Quotation1 When he and I . . . when Alan and I went on assignment together for the first time, there were purple flowers growing in our target's garden. Those flowers were called 'Ericas.' He taught me that. And also what they meant in the language of flowers. Quotation2
Eric Slingby
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Eric Slingby



Erikku Suringubī


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Grim Reaper Dispatch

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Volume 22, Chapter 105 (flashback)

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6th OVA (cameo)

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Eric Slingby (エリック・スリングビー,  Erikku Suringubī) is a Grim Reaper. He is a member of the Grim Reaper Dispatch, and works directly with Alan Humphries—who is also his partner and best friend—William T. Spears, Grell Sutcliff, and Ronald Knox.[1]

Character Outline

Sketch of Eric Slingby

Yana Toboso's sketch of Eric.

Eric has wavy blond hair combed to one side of his head; on the other side of his head, he has black hair tied into cornrows. He, like all the other Grim Reapers, has yellow-green eyes. He wears blue-tinted glasses, and a black suit typical of Grim Reapers, minus the waistcoat, with the tie loose. Other deviations from the standard uniform are a white or black with a large buckle,[1] a wallet chain and tassel, and a gold chain donned around his neck. His Death Scythe is a saw.[1]

Eric is a serious and courageous individual. He cares deeply for Alan Humphries, and broke many rules killing numerous people, in order to save Alan from his disease.[1]

Additionally, Ronald Knox has hinted that Eric enjoys parties.[1]


The Most Beautiful Death in the World

Taisuke Saeki

Taisuke Saeki as Eric.

Eric's best friend Alan Humphries has contracted The Thorns of Death (死の棘, Shi No Toge), a rare disease that will be fatal unless treated—the only treatment is the collection of one thousand souls. After he learns this, Eric begins to slay humans so that he can collect enough souls for Alan, though the latter has absolutely no idea he is doing this. When he is out killing, Eric is discovered by Aleistor Chamber, who offers to help him, and throws "parties" in order to gather more people for Eric to slay. Eric's deeds are discovered by Alan, who thinks that Eric is murdering for fun. Alan reasons with Eric, and convinces him to refrain from killing any more people. Both take off their glasses then, signifying their resignation as Grim Reaper officers.[1]

Later, Eric and Alan encounter Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis. Knowing that he only needs one more soul to save Alan, Eric breaks his promise not to kill anymore and attempts to slay Ciel. Alan steps in his way, however, and is killed by Eric's Death Scythe. Eric falls into intense despair, and begs Sebastian to end his life. After being ordered by Ciel to do so, Sebastian kills Eric with Alan's Death Scythe. When Eric is killed, the souls that he has collected for Alan are released, falling like snow around Sebastian and Ciel, and thus creating "the most beautiful death in the world."[1]


  • (To Alan Humphries) "I would commit any sin if it would allow me to share your pain."[1]
  • (To Alan Humphries) "My friend, since that is our fate we don't need tears any more."[1]
  • (To Alan Humphries) "Just like these Erica flowers, there'll always be someone blooming there beside you. For all time."


Out of Universe


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