Lord Henry Barrymore (ヘンリー・バリモア, Henrī Barimoa), a character exclusively introduced in the first season of the anime, is the mayor of the village of Houndsworth.


Henry is a large man with black hair, thick sideburns, and dark brown eyes. He typically wears a plain suit with a tie.


Henry is an extremely stern and abusive man; he would beat his maid Angela Blanc for a small offense, and has set strict rules for the town of Houndsworth to abide by—with the punishment for breaking any of these rules being death. He is frightened of the prospect of losing his power and influence, and thus, he pretends that there exists a hostile Demon Hound in order to keep the townspeople in line.

Henry possesses an odd habit of labeling people who disobey him "bad dogs" and referring to people in terms of various dog breeds; he calls Ciel Phantomhive "chihuahua" and "poodle," and Sebastian Michaelis a "doberman."[1]


Houndsworth Arc

When Ciel Phantomhive and his servants go to the village of Houndsworth, under the pretence of scouting out a potential resort for Queen Victoria, they lodge with Henry, the mayor of the village. The same evening they arrived, a Demon Hound appears and kills a local townsperson, James, for having six dogs—Henry had decreed that villagers may own no more than five dogs each.[1]

The following day, Henry and the townspeople catch the sixth dog, who is tenaciously holding onto something. Henry lets loose many other dogs on it. Horrified, Finnian attempts to stop them, but the villagers tie Finnian, Ciel, Tanaka, Mey-Rin, and Baldroy up. When Ciel refuses to bend to his demands, Henry has more dogs attack them. Sebastian Michaelis, then, interferes, and Ciel and Sebastian explain how Henry fooled the townspeople: Henry used a projector to create an image of the Demon Hound, and powdered phosphorus on a regular dog to create the luminescent effect on the "Demon Hound."[1]

Henry ritual

The villagers pray to the Demon Hound.

Angry, the townspeople turn on Henry and lock him up. Later, an assailant breaks in Henry's cell and brings him to the arena where he had attacked the Phantomhive household just earlier that day. Henry is found dead, missing an arm and bleeding from his head.[1]


  • "Angela, oh, Angela. The Queen wants my village. You understand, right? I’ll protect this village!"[1]



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