that he will stay for a while, addressing him as a midget. Since Soma saved them from the other Indians earlier that day, he will stay with Ciel, much to the latter's chagrin. Agni moves to get chai tea, and Sebastian seems dumbfounded as "serving tea is kind of [his] thing."[16]

The servants of the Phantomhive family are impressed, and Soma allows them to come close to him and ask him questions. Mey-Rin asks what kind of place is Bengal and he replies that it's a holy country that received the blessing of Kali the Goddess and the Ganges River. Lau murmurs to Ciel that there's going to be some lively times. Ciel, however, screams for them to get out.[17]

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Early Stages

Ciel is seen arguing with Soma, who has decided to stay at Ciel's manor, for payment when he saved him earlier. The following morning, Ciel is surprised and angered by Agni's wake-up call, and the commotion attracts the attention of Lau and Sebastian. Ciel demands why he is in his room and Agni submissively tells him that breakfast is prepared and lifts Ciel, saying the food will get cold if he doesn't hurry. The other servants burst in, saying something is weird with the food, yard, and clothes. Agni announces that he presumptuously did it, saying that as a butler, he should lend the "hard-working Sebastian a hand." Sebastian tells the other servants to kneel on the ground and beg for "scraps of Agni's talents," so they can improve if only a little. And after a minor pause, they do, much to Sebastian's exasperation.[18]

At breakfast, Ciel, Lau, and Soma are seen eating while the butlers, Sebastian and Agni, stand aside to serve to their respective masters. Ciel argues with Soma, asking how long he intends to stay at his house, and the latter responds by telling him that he'll leave after his work is accomplished. Lau recalls that Soma's looking for someone and Ciel says that's insignificant and why's Lau staying here also and the latter mirthfully asks what's wrong with him staying here. Soma, reminded of his task, shows an inferior drawing of a lady whose name is Mina, a maidservant at his palace. He claims that he drew that picture and in fact, he drew it so prodigiously, they'll recognize her right away when they see her in person, as she radiates with beauty. Ciel asks if Sebastian can locate her with this picture and the butler replies that he'll try his best. Lau says that she's a beautiful lady and Soma agrees, saying that she's the most beautiful in his palace. Ciel inquires why she is in England, Agni and Soma suddenly pray to a statue of the goddess, Kali. Ciel is bewildered by how they got this statue all of a sudden. It seems like they're praying to an awful, surreal figure of God. Sebastian says how it's just a statue of a woman who holds men's heads, wears men's heads as a necklace, and dances happily on a man's stomach, at least that's how he sees it from his perspective.[19]

When Agni finishes praying, he explains that it's a statue of Kali the Goddess from the Hindu religion they have faith in. She is the wife of their god, Shiva, and is also the goddess of power. She's to protect them from misfortune and bestow them with benefits. A long time ago, a demon recklessly challenges the goddess to fight with him and incontrovertibly, she comes out victorious. However since then, her bloodthirsty urge was not settled and she became inveterate with destruction and massacres and continuously kills plenty, making necklaces from men's heads, drinking blood, and so on. Lau comments that it's surprising that the damage the goddess caused is superior to the demon's. Agni continues telling the story, saying that other gods couldn't stop Kali so they decided to destroy this world at any cost. In order to protect the world, the god, Shiva, who is her husband, lay down by her feet. Sebastian understands why he's being trampled on and says it's a matrimonial quarrel, that is pertaining to marriage. Ciel adds that maybe he should have done so before so many were killed.[20]

After she trampled on her husband with her dirty legs, Kali returned to them and the world regained its peaceful state once more. In other words, Kali the Goddess is the great goddess who defeated the demon after a time of struggle and tribulation and she's holding the demon's head as proof. Sebastian mutters that if such a strong person exists, he should be careful when he goes to India.[21]

Soma finishes praying and asks for the "midget" to go with him in order to be his guide and Ciel teaches him his name. Sebastian stops him, saying Ciel has a scheduled day of lessons and work, hence he's very busy. Ciel tells Soma that if he wants to search for that lady, he can do so himself.[22]

At 10:00 A.M., Sebastian gives violin instruction to Ciel and assigns him a difficult piece of music to play, saying that since it's hard, if Ciel can do this, he'll gain confidence which is Sebastian's method as a tutor. Ciel is not able to complain about Sebastian's education policy and practices the piece. The butler tells him to express the tune with emotions and at appropriate times, use the sound to represent anger. In the midst of their violin class, Lau, Agni, and Soma interrupts. Soma is playing the guitar while Agni the banjo as Soma says that it would be good to spend time with Ciel today and that he is also talented when it comes to musical instruments. Ciel kicks them out.[23]

At 11:00 A.M., Ciel is studying art and Sebastian tells him to look for balance calmly and bring out the depth. Agni and Soma interrupts, with the latter saying that drawing a bottle is boring and claims that drawing a picture of a naked woman is better. Soma then orders Mey-Rin to undress much to her embarrassment and she says that she will only undress in front of the man she loves while Lau offers to help. And once again, Ciel kicks them out.[24]

At 1:00 P.M., it's the Funtom Corporation work hour. Sebastian informs that the samples of the limited Christmas goods from their Yorkshire factory have arrived. Ciel holds the bunny, noting that it feels good now that they remade it. Next, the production plan for next year has arrived from the headquarters and the new products like the Christmas cracker are having favorable sales at the Herriot Department Store. Since children are their frequent customers, the need to keep producing new toys are imperative. Soma, Agni, and Lau come and the prince proposes a new business plan: the doll in the image of the Indian God Ganesh, yet the spectacular feature is the nose moves. Ciel kicks them out.[25]

