The Circus Arc is the fourth arc of the Kuroshitsuji manga.


Sebastian Michaelis and Ciel Phantomhive have entered a room of the Scotland Yard to get files and information, taking advantage of Arthur Randall's absence. They are researching about the children they have been asked to investigate and determined that there had been no increase in corpses. Fred Abberline is distressed that he would be scolded since they are illegally getting information despite Ciel telling Abberline to just blame him. They resort to bribing him as a token of thanks for his cooperation. Fred, appalled, tries to hand it back, saying he knew they used whatever methods necessary to solve cases quickly but Ciel calls it flexibility and tells him to hurry up and get promoted and they take their leave.[1]

After leaving, they discuss that the children are still unaccounted for but Ciel says that in the underworld, there is a possibility that they are already dead. He then reads a letter from Queen Victoria, commenting on the Noah's Ark Circus. Wherever they have gone, the incident where a number of children disappears occurred. The government searches to the best of its ability yet their whereabouts are still unknown. She has asked Ciel to find the children and return them to their families safely. In the interest of getting the investigation done quickly, they pay a visit to Undertaker.[2]

They show Undertaker the files Sebastian copied, and ask if any of the missing children have turned up among the corpses he has taken care of. In order to get him to reveal his information, Ciel is forced to induce first-rate laughter from him. He sends Sebastian outside, and carries out the task. After it is done, Sebastian returns, and Undertaker discloses that he has not seen nor heard of the children, but calls it a great clue. Sebastian concurs, as there is now a high probability that the children are still alive. When they are about to depart, Undertaker warns Ciel to keep his soul safe.[3]

After deciding to investigate the circus firsthand, they go to see a performance. Joker introduces himself and the rest of the crew. Sebastian notes that there is no sign of the rumored kidnapped children. When they get to Beast's act, they invite a member from the audience down onto the stage. Sebastian volunteers; Ciel agrees to let him go down, thinking Sebastian has a plan to investigate. However, it turns out that Sebastian just wants to interact with the tiger, Betty. He admires the tiger's features, while Ciel remembers to his dismay that tigers are cats. Betty bites Sebastian in the head, which prompts Beast to whip the tiger. However, Sebastian stops the whip from making contact, saying that the tiger did not do anything wrong. He remarks that simply recklessly swinging the whip would not help train Betty. The tiger bites him again, much to his indifference.[4]

After the show, Ciel reprimands Sebastian for standing out so much and the butler apologizes, saying that cats are the only ones whom fickle emotions he cannot comprehend. Ciel complains that Sebastian was too conspicuous and sneezes, informing that he is allergic to cats and tells Sebastian to walk further back. Joker sees Sebastian leaving, and approaches him, asking if he wants to get checked out by their special doctor because of his tiger bite. Sebastian cheerfully agrees.[5]

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Joker approaches Sebastian, and offers to take him to the first-aid tent to check out his neck after being bitten by a tiger during the performance. Sebastian agrees and follows him back, where many of the first-tier members watch him as he proceeds. They encounter Doctor who was treating Dagger and Doctor inquires if there is something wrong with Joker's arm again. Once informed that Sebastian was bitten by Betty, the tiger, he ushers to check out Sebastian's wounds, and finds none. Joker is relieved, and states that the ring leader would be upset if a customer had been injured. Sebastian questions this, and Joker says he is more like a shop manager, rather than the ring leader.[6]

Beast enters, and Dagger begins serenading her, to have Doctor check out her leg. When she spots Sebastian, she yells at him for ruining the show, but Doctor says it was because of her own carelessness that she was not able to control the tiger. Beast then concedes, and Dagger asks Doctor to look at her prosthetic leg. Sebastian inquires, and Joker reveals that "folks with the same sorta problem gather here" with Joker having a prosthetic right arm and that Doctor made the artificial limbs many of the circus members have. Doctor explains that he carve the relatively ceramic limbs that are actually made of special materials that make them light and durable. In order for them to move smoothly, he uses ball-jointed doll parts. Interested, Sebastian grabs Beast's leg and investigates it, causing his head to end up near her crotch. On the top of her artificial leg, he spots a hallmark. Before he can inquire, Beast kicks him, calling him a pervert. Sebastian apologizes, but is surprised that "someone so shameless react[ed] so modestly." Beast and Dagger proceed to attack him for touching her "silky, transparent" skin, which Sebastian finds amusing, as he was not actually touching her, but it appears that he "might as well have been."[7]

Sebastian catching the daggers.

