Demon Hound
109 Pluto burns Finnian
Kanji 悪魔の犬
Romaji Akuma No Inu
Additional Information
Primary Power Breathing fire
Notable Members Pluto

A demon hound (悪魔の犬, Akuma No Inu) is a special creature with supernatural abilities.


Demon hounds have the ability to change from humans to dogs and back, but remain dog-like at all times and cannot talk. They do not seem to possess the level of intelligence other races do, and thus, are somewhat easily controlled and manipulated. However, they have clear preferences, and will only listen to those they deem worthy. For some reason, they seem to prefer that their masters be non-humans, as Pluto has been shown to be more obedient for both angels and demons.

They seem to have great pride in being demon hounds, and are insulted when humans take advantage of folklore associated with them to hurt others.[1]

They possess great destructive force and can become lost to bloodlust, rendering them incapable of regaining rational thought.[2]


Demon hounds have demonstrated a few abilities including:

Pluto fire

Pluto uses his ability to breathe fire.

  • Fire breath: They can breathe fire from their mouth in both their human and dog forms. They do not seem to have a limit to this ability, as Pluto is able to continue breathing fire even long after igniting most of London. It is also shown to have a range of destructive abilities, being able to both minorly injuring humans to frighten them away,[3] while allowing the dog the ability to add additional force that can set an entire city on fire, killing and injuring a substantial number of its inhabitants.[2]
  • Enhanced strength: They have enough strength to easily overwhelm humans, including Finnian whose strength has been enhanced through injections. However, they are not more powerful than angels or demons, with members of both races demonstrating an ability to subdue demon hounds with ease.
  • Door opening: By turning into their demon hounds forms, they are able to open supernaturally sealed doors that even Grim Reapers and Demons cannot open.[4]

Known Demon Hounds:


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