At 2:00 P.M., fencing hour, Soma is bored on the ground, asking when Ciel will finish. Ciel is enraged and yells at him to shut up as he can't concentrate. Soma tells him that it was unnecessary to get mad and Ciel decides to come to a compromise. Since Soma yearns for his attention so much, then he will be his opponent for fencing and passes him a sword. As Agni stands behind him with Lau playfully leaping with a sword, Soma remarks that even though he only studied the traditional Indian martial arts, he accepts his challenge. If he defeats him, Ciel is to play with him and Ciel enforces that only if he wins and if otherwise, he must remain quiet and stay out of Ciel's way.[26]

Sebastian informs that they are to achieve five bouts in three minutes and the one with the highest score is the victor. He allows them to start and Soma lunges forward towards Ciel's leg and is surprised when the sword bends as he is not familiar with the sport. Ciel tells him that it's not a valid point in fencing and lunges with his sword. Soma desperately sidesteps him, yelling that Ciel is a coward for proposing this competition because Soma doesn't even know the rules. Ciel counters that it's his fault he is ignorant of the rules as a match is a match. Soma is annoyed and comments that the sword is hard to use when swinging left to right. Ciel explains that thrusting forward is the general concept of fencing and not to scythe the sword horizontally. He then says that Soma's torso is wide open and attacks but Agni intervenes to protect his prince and injures Ciel's arm in the process.[27]

As Sebastian examines Ciel's arm, Agni hastily apologizes, saying that his body instinctively when he thought the prince was going to lose. Soma, however, praises Agni, saying he has protected him well and tells Ciel that since Agni is his butler, technically Soma won. Ciel tries to argue as Soma gloats that now Ciel will have to play with him. Lau plays with the sword with his palm as he sighs and tosses the sword to Sebastian, in which the latter catches, as he tells him he should take reprisal for his master. Sebastian agrees that Ciel was being mean and unfair to a novice who doesn't know the rules, however, when the master is injured like this, as a butler of the Phantomhive family, he can't simply ignore it. Moreover, they are behind the planned schedule by ten minutes which Ciel comments that that's his real motive.[28]

Soma is interested and allows the duel and orders Agni that in the name of Kali the Goddess, he cannot be defeated. Ciel promptly tells Sebastian that this is an order and he is to silence that brat. Both butlers agree to win.[29]

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Sebastian and Agni have a fencing match, as per each one's respective master's orders. They are evenly matched and have to stop when they accidentally break their swords, therefore it's a draw to Lau's disappointment. Soma is surprised, saying that Agni is the best fighter in his hometown, and this is the first time anyone has drawn with him. Ciel, however, is shocked that a mere human could be on par with a demon. Agni thanks Sebastian for exchanging blows with him and Sebastian says he feels the same way and compliments his fast speed. Agni then apologizes to Ciel again, asking if his arms still hurts, and the latter responds the negative. Ciel questions if Agni is a Grim Reaper, but Sebastian reassures him that Agni is human. Soma tells Ciel that they should compete again and he denies, saying he's very busy. Sebastian thinks to himself that Agni is an ordinary human yet he presumes that that man possesses abilities they do not have.[30]

Sebastian leaves to go prepare for the day and stops Baldroy from cooking, who has wanted to display his wonderful skills to beat Agni. Sebastian assures him he will take care of it and asks him to stand aside and watch. Sebastian is distressed that at the end, they are thirty minutes behind schedule while Baldroy argues with him. The butler asks him to be quiet and Agni appears and offers to help out. Sebastian lets him make the cottage pie, and leaves, after telling Baldroy he will only get in the way. Taking notice of this, Agni calls Baldroy the "chef supervisor," much to the latter's thorough enjoyment, and finds a task that Baldroy can help with. Finnian enters the room, and Agni asks if he will help. Finnian states that he cannot since he is so strong, Sebastian forbids him to touch anything in the kitchen. Like with Baldroy, Agni again finds a task that Finnian can help with, that is using the spoon to smash the potatoes. Mey-Rin also approaches and begins to take down the heavy tableware from a high cabinet, causing her to fall. Agni catches her and suggests that she take the plates down one by one, so as to not injure herself.[31]

Sebastian then pokes his head in, to check up on the servants and Agni. He is shocked to find that Agni was actually able to use the other servants. Agni states that everyone has different abilities and purposes in life and that they can be used to be of help. Us humans just need to abide by God's will and naturally and slowly in order to complete what they have to do. Sebastian says that Agni is a very capable person and the latter disagrees.[32]

Agni then reflects on his past, stating that he used to be a hopeless idiot and what he owes the prince cannot be repaid. In India, he belonged to the highest caste that served God. However, his father was consumed with material goods and human desires, and seeing this caused him to not believe in God. Instead, Agni took advantage of his social class and committed sins daily. He continued to hurt people and defy God and once those sins and crimes piled up, eventually, he had to pay for them through an execution. Prince Soma had heard of him, and attended his execution. He stated that because Agni was so strong, he would come be his sparring partner instead. When told he could not do that, Soma cut Agni's hair and said that he was to be reborn with a new name and a new life. Agni states that he now believes God exists, in Soma.[33]

Sebastian tends to the boiling pot as Agni informs that he has served the prince loyally since then with the prince being his king and his god. Even if it costs his life, he will do anything to protect the prince who gave him the new lease in life and hopes to thoroughly fulfill his wishes. Sebastian states that gods, in reality, are useless in a sense, and when Agni questions him, he says he did not say anything.[34]

