The Kuroshitsuji Character Guide "His Butler, Assembles" (黒執事 キャラクターガイド その執事、集合 Kuroshitsuji Kyarakutāgaido "Sono Shitsuji, Shūgō") is a guidebook containing in-depth information on the most relevant Kuroshitsuji manga characters. It also features concept sketches and comments from Yana Toboso as well as several quiz-style games. The guidebook is only available in Japanese.


Included in the guidebook:

Chibi-style full-color pullout

  • Exclusive character artwork
  • A diagram showing how the characters are related to and interact with each other
  • In-depth character guides, including highlights of certain scenes, questions answered by the character through Yana, and highlights telling of a character's personality. The character guide examines characters in the order detailed below
  • Art work, including character sketches
  • A Yana Tosobo section, including an interview with the mangaka
  • An encyclopedia
  • Black versus red versus yellow: a best British butler section
  • A cult quiz
  • A character type quiz

Characters Included

The characters in His Butler, Assembles in order of appearance:

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