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A Fallen Angel (天使, Tenshi) is a supernatural being that is particular about purifying "unclean" humans.


Fallen Angels generally have only one goal in mind: to purify humans from their sins. They think the only way to do this is to extensively modify a human's behavior and thinking, and/or to completely annihilate them and to start over; this is an act they say will bring about "Doomsday."[citation needed]

They seem to have no problem interfering in the affairs of other races, since they have been shown annoying both Grim Reapers and demons.[1] Demon Hounds and dolls, on the other hand, are more willing to completely obey commands requested of them.[citation needed]

Additionally, while not clearly specified, they have access to special weapons, as Ash's sword is powerful enough to slice off Sebastian Michaelis' left arm when in his human form.[2]


Fallen Angels have demonstrated the following abilities:

  • Angel Cry: Using their voice, they are able to break nearby construction or objects.
  • Burning Objects: This has been shown when Ash Landers burned his black glove when he tried to purify the queen's husband.[3]

Angela rewrites Ciel's past.

  • Enhanced fighting abilities: They have been shown to have enhanced speed, endurance and fighting abilities, as Angela is able to survive having a chapel collapse on her.
  • Flying: The wings they have are not merely for aesthetic affect and can be used to fly.
  • Hermaphroditism: It is unknown if this is for all angels, but both Angela and Ash have this trait, as they both are two parts of the same hermaphrodite angel.
  • Projectiles: By using the feathers in their wings, they are able to shoot feathers at high speed and with extreme force.
  • Rewriting Memory: They can manipulate a person's past by modifying a Grim Reaper's Cinematic Records. However, Fallen Angels cannot literally change the past as even God cannot, as stated by William T. Spears.[1] Their ability is to enter a human's memories and convince them that none of the bad things in their lives actually happened to them and can replace them with happy memories if necessary. This brainwashing is so potent, that if successful the Cinematic Record of the victim changes accordingly. The actual past stays the same. A rewritten human's Cinematic Record, however can no longer be stored in the Grim Reaper Library, stated by Undertaker, since they are corrupted and no longer reflect the truth which is crucial for their judgement.[1]
  • Teleportation: Angela Blanc has shown to be able to teleport herself to different locations numerous times.
  • Transforming: By hiding their wings, they are able to appear human and can switch from a human to angel form with ease.

Known Fallen Angels


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