At dinner, Ciel questions Soma on the woman he was looking for. Mina had been his servant since he was born and was similar to his nanny. His father paid him no interest and his mother only strove for his father's attention and ignored him as well thus he was always left on his own in the castle. But Mina was always by his side and she's cheerful and pretty and he compares her to an older sister who he loves dearly, and who he believes loves him too. However, when the English who had come to India left, they took her with them. Lau asks what exactly happened and Soma says that the ruler of India, Queen Victoria, recognizes that Bengal enjoys political autonomy. But more accurately, over half of the political matters are handled by political consultants from England so in reality, they are just like a British-ruled colony. Around three months ago, a fellow went to pay a visit to a political consultant and showed interest in Mina. He took advantage of Soma's absence while he was outside of the castle on an observation and shipped Mina off to England. So, Soma has come to England to retrieve her, although Ciel thinks he is making too much of a fuss over a servant. Infuriated, Soma shouts that this is not a minor matter and without Mina, it's like an empty box in the castle, and asks if he understands the despair Soma felt when forcibly separated from Mina. Ciel states that he cannot, and does not wish to, comprehend the "meagar" feelings that arise from that degree of matter. There are some things that you cannot get back despite your utmost effort and there are some feelings of despair that would never disappear, although Soma probably is unable to comprehend that. Soma says even if that is the case, he does not want to be alone in his castle. Ciel leaves the room, thinking of his deceased family members who cannot return no matter how much he tries.[35]

Afterwards, Ciel goes to sit with Soma, offering to play poker since Soma is probably not familiar with the rules of English chess. He explains that today's schedule has ended so before he retires for the night, he could at least keep Soma company. Soma smiles and Ciel says that he's not doing this for Soma but because he has time. Abruptly, Soma turns the offer down, stating that unlike Ciel, he is very busy. He and Agni leave the manor, telling Ciel to sleep because he is so short. Lau approaches Ciel, saying he found something, when Ciel turns to face him, suddenly very angry. Lau asks what has gone over the Earl and questions if he is in a bad mood. Ciel tells him to shut up and not follow him.[36]

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Middle Stages

Sebastian goes to wake up Ciel, who is already awake, much to the former's surprise. Ciel says he felt irritated so he had trouble sleeping and comments that it looks like Prince Soma and Agni stayed out all night, and he begins to read the newspaper, whose headline is that another mysterious attack occurred with the coffee house in Piccadilly Circus was severely damaged.[37]

Meeting with Lau, Lau comments that the Soma and Agni have been suspicious from the start, but Ciel says there is no reason for them to cause trouble. And if they were, they certainly would not come to live with Ciel. A grudge against colonial rule is unlikely and even if they do have a problem with Anglo-Indians returning to England, attacking them in such a fashion in too risky. In addition, the criminals wouldn't come to stay with him out of all people. They decide to wait until nighttime to investigate Soma and Agni, who seem to leave every night. Sebastian, Lau, and Ciel follow them, and it turns out, Agni and Soma are simply looking for Mina. Ciel comments that in this country, the best place to look for news of a person is by going to a club or a pub which is what Agni and Soma are doing so they aren't up to something insidious. Sebastian notes that it's 1:00 A.M. and predicts that they'll return home soon so they should do so also.[38]

They return to the manor, and shortly thereafter, Agni and Soma return as well. Close to two hours afterward, Agni leaves on his own, which Sebastian expected. The butler informs sleepy Ciel of his movements and they are about to leave when Soma arrives, prompting to come as well since he's been aware of Agni leaving while he's asleep so he knows the reason. Lau, Sebastian, Ciel, and Soma decide to follow Agni, and reach a building where their target has entered. Ciel mutters that maybe now they'll understand what's going on and Soma turns on him, asking what he means by that and who lives in here. Lau soothes him, telling him that there's no need to panic. He then tells Soma that if Soma enters, he shall see the horrible truth and his sentence breaks off as he doesn't know what to say after. Ciel says that in other words, Lau doesn't know what's going on either in which Lau didn't deny and asks who lives here. The Earl explains that this is the home of Harold West Jeb and he is involved in importing various goods. He, himself, has only encountered him once and he's rather creepy not to mention his criminal record. Lau notes that if West is an importer of goods, then they are in the same business. Soma questions how Agni is associated with such a person and Sebastian informs that West mostly imports Indian spices and teas. He runs a general store named "Harold Trading" and also "Harold's Hindustani Coffeehouse." Mina's name appeared on some of West's papers and in accordance with what Sebastian read, business mostly took place in the Bengal area. The hanging incident may have hurt the business, however, such damage was avoided due to West's absence when the incidents occurred.[39]

They sneak onto his property with Sebastian lifting Ciel and jumping over the wall while Lau and Soma have to climb over. They are then confronted by guard dogs and Sebastian appears to use some demon abilities to get them to back off. Lau calls them over, as he has already knocked out the guard personnel by rendering them asleep with a technique, much to Soma's and Ciel's surprise.[40]

Inside, they overhear Harold West talking to Agni, who seems distressed. West praises that he did a good job and questions Agni's expressionless face and offers a cigar for him to loosen up. He states that in one week, it will all be over. With Agni's 'right hand of God', Harold will realize his dream as he has been planning for something for three years. Agni says that if he helps West, Mina would do something. Before he can say what, Soma bursts in, grabs Agni, and demands where Mina is. Ciel, Sebastian, and Lau continue to hide because West would recognize their faces.[41]

Soma orders Agni to beat west, but Agni cringes and does not move. West then orders Agni to throw Soma out. In the hall, Lau and Ciel speculate that this has to do with the black market, so Lau concludes that this is in Ciel's jurisdiction. Ciel agrees and says that reporting to Scotland Yard would be problematic. He opts to go home yet he wants to watch West a little longer so he can save the foolish prince, but the predicament is that he would be recognized. Subsequently, Sebastian proposes that he will save Soma as he has a good idea.[42]

