Death Scythes

A Death Scythe (死神の鎌, Desu saizu) is the weapon used by Grim Reapers. It serves a dual-purpose of reviewing and collecting souls.


A Grim Reaper uses a Death Scythe to view a human's memories via their Cinematic Record, which allows the Grim Reaper to decide whether or not the human should die. If the human is to die, the Death Scythe would be used to sever the link between a human's memories and soul and their body. Only then would the human's life officially end.[1]

Additionally, a Death Scythe can be used to engage in combat. Death Scythes are notorious for being able to cut through anything,[2] including memories, souls, dimensions, demons,[3] and other Grim Reapers.[4] However, there is an exception: a Death Scythe cannot cut through another Death Scythe.[5]

An unmodified Death Scythe

Although all Death Scythes are based on gardening tools, each Death Scythe's appearance seems to be unique to the individual Grim Reaper. This is due to the fact that Death Scythes can be modified, so long as the proper papers are filed to the Administrative Division.[6] It is against the rules to modify or even use a Death Scythe without permission.[7] Unmodified Death Scythes look like simple hand scythes.[8]

When a Grim Reaper retires, their Death Scythe would be collected.[9]

Identified Death Scythes and Owners


Out of Universe

  • Some of the gardening tools the Death Scythes take on the appearance of do not exist during the Victorian era, such as a chainsaw or a gas-powered lawnmower.[10]


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