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The Former Head Trancy is the previous head of the Trancy household.


The Former Head Trancy is a fat, elderly man with small blue eyes and shaggy, ash-blonde, neck-length hair that frames his face. He possesses wrinkles, eye bags, and age spots. His mouth, which usually holds a large cigar, noticeably has two protruding front teeth.


The Former Head Trancy is a depraved and promiscuous man who is infatuated with children.


208 Jim Macken seducing Earl Trancy

Trancy is seduced by Jim Macken.

At one point, the Former Head Trancy had Jim Macken and some other boys brought to him. He examined each individual, and when he reached Jim, he initially rejected him due to his "filthy eyes." However, later, Jim became his favorite. Eventually, the Former Head Trancy died, and Jim took over his position.[1]


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