Soma questions Agni about what is going on, and Agni tells him to leave. Distressed, Soma asks West what he has done to Agni. Upon West's orders, Agni moves in to hit Soma, but is stopped suddenly by a man with a deer's head. Outside, Lau is amused by Sebastian's use of a stuffed deer's head. West says that it's probably one of the prince's spies and Sebastian denies, claiming that he's a just deer to the core. West orders Agni to destroy the deer, but he says he cannot. Crying that he has to betray the prince, he moves to do as West orders, but Sebastian's speed causes Agni to accidentally break many of West's prized possessions instead.[43]

Lau lifts Ciel, saying that they should take advantage of the pandemonium to leave. Ciel yells out that a commotion this big will attract attention so Sebastian would need to bring him out, too. Sebastian complies and grabs Soma and jumps out of West's manor. They all return to the Ciel's London house and they discuss Agni's amazing powers, and Sebastian says human's blind faith can call out strength from within. Because of Agni's belief in his god, Prince Soma, he is able to do it as well. Sebastian says it is something a demon could never obtain, as it is bred from love and belief.[44]

Soma destroys Ciel's tea set, and loudly wonders why Agni betrayed him and demanding why everyone around him vanishes. He then flees to his room and Sebastian asks Ciel and Lau if they're alright with the latter saying that they're fine since they dodged. Sebastian then says that they should teach Soma some manners. He pulls Soma out of his hiding place, and Soma calls him a rude jerk. Sebastian says he is being rude for destroying other people's possessions as if it means nothing. Since they are not at Soma's manor, Sebastian does not have to follow his orders, and calls him a spoiled brat. He goes on to say that Soma is powerless without Agni, who has betrayed him. Soma says he lost everyone, but Sebastian says that that's a persecution complex as they were never his to begin with because his social status, servants, and wealth all come from his parents and he has earned nothing on his own. He reminds him that Soma has sensed something wrong with Agni but lacked the courage to find out. Soma says they were there for him, but Sebastian says it is only because it was their job to, and they never really loved him.[45]

Ciel enters the room and says he might have turned out like Soma, too, if "it wasn't for that month."[46]

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Ciel begins by commenting that he would probably be like Prince Soma if he had not had a month-long experience in his past. He then has a flashback that shows him running through the manor and coming across his dead mother, father, and dog. He calls for help, and runs into Tanaka, who tries to get him to flee. Before he can say much, however, he suffers an attack from behind from an unseen assailant.[47]

Ciel then remembers later being sold, and his kidnappers comment that he is "rare" and is worth more than two people. Money exchanges in hands, and his new owners brand him, giving him the mark of a "noble beast." He cries, saying that he's hurt and dirty and he wants to go home. He is next seen chained in a cage while masked adults look on, remarking about what a splendid evening they will have. Ciel sadly wonders why no one is there to help him. One of the masked adults then places him on a table for his sacrifice and he is stabbed, while other adults look on gleefully, clapping.[48]

Sebastian is summoned to him, although how, it is not shown. He appears in his true demon form and says that Ciel has irrefutably summoned him and that fact will not change for an eternity. What has been sacrificed will never be returned. Hence he asks Ciel to make a decision. Ciel is given the mark of their contract on his right eye and commands him to kill his attackers.[49]

In present time, Ciel explains that the reason for his return is to make those that enslaved him, killed his family, and burnt his house taste the same humiliation and feeling of powerlessness that he felt. The successors of the generations killed three years prior would come to Ciel as long as he's the head of the Phantomhive family that obstructs their path. He comments that they are aware that he is alive, and he is waiting for them to come here to try to kill him. Shocked, Soma asks why he has to go so far, and Ciel says he wants to stand on his own two legs and not mope around filled with sadness and sorrow that even dead people are capable of. If he is to die one day, he'd rather die without regrets yet that does not indicate that seeking revenge for predecessors is admirable. It's simply a pastime of his. However, he does not seem particularly concerned about his mission, calling it a game, that could be won by those guys or him. He says that when he was in the darkness, he saw a chance to crawl out and grab it, saying humans have that strength and it is up to them to use it or not.[50]

Afterwards, he tries to leave with Sebastian to further discuss Harold West, but Soma chases after him. He comments that, compared to Ciel, he knows nothing of the world, and spoiled with given luxuries, he has never tried to understand people. For instance, while he knew something was bothering Agni, he never asked what. He says he does not want to continue to make that mistake, and asks for Ciel's help to confirm the reason why Agni and Mina left him. Ciel refuses, and then abruptly changes his mind, and says his door is always open. Soma hugs him happily, thanking him, then apologizes for his earlier actions. He then hides behind Ciel as he apologizes to Sebastian as well.[51]

The three meets up with Lau and the latter suggests continuing their prior discussion they were having before it was interrupted by Soma. They're practically certain that the incidents of the Anglo-Indians being hung upside down and such are of Agni's doing, subjugated under West. With his physical ability, it's possible he could have done it alone. They speculate on what West will use Agni for and Sebastian lists off events that are coming up in one week, the timeline as given by West's speech such as "the three-year plan," "completion of the plan in a week," and "Agni's right hand is essential." Ciel says the most significant fact is 'in one week' and Lau says that using Agni's 'right hand of God', he might make the next strike at a big event. He adds that it's winter so all the grand events are over, including the Queen's 50th enthronement anniversary. Ciel asks Sebastian to think of any major events taking place in a week's time and Sebastian lists some possibilities, while reprimanding that Ciel should read his own letters thoroughly as a gentleman nevertheless the content. Sebastian then details an event of the prospering exhibition of Indian culture held in the empire at Crystal Palace. The main program displays the productions and achievements of the English in India and as part of the event, a curry show is scheduled. He notes that Ciel has been invited to act as a special judge for that show. The show basically has several companies compete against each other to make the best curry and the rumor is that the Queen who is fond of curry, will make an appearance there as well. Ciel mutters that Indian curry makes West's intention kind of obvious in which Lau agrees. Ciel says that "three years" and "the show" could only lead to one answer to explain West's motives, who obsesses over brand names. Lau and Ciel automatically say the case has been solved, but Soma, confused, requests them to explain.[52]

