Ch88 Emerald Castle

The Emerald Castle

The Emerald Castle is a colossal, private residential building located in the heart of Wolfsschlucht. It is owned by Sieglinde Sullivan.


The Emerald Castle is situated in the village of Wolfsschlucht. The land to the manor is divided by a very deep and broad moat, and only a bridge links the area to the gate. A fence encloses the entirety of the estate. The path leading up to the manor encircles a fountain swamped with moss. The front lawn is overwhelmed with poisonous plants and trees trimmed in exotic shapes.[1]

Ch88 Inside Emerald Castle

The interior of the Emerald Castle

A circular arch directs to double doors which constitute the entrance. The imposing edifice of the manor consists of towers covered in moss. Inside the manor there stands a large tree, with candles set by it; as well, its branches are embellished with lanterns. The second floor contains a capacious dining hall, complete with a long table and an array of chairs.

Located somewhere in the basic levels of the Emerald Castle, a special room stores a broad assortment of herbs, bottles and medicines. A massive pot is centered in the room, containing volumes of water; the ill are required to get in the pot, while Sieglinde Sullivan administers the healing operation. A stove is set nearby for clothes to be thrown in (as it is necessary to strip when undergoing treatment in the pot).[2]


Generally, strangers are forbidden to enter the Emerald Castle. However, access can be granted for a one-night stay upon Sieglinde Sullivan's permission.[3]

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