"He's an impostor!"
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Damian (ダミアーノ, Damiāno) is a scam artist and was previously the owner of the Poseidon Company's Indian Factory that makes supplies and stuffed animals for Ciel Phantomhive's Funtom Corporation.


Damian has short brown hair, a mustache, goatee, and dark blue eyes. He wears a clean, brown suit with a burgundy ascot tie.


Damian is a conniving man, and attempts to scam Ciel Phantomhive into giving him more money for a workforce which he no longer employs.[1]

Anime's Synopsis

Black Butler Arc

Damian arrives at Phantomhive Manor for dinner and is thoroughly impressed by all of Sebastian Michaelis's preparations. He and Ciel go inside to play a game, where his character forgoes many harrowing things, including being bewitched by eyes of the dead, losing a leg, and having his body set on fire.[1]

After finishing the game, they enjoy a dinner, where Damian asks to borrow a phone. It is then revealed that his request for £12,000 for a larger workforce is a lie, as he had already sold off the factory.[1]

He then seemingly suffers the same fate his board game character did; the painting in the Phantomhive mansion was watching his move, he breaks a leg and climbs into an oven during his attempt to escape, where Sebastian further locks him in. Later, he is seen crawling away from the mansion in terror, and it is revealed that Ciel knew of his scam all along.[1]


  • "Haha! This is quite the severe board game, isn't it? Is there no way to restore my legs?"[1]
  • "Now all that's left is to fatten up my wallet with the money that kid gives me."[1]
  • "The workers? I don't give a damn about all of that."[1]


  • In the manga, Chlaus plays a similar role to Damian, although Damian is not related to Ciel. The dynamic between Ciel and Damian, versus the relationship between Ciel and Chlaus, is also quite different.[1]


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