BoC Ciel's contract eye

Ciel's contract seal.

A Faustian contract or a deal with the devil,[1] is a link and bargain between a human and a demon wherein the latter offers specific services and fulfills the human's wish, and is rewarded the human's soul after the contract is complete.


Creating a Contract

In order to create the contract, a human has to summon a demon. However, it seems that they do not need to be aware of the existence of demons, attempt to summon a specific demon, or even summon one intentionally, as Ciel Phantomhive states he summoned Sebastian Michaelis accidentally.[2] It is implied that the human must be desperately searching for a way out, if Ciel's situation is indicative of a typical summoning process, and have little or no faith in God. Sebastian states that once summoned, this fact will not change for all eternity.

All the same, it seems that the human still has the option to go through and create the contract, or dismiss the demon, as when Sebastian was summoned, he asks Ciel to make a decision.[3] However, the creation of the contract is finalized as soon as the human issues a command to the demon[4][5] and the details of the contract are thoroughly discussed.[6] These details have to be very specific and objective, and conditions like "until I am satisfied" or "for eternity" are prohibited.[7] If the human is uncertain how to formulate the terms of their contract, the demon may allow the details to be given in the form of three wishes to provide a guideline.[7]

Contract Seal

Ch62 Placing the contract

Sebastian placing the mark on Ciel.

Once a contract is formed, and before its details are discussed,[8] a seal is placed on the human's body (e.g. Ciel's seal is on his right eye and Sebastian's is on his left hand). Sebastian has likened the contract to a "collar."[9][10] It is absolute; just as the demon is able to find the human, the human can never escape.

The demon is able to place the seal on the human by simply pressing their hand against the chosen place. The choice as to where the seal resides is up to the human, since Sebastian had asked Ciel where he wants the seal to be located. The more visible the seal is, the stronger the bond is. The placing of the seal is rather painful.[11][12]

Standard Practice

If the human's wish is not yet fulfilled, the usual practice for a demon is to serve under the human for as long as it takes and to perform supplementary orders; Sebastian serves as Ciel's butler. The demon is to protect and be the human's power. It must obey the orders the human gives, as long as the contract is still in effect.[13]


Once the contract is complete and the human's wish is achieved, the demon will eat the human's soul, which results in the human's death.


Contract form: A pentagram inside a circle, with the magic ward "tetragrammaton" around it.
Terms and conditions:
  1. Never lie to the contractor.[14]
  2. Obey the contractor's commands without question.[15] (Only applies if the contractor says "I command you.")[16]
  3. Protect the contractor without betrayal until his revenge comes to fruition.[17]


  • The word within Sebastian's contract sign, known as the tetragrammaton in English, is the Hebrew name of God. The most accepted pronunciation of the name is "Yahweh," but it is unknown what the proper pronunciation is. Most English translations of the Bible translate it as "LORD."[18]
  • In the mark placed by Sebastian, the star design appears reversed, that is with two points upward rather than one, traditionally a sign of black magic or devil worship in Western occultism.[19]
  • William T. Spears compares a demon's contract with humans to poking fun at them and then leeching anything that comes out as a means of survival, to which Sebastian replies he does not dismiss that claim.[20]

Demon contracts

Contracts: Sebastian (top), Claude (middle), and Hannah (bottom).

  • In the second season, three more contract pairs are introduced:
  • Each demon has a contract seal design specific to themselves, but the pentacle form of a Faustian contract seems to be the standard design as the contract marks of Claude and Hannah are also variations of a pentacle.


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