Lau tells Soma to calm down as they will explain everything in order and then adds that actually, Ciel will, much to the latter's annoyance as he realized Lau was pretending to know things again. He then says that the Hindustani Coffeehouse that West owns has a main meal of curry. In other words, West is trying to win a Royal Warrant at the Indian event with curry. Soma asks what's a royal warrant and Lau says that the prince, of course, has no knowledge of such a thing. It is then revealed that in England, they have an interesting system in which the royal family will give a 'certificate' to stores they are pleased with. That is a 'royal warrant' and the chosen stores can put that up in their respective signboards. A royal warrant is the same as a guarantee of quality and the stores that receive it will undoubtedly have a growth in sales, about three times as much as the initial amount. Ciel mutters that it's about time they awarded them to stores dealing in confectioneries and toys as well, referencing to his Funtom Corporation. Queen Victoria has a particular interest in popular trends from fashion to cuisine. Since the popularity of curry has declined recently, West must be desperate to get that certificate that he'll resort to anything.[53]

Soma asks how this is related to other incidents and Sebastian explains that there are two conditions for getting a royal warrant. One is for the quality to be recognized in the show and second is that a free service must be delivered to the royal family for three years. In other words, West who has continued to deliver his products to the royal family for three years is also trying to eliminate all competition so that they cannot enter the show in a week's time and therefore, he ensures that he would win the warrant. They speculate that Agni is helping West at Mina's expense. They show Soma the notes left behind that contains a strong symbol with masquerade, and he notes that the symbol at the bottom is for the Indian goddess Kali, who sticks her tongue out. Ciel and Sebastian comment that his note shows signs of apology and prayer, in order to tell Soma that he still lives only for him.[54]

Lau wonders if they should turn the problem over to the Scotland Yard, but Soma interrupts, wondering what they will do about Mina and Agni. Lau asks what of it and Ciel states that they do not do philanthropic work, and Soma needs to come up with a plan on his own. At the same time, he details that since he came all the way to London for such an uninteresting case, he intends to obtain the Royal Warrant for the Funtom Corporation, since to his benefit, all capable rivals are removed. He's planning to extend his business into the food industry once he gets purveyors to the imperial household with confectioneries and toys and it would certainly spread the news if he gets them at the curry show. Lau agrees, saying that the Funtom Corporation launching into food industry will also deter competitors. Soma questions how he intends to do all of this in just one week, and Ciel says Sebastian will, which he agrees to easily.[55]

However, Soma says Agni's right hand of god will be unbeatable, and they will surely lose in a competition against him. When Sebastian and Ciel do not comprehend how this relates as they assume Agni's only dexterous in martial arts, Soma states that it is clear they do not know anything about Agni or real curry. He says that there are countless alternate recipes for curry, and combining the spices just right is difficult to do. However, Agni is exceptionally skilled and with just a "fingertip" he can bring out the best spices and appropriately combine them. He is able to make a curry worthy of the gods, which is how he got that nickname of "Right Hand of God." Soma claims that he has never tasted a more delicious curry than Angi's and Ciel and Lau conclude that his nickname is because of its god-like capability, not strength. However, Sebastian cheerfully comments that it looks like things are going to get tough.[56]

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Sebastian is found to be cooking curry in the kitchen early in the morning. The other servants approach him, asking what he's making and he replies that he's considering making chicken curry although he has rarely cooked it because Ciel detests spicy foods. He meticulously makes the curry and the servants compliment his cooking skills, convinced his first attempt will win the competition.[57]

However, when Soma tries it, he says it is disgusting and criticizes that the taste is weak and the smell is nonexistent and he can taste something like powder in his mouth which is not curry. It turns out the problem is that Sebastian used curry powder, which contains already ground spices, rather than selecting the spices himself. They are in need of fresh spices of high quality in which West has the advantage of since he controls the distribution of his own company so it's easy for him to secure high-quality spices. Sebastian says that they don't have much time if they don't instantly contact a trading company and they remember that a president of a trading company is dining with them: Lau. In just two days, they have the finest selection of spices at their manor in which Soma notes that it's just like the things he has seen in his country. Sebastian praises the smell, acknowledging that they are premium spices. Lau sighs that he has to prepare them all in one day so the Earl has a rough way of using people and he's not even an expert on spices. Ciel counters that this is the only time Lau is useful, while Lau says it is never a bad time to do Ciel a favor.[58]

Sebastian opts to cook some curry with the premium spices immediately and asks for some guidance from Soma regarding the taste of the curry as only he is familiar with Agni's godly curry. Soma comments he doesn't mind but asks if a British person knows how to use spices and hides behind Ciel, hastily saying that it's just something he shouldn't fool with and he just thought it'd be hard for Sebastian if he wasn't used to it. Sebastian assures him that he understands his concern and asks for him to wait until he finishes.[59]

