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Georg von Siemens (ゲオルク・フォン・ジーメンス, Georuku fon Jīmensu) is a German businessman and the honorary director of the Bamberger Bank. He is a central figure in the expansion and advancement of Germany's heavy industries.[2]


Georg is an elderly man with a large nose and short, slicked-back grey hair. He has a considerable assortment of thick facial hair, ranging from eyebrows to sideburns and a goatee. He dresses in a tuxedo suit with a bow tie. One time, when he became intoxicated, he wrapped the bow tie around his head.[3]


When sober, Georg comes across as professional, calm, ambitious and intelligent, and is keen to discuss social and economic issues with others.[4] Even so, Georg exhibits signs of his libidinous nature, when he grows flustered by Ran-Mao.[5] However later, when drunk, he easily loses self-control and becomes forceful and somewhat violent; he grabs Irene Diaz even after she has asked him to stop, and insolently yells and throws a drink at her when she refuses to let him continue groping her. He imputes his unwanted advances to Irene, claiming that it is her fault for the way she dresses.[6] Ciel Phantomhive speculates that he is a repeat offender that frequently behaves in this manner, and Sebastian Michaelis believes he lacks self-restraint, either because Georg is a fool or because he is shameless.[3]


Phantomhive Manor Murders Arc

Ch39 Grey and Siemens

Georg is introduced.

Following his request to Queen Victoria, Georg is invited to a short stay at Ciel Phantomhive's Phantomhive Manor. He arrives at the welcome banquet as the guest of honor. At the party, he discusses business with Ciel, Karl Woodley, Patrick Phelps, Lau and Charles Grey. He gets flustered when Ran-Mao spontaneously latches onto him.[7]

Ch39 Georg's corpse

Georg's "corpse"

Later, when drunk, he makes lustful advances on Irene Diaz, and continues to harass her even after she has asked him to stop. When she spurns him with a slap, he tosses a drink at her, but it splatters on Ciel instead. Ciel warns them against misbehaving in the dining hall. However, Grimsby Keane, Irene's romantic partner, is angered by Georg's impudent demeanor and throws a bottle of wine at Georg. Sebastian Michaelis, then, intervenes and catches the wine; he uses it to pour drinks, which successfully soothes the riled guests. Eventually, Georg becomes exceedingly intoxicated.[8] Grey secretly encourages him to fake his death in order to "surprise everyone,"[9] and gives him a substance called Tetrodotoxin, which is able to put him in a state of apparent death, as seen in Romeo and Juliet.[10] Georg is, subsequently, brought to his guest room.[11]

Soon after, Georg, having locked his door, requests assistance from the servants, and Mey-Rin and Sebastian go to see what he wants.[12] He drinks the substance, and then screams while breaking and tossing the ampule into the fire.[13] He successfully falls into a state of apparent death just when Sebastian breaks down the door. Arthur Conan Doyle, then, inspects Georg and declares him dead.[14]

Ch49 Grey stabs Georg

Charles Grey stabs Georg.

Georg is moved to the wine cellar. There, he goes as far as to take a bottle set aside to age. Grey later enters, and Georg greets him with delight; he remarks that it seems their prank has worked well and asks if everyone was shocked. He begins to talk about the wine he discovered upon his waking. However, Grey suddenly and ruthlessly stabs and kills Georg, proclaiming that the very sight of him is "frightfully offensive" and that it is "ten years too soon" for "dim-witted Germany" to catch up to Great Britain.[15]


  • (To Irene Diaz) "T'e one gaddin' 'bout in clothes like that's t'e one in t'e wrong! Truth is, you wanna be touched, don'tcha? Stop playin' the innocent li'l lamb!"[16]


  • Georg von Siemens may have been based on a real-life figure of the same name; the latter was also a liberal politician. He was on the board of directors of the Deutsche Bank from 1870 to 1900.[17]
  • Charles Grey tells the dying Georg von Siemens that "it's ten years too soon" for Germany to catch up with Great Britain.[18] Assuming he died in 1901 (albeit he actually died in 1889), in 1911, Peter von Siemens was born and, during his tenure, Siemens AG became the fifth largest electrical firm in the world. (Georg von Siemens was the nephew of Ernst Werner von Siemens, who was the great-grandfather of Peter von Siemens). It is unknown whether or not the enterprise overtook Britain's companies.


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