"So alike were they... Two peas in a pot, one a mirror image of the other."
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Doll (人形, Ningyō) is an animate being that was previously a human. They are manipulated puppets.


Dolls are crafted from humans as well as other materials: wax, silver, gold, steel, iron, and stone; and stuffed with sawdust, sand, and straw. It is unknown what happens to the original human's body once he or she is made into a doll. While they appear nearly identical to their original human form, their movements are robotic and conspicuously unnatural.

If the doll also contains a temporary soul, then he or she has basic reasoning skills. However, these are extremely limited, and they seem to be unaware that they are no longer human. Dolls with temporary souls can also speak, although their speech is robotic and choppy or uneven. Without the intelligence to form new goals, dolls tend to react to what their human desires had been, causing the doll to become overly focused on one goal, such as Drossel going to great lengths to turn anyone into a doll who had come into contact with the Shard of Hope, despite his master saying he was not sure why Drossel did so.[1] Dolls lack passion and emotions, despite occasionally appearing to possess them.

As dolls do not have the brain to form rational thoughts and they possess little free will, they have to be manipulated by others. Drossel, who has a temporary soul, can control the lesser dolls by singing a variation of London Bridge Is Falling Down as the melody in the rhyme relays instructions to the others. Puppet strings are also used to occasionally control their movements. However, Drossel himself is incapable of defending himself from this technique and can thus be manipulated by another being.


Dolls have a limited range of abilities including:

  • Enhanced strength: A small child turned into a doll was able to strangle Ciel Phantomhive with unnatural strength.[2]
  • Enhanced endurance: When Drossel was slashed in the head with enough force to lose part of his stuffing, he was still able to stand back up and continue walking for a brief while.[1]
  • Flexibility: Dolls are capable of unnatural flexibility, including the ability to rotate their heads 180 degrees.[3]
  • Puppet strings: Drossel has shown an ability to create puppet strings at will to control the other dolls, to tie up attackers, and to kill humans.[1][3]

Known Dolls


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