In two hours, Sebastian has a second curry attempt already completed, much to Soma's shock, although Sebastian apologizes for taking so long. Soma muses that the smell is similar to Agni's curry and asks how he has completed it so quickly. Sebastian simply answers that he has tasted all the spices and attempts to combine spices that would achieve the same smell as Agni's curry from the other morning, to Soma's astonishment. Soma is surprised that he managed to accomplish it simply by smell and Sebastian certifies that his nose is better than humans. Lau encourages them to eat and after taking a bite himself, compliments that it's scrumptious. Soma, on the other hand, says the flavor is not quite right despite the alluring scent. Sebastian suggests making another dish but with a different combination of spices but Soma begins to get upset about his inability to help. Sebastian, however, insists that he can be of use, and brings him to the kitchen where a wide variety of curries were prepared. He requests that Soma collaborates with him and taste them all and select the ones that best match Agni's curry. He manages to find one that reminds him of Agni's, but is missing a vague quality pertaining to substance that Soma has difficulty quantifying. Sebastian cogitates to himself how to bring out a deeper substance and yet maintain the taste, musing that humans ask of indistinct things.[60]

Ciel, followed by Lau, comes down to the kitchen and slightly tastes the curry with Finnian, despite Sebastian telling him that he shouldn't be down here as of now. Ciel remarks that it's three days until the contest and it appears like he's researching very hard. He then requests that Sebastian make him chocolate cake for a dessert. Out in the hall, Lau comments that this request seems to indicate that he would like Sebastian to lose. Ciel says it would be more interesting if he did, and Lau says he's sparkling and calls him a bully.[61]

Sebastian makes another curry quickly, and feeds it to an already overstuffed Soma, Baldroy, Mey-Rin, and Finnian, insisting that they digest it within ten minutes. Sebastian further ponders finding an additional ingredient to add substance to the curry without ruining the taste when he finds something that surprises him.[62]

The next morning, Sebastian feeds Soma another curry, saying he has found a way to add depth to the substance. Soma tries it and pictures himself in England yet he's still able to draw a connection to it. He imagines an Indian man dancing with a British woman and notes that they look happy together. He concludes that it is not a copy of Agni's curry, but it includes a British identity in an Indian food. It's not about fighting but about blending together. He says it is delicious and competition-worthy and asks what the secret is. Sebastian reveals that the extra ingredient is chocolate, which he thought of using, inspired by Ciel's request for a chocolate cake, much to Ciel's chagrin.[63]

In Harold West's home, Agni is also making curry and West reveals that most of the competition has pulled out of the contest, which leaves three unknown brands and a toy company popular among kids, which has decided to compete. Agni is worried, but West says no one can beat them. At the London townhouse, Ciel says a similar thing, stating that replicating is not the same thing as winning and the best result would be Sebastian being on par with Curry of God. Sebastian is not worried, and Lau questions if he has a secret plan. Sebastian says he does, and Ciel questions if he is lying. Sebastian confirms that on his name as a butler of the Phantomhive family, his company will certainly win the Royal Warrant.[64]

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End Stages

Prince Soma comments that Sebastian's curry is as good as Agni's, but questions if he has a plan to beat Agni's. Sebastian assures them that he has a secret plan to win the Royal Warrant for Ciel.[65]

Ciel and his servants show up at the curry fair, where they meet up with Lau who is hugging a girl. Ciel says that he brought one of his girls with him although he'd be in front of clients. Lau pokes her cheek and introduces her as Ran-Mao, his little sister although they are not related by blood. He has heard that during the fair, they would serve curry to the audience so he decided to treat a girl. Ciel speculates with Lau that Agni was likely promised by Harold West the return of Mina should he win so he'd obviously be taking the contest seriously. Ciel puts himself in West's shoes, saying that if he were to obtain the royal warrant and consequently release Agni, it would possibly result in his deeds being disclosed. Lau interrupts, asking if Ciel would have killed Agni if he was West and the latter is surprised, finding that a bit excessive. Lau casually states that if it was him, he'd do so, and adds that he's interested in Sebastian's strategy today.[66]

West then approaches them and exchanges pleasantries with Ciel. He notes that Ciel never changes, wearing a well-tailored coat as usual, and asks for the brand in which the latter replies his butler picks out his clothes so he doesn't pay attention to the brands. West repeats that he doesn't change and remembers that Ciel is entering the fair and claims that he cannot lose since he has a curry specialist. He also discusses that his house was broken in to, but that the criminals were not able to get the curry recipe. He changes the subject and states that he heard the Queen will be attending the show. Since King Albert passed away, she doesn't appear in public often so he'd like for her to taste his curry in front of the audience. He arrogantly mentions that he will receive the Royal Warrant, and when West leaves, Ciel comments gleefully that he cannot wait to see his face when he loses.[67]

Sebastian takes his leave to go sit with the other competitors, and Agni is surprised by his presence. Sebastian assures him that his master is selfish and that the reason for his presence is to compete, not to help Prince Soma. Agni says that he has a reason for which he can't lose and Sebastian counters that he has one as well.[68]

As the curry fair gets underway, it is revealed that Aleistor Chamber is one of the judges, who has a great love for arts and foods, shocking Ciel, as he is supposed to be in jail. Ciel concludes that he probably bribed his way out and comments that that's corrupt. The chefs are introduced and the crowd and announcer are surprised that Sebastian is not a chef but rather a butler. Nonetheless, the chefs begin cooking, and Lau converses to Ciel while leaning on Ran-Mao that they would have to wait and watch the show while Ciel disdainfully mutters that Lau can't wait silently. The audience members seem amazed by both Agni and Sebastian. Ciel is disgruntled by the fact that it looks like Sebastian won't lose too easily either and Lau laughs mirthfully, saying he's such a bully. However, when Sebastian puts chocolate into the curry, they are appalled and disgusted and West ridicules it as a form of advertisement for the company that makes candy and toys. Agni, however, says they are wrong and that chocolate is a perfectly viable ingredient that is able to draw out the fragrance and the bitterness while leaving a smooth consistency. He states that that's something only the English could have thought of. Agni notes that he always knew Sebastian was not an ordinary person but he declares that he's determined to win as he must be victorious for the sake of his God. He adds in blue lobster which impresses Aleistor who reference it to a lady wearing a blue evening dress and West cockily believes he'll win.[69]

