Heinrich (ハインリッヒ, Hainrihhi) is the manservant of Baron Diedrich.

Character Outline

Heinrich is a bespectacled elderly man with short hair. He dresses in a sophisticated suit and sports a bow tie.

Heinrich is a calm, respectful, and courteous individual who performs his duties well.


Emerald Witch Arc

At Weizsäcker, Heinrich welcomes his master Diedrich, who has just returned with a large group consisting of Ciel Phantomhive, Sebastian Michaelis, Sieglinde Sullivan, Wolfram Gelzer, and the Phantomhive servants. After noticing how disheveled they are, Heinrich surmises that Diedrich has caused some mischief.[1]

They enter the castle, and Diedrich orders Heinrich to call a doctor and prepare a bath. Heinrich is surprised to see Tanaka again, commenting that it feels nostalgic. They then begin to converse about Ciel. Heinrich remarks that Ciel reminds him of Vincent Phantomhive. The Phantomhive servants marvel at the size of Weizsäcker, and Heinrich informs them that it is small compared to the main castle and urges them to make themselves at home. He then sets out to do work, and is assisted by Tanaka and the other Phantomhive servants.[2]

Later that night, Heinrich interrupts Diedrich, Ciel, and Sebastian's conversation with the announcement that dinner is ready. He offers to bring it to them, but Diedrich tells him that they will eat in the dining room.[3]

At the train station, Diedrich and Heinrich bid Ciel and his company farewell. They watch the train go.[4]


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