Prince Soma then claims they will lose the competition when he sees Sebastian rolling balls of dough. Confused, Lau and Ciel question this, and Soma says Sebastian is making the naan in imperfect conditions. Furthermore, the heat on the curry is too high, which will make it dry out and ruin the curry.[70]

When the tasting time comes, the other competitors are dismissed for using curry powder, rather than their own selection of ingredients. When Agni's curry is tasted and analyzed, he gets rave reviews from all of the judges. Sebastian then presents his curry, which looks like a bun. Sebastian then fries it and hands it over. They mock and disparage it, questioning if he made a donut and wondering where the curry is. Aleistor cuts open the bun and is shocked to find the curry inside. Sebastian names it the curry doughnut. Once they taste it, his curry is also highly praised, especially by Aleistor whom flamboyantly reference it to the girl he met at his party, that is Ciel, causing the latter to shudder.[71]

They open the curries up to the general public for tasting and declare the competition a tie between Harold West's company and Ciel Phantomhive's company. However, the trophy is taken from the judge by Queen Victoria's aide as she rides up on a horse. Initially, people are unable to recognize her until Ciel runs up to her, revealing that she is the Queen. The Queen is then described as the one who crafted the most brilliant time in Great Britain's history. She's the political power behind the idea of expanding the territories of Great Britain allowing it to notoriously become "the empire where the sun never sets." She's also acknowledged in the field of fashion at balls and other fashionable events and she was the one leading the trends that had immense popularity among the people. Until this day, she is still deeply in love with her deceased husband, Prince Albert. In addition, it is said that the popular show, "The Violent Earl" was based on the Queen.[72]

As she comes to a stop, she tramples her aide with her horse but he recovers and announces that the Queen has something to say. He helps her down from the horse as the Queen says the show was exciting and the fragrance permeating throughout the entire room makes her feel nostalgic as at a time she had curry with Albert on White Island. Victoria then bursts into tears, reminded of her dead husband Albert, and her aide pulls out a puppet of her husband and claims to be him with a dead-panned face and his tone monotonous. Lau says that the Queen seems like a complex character while Ciel tells him not talk like that.[73]

Once she calms herself, she says she's allowed one vote since she's invited to be a judge. Victoria gives the trophy to Sebastian and declares him the winner because of the curry bun's ability to be consumed by anyone without utensils and that takes even children into account. Everyone's happy and equal as no one's discriminated against based on age or amount of money. She approves of the Funtom Corporation's accounting for their future, the children. Everyone gives Sebastian high praise, particularly the other Phantomhive servants. When referred to as a chef, Sebastian corrects them, saying he's just a butler to the core.[74]

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Agni states that he lost, but Queen Victoria says his curry's flavor did not lose and she would like to eat it as well. Harold West is seen walking away, disappointed that his plan did not work. Mina approaches him to comfort him and catches Prince Soma's eye. Soma, excited, hugs her and says that he has been looking for her and that they can go home now. However, Mina berates him, saying that she left so she would not have to be bound to her social class. She has chosen to go with West and says that it's so simple even a child could comprehend; it's the decision whether to remain as an ordinary cook or become a rich wife. Mina states that she's sick of looking after a selfish master like Soma. Sebastian deduces that Agni was aware of this and the reason he worked with West was to prevent Soma from finding out. Agni bursts into tears, and Soma apologizes to Mina, saying he was not aware that he was a bother, and thanked her for all she has done. Up until now, it dawned on him that he has always blamed other people; when he was alone in the palace, he blamed his parents, and when Mina disappeared, he blamed West. However, he remarks that the only one who is at fault since all he did was complain. He then goes to Agni and says he knows that he has been trouble, but Agni has been so good to him, and he would like it if they could stay together. Agni cries and accepts.[75]

Queen Victoria has been watching the goings-on and comments that it is good that everything worked out well and calls Ciel "boy." The Phantomhive servants, Lau, and Ran-Mao are surprised at the nickname and snickered to each other while Ciel, flustered, humbly asks the Queen to stop referring to him that way. Victoria lightheartedly says that Ciel will always be that cute little boy to her. Ciel asks why she is there, and she said that she came because she has not seen him in a while as he only sends letters and never visits. Ciel answers that someone like him should not be seen around her and she pats his head, telling him not to say that. He is so young and yet he performs his duties so seriously just like his father, Vincent. She then comments emotionally about her dead husband Albert and breaks down crying so her aide uses his Albert puppet once again. She then takes her leave and says she will have the Grand Chamberlain's office send the authorization documents for the Royal Warrant sent to Ciel soon. She rides on her horse and departs and after a silence, Ciel asks if her aide has to be going to. Her aide, reminded, chases after the Queen.[76]

Soma thanks Ciel for winning, and Ciel claims he did it for himself. Soma says that if he has never encountered Ciel, he would have stayed selfish and ignorant so now he will aim to learn many things become a great man, and Ciel dismisses that as talk. Baldroy, Mey-Rin, and Finnian then enthusiastically congratulation Sebastian on his win, and Agni apologizes and says he must thank him. Sebastian said there is no need for apologies or thanks. Agni admits that at first he regretted accompanying Soma to England but now thinks otherwise and says it is a good thing they came to England because they learned a lot of things and thanks him. Sebastian tells him that there's no need for his thanks as they both fought for their own reasons and that's all there is to it. The Goddess Kali Agni believes in and Shiva both realized their faults and Sebastian connects that case to Soma and Agni. They walk home and Sebastian notes that England or India is inconsequential because no matter where or when, this one thing is all the same: humanity. They admire the evening sun and Soma suddenly hugs Ciel and bawls, crying for Mina. Agni tells Sebastian that both he and Prince Soma were able to make good friends. This surprises Sebastian, who has never been called a friend before.[77]

In an alley, West is upset about his plans being foiled, and Mina attempts to cheer him up, saying they can try again. Lau comes across them and says that although Ciel says there is no point in going after small fries, someone who tries something once will do so again. He ominously opens his eyes and says he has to exterminate the bad rats infesting his city, so he keeps a cat, referring to Ran-Mao. Mina and West are seen screaming, and it is assumed they are killed.[78]

Back to where Ciel and the rest are, Ciel reprimands for Soma to stop crying and act as the seventeen-years-old he is. He then notices that the Queen left a note for him in his pocket, which Sebastian comments he saw the Queen's servant put in when they were standing side by side silently, but did not say anything because Ciel did not ask. Inside the envelope are tickets to the Noah's Ark Circus, and Sebastian mockingly questions if they are Christmas presents for a little boy, which makes Ciel angry.[79]

Elsewhere, Noah's Ark Circus is seen parading through the streets where the circus members tell the people to forget about the cold of winter and the darkness of Jack the Ripper. They announce that as of now, the curtains rise on the show of the century and the group of circus members are depicted.[80]

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Sebastian awakens Ciel and comments that it seems things are finally calming down. He then explains Ciel's schedule for the day and while trying to get confirmation for the day's snacks, Prince Soma bursts in, bewildered by a television. Annoyed, Ciel asks when he is leaving, and Prince Soma states that he is staying until he becomes a great man, so he can show Ciel.[81]

Sebastian leaves Ciel to argue with Soma about the living arrangements and meets up with the other Phantomhive servants. He assigns duties to each of the servants, and Agni asks if he can do anything to help. Sebastian asks about Soma and Agni replies that he's in the daze from the television he borrowed to watch. Sebastian muses that Ciel is distracting Soma with it so he won't be able to interfere with today's schedule. While working, Agni overhears Finnian crying about knocking down a tree and goes to help him. Finnian says that he likes being outside and relays part of his past. He was picked up by Ciel a little more than a year ago and it used to be that he can't be able to go outside so now he's enjoying it as much as possible. Finnian notes that it initially was scary because he couldn't handle things without breaking them and was distracted by another tree. Sebastian watches them work, and is assured that things are okay.[82]

In the kitchen, Baldroy pulls out a blowtorch to speed up the cooking process. Agni checks up on him when he hears an explosion, and explains that the food will turn out better if it is cooked slowly. Taking this to heart, Baldroy decides to start over and tells Agni to get back to his job. Again, Sebastian is seen checking on Baldroy, and is confident that things are okay since Agni intervened.[83]

On the staircase, Mey-Rin mistook the shoe polish for the wax, and Agni assists her in cleaning it up, stating that the mistake must be a result of her poor eyes. He suggests she get a new pair of glasses, but because Ciel bought them for her, she does not want to replace them. She also cherishes the maid outfits because before she came here, she has never worn anything like a skirt. Cheerfully, Agni states that everyone really seems to love the manor. Sebastian surreptitiously leaves after checking up on them.[84]

Sebastian and Agni are then seen talking in the dining hall, and Sebastian asks Agni to not be present at dinnertime because the guest is the lead investigator on the Anglo-Indian incidents. Agni wonders if he should confess since he did the attacks of his own free will. Sebastian says if he does that, then he would break his promise to Soma, and orders him to stay in his room while the guest is present.[85]

When the guests arrive, Agni tells Sebastian that he is going to turn himself in after all, and Sebastian tells him that will only cause problems for Ciel. Throughout the entire visit, however, Agni attempts to evade Sebastian in order to turn himself in despite Sebastian's insistence that he should do otherwise. This causes Sebastian to behave oddly, as he works to prevent Agni from confessing. At one point, Soma appears, bored with the television and prompts to play a card game and Sebastian hastily hides him, telling him to obediently stay in his room due to the guests. They enter a room with that Agni's in so Sebastian quickly turns off the lights and he leads them elsewhere. It is shown that Sebastian has tied Agni up to stop him from coming out and confessing.[86]

They all sit down and Randall says that it was never his intention to enter this 'eerie doghouse' and hands Ciel an envelope which he opens. It turns out the reason for their visit is to give Ciel bribe money from Queen Victoria because of his work as her watchdog. This shocks and surprises Fred Abberline, who was apparently unaware of the Phantomhive family's role.[87]

Agni bursts into the room and Sebastian shoots the champagne's bottle cap at his chin, silencing him. Soma then enters the room, and the investigators wonder who they are. Ciel introduces them as his "good friends" who are visiting him to learn more about English culture. Soma is pleased by Ciel's admittance that they are friends and hugs him joyfully. They all then celebrate over champagne.[88]

After dinner and after the investigators leave, Ciel reprimands Agni for his actions, as it could have gotten him into trouble as well. Soma backs him up and orders him to not cause trouble for his friends or turn himself in. Ciel finally allows them to stay but says that in order to stay, he has to do work. He will pay Soma in return for his work, which pleases Soma, as it will be money he earned independently from his parents. Ciel agrees to give him the job of managing his townhouse in London.[89]

Shortly thereafter, Ciel and Sebastian leave Phantomhive Manor to go to London, with Sebastian stating that it is "wonderful weather for the circus." The servants bid their farewell and Sebastian tells them that they're going to stay in London for quite some time. Ciel leaves the manor in their hands.[90]

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