When Sebastian skillfully avoids all of their attacks, they are impressed. Joker stops Beast and Dagger from continuing to pursue him, and calms Beast, giving her flowers, and says that he can understand wanting to touch her pretty leg. Joker states he would like to scout Sebastian since he is amazed by his prodigious reflexes, which Sebastian accepts, calling his current master "spoiled." Joker is surprised that he is some servant since due to his nice clothing so he has concluded that Sebastian was a gentleman. Sebastian declares earnestly that he is a "butler to the core." Joker restates that he would like to scout Sebastian in which the latter again accepts. Joker asks if he is serious and Sebastian retorts that he is always serious, amusing Joker, and receiving a compliment from him that he is funny. Joker is pleased, tells him that he can come by any time, and Beast intervenes, demanding why he is deciding so quickly and Joker replies that Sebastian has outstanding talent. Sebastian speaks up, saying that he has someone to introduce to them. Joker tells him that if he has a friend, his friend will have to take an entrance exam.[8]

Sebastian thanks them for their hospitality and takes his leave. He stands around, contemplating that on the way to the first-aid tent, there were nine tents and ten wagons. Furthermore, on the inside, the number of large tents are ambiguous. He muses that the kidnapped children are not present and yet he has an ominous feeling. Snake sneaks up on him, telling him that entrance past this point is forbidden, and guides him out. Sebastian thanks him for his assistance mirthfully and leaves.[9]

At Ciel's townhouse, Ciel is appalled by Sebastian's plan, questioning when he ordered Sebastian to do that. Agni and Soma Asman Kadar appear with the latter opting they play chess and Ciel acrimoniously tells him to shut up, as he is currently busy. Inside a room, Ciel demands why he has signed up for the circus and Sebastian corrects that he has signed up for the entrance test. Ciel tells him that just him infiltrating is enough and living in a tent is ludicrous. However, Sebastian questions if Ciel would really want him living in the circus alone according to his own free will, which Ciel concedes he would not. Ciel points out that he has required to perform in a circus and yet he cannot do that sort of thing. Sebastian agrees but nonetheless, he encourages Ciel to do his best during the entrance test and he would be "rooting for [him] from the bottom of [his] heart." Ciel reluctantly says that he has to do it.[10]

Ciel's "skill"

They return to the circus next day, and Joker says that Ciel is a cute kid and asks if he is a boy which Ciel answers the positive. Subsequently, Ciel introduces himself as a pageboy in a manor named "Finnian." Joker claims that that is a grand name and if Ciel joins, he will give him a stage name. However, cuteness is not sufficient to join the circus and he has to be able to perform. After inquiring what his strong points are, Ciel claims that it is darts and is told to do some knife-throwing. Dagger hands him a knife and he is ordered to hit a distant target. Dagger utters that Joker is mean as with Ciel's skinny arms, he will not be able to reach the target. Joker says that he is not mean as it cannot be closer for the show. Ciel throws the knife and the aim seems to deteriorate to the ground when it miraculously ascends and hit the target, bewildering Joker and Dagger. Ciel hurls some more daggers that hit the target, but in reality, Sebastian prevents them from falling by flicking pebbles at them. Afterwards, when the daggers are all accumulated on the target, Ciel smugly asks if he passes and Joker says that he seems to have control over knife-throwing and they move on to the next test.[11]

Next, Doll helps him begin to tightrope walk and Joker orders Doll to tie the lifeline tightly as it is dangerous if beginners fall. Ciel prompts to do some music test instead and Joker lightheartedly taunts if he wants to retire already. Ciel disagrees and Joker tells him to hurry. Ciel is quite wobbly on the tightrope, but Sebastian again flicks pebbles at him to keep him upright.[12]

He finishes the test, although angry because of the pebbles inflicted at him. Joker praises, admitting that he never thought Ciel would be able to accomplish it. Dagger joyfully pats Ciel's head, telling Joker to not demote this "cute, little kid." Joker says that there is a final test that is extremely important. The objective is that Ciel has to smile. Ciel is appalled and reluctant as Sebastian snickers, amused. Ciel smiles and Joker admits them into the circus. He introduces them as new friends, and announces that Sebastian's stage name is Black and Ciel is Smile.[13]

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Sebastian and Ciel's stage names are revealed to be Black and Smile, respectively. Ciel is discontent with the name although he greets them anyway. Joker then takes them on a tour of the backstage area, pointing out the second-tier members' tents (i.e. for backstage workers and newcomers) and shows them the space that permits about two to three people per room. He indicates the mess hall and storeroom and says that it is important for the new recruits to provide grub and food. In the area, the center one is the first aid tent and the most central one is the first-tier (i.e. main cast) members' private tents. Joker informs that you only get a private tent if you are exceedingly adept. He warns them to stay away from Snake's tent as they are guarded by Snake's poisonous snakes and if bitten once by the them, he or she will die. He tells Sebastian and Ciel that Snake and his snakes are still shy and they should be careful with their poison.[14]

On a different subject, Joker asks what happened to Ciel's eye and Ciel stammers out that there was an accident. Joker is sympathetic and comforting, saying that Ciel is still young and yet he went through a lot. He smiles and pats Ciel's head, reassuring him that everyone here has been through something so he will get along well. Sebastian asks if everyone joined while the Noah's Ark Circus was on tour, and Joker replies that everyone else did but the first-tier members, except for Snake, were all from the same hometown and are childhood friends. They let Snake become a first-tier member, though, because they did not have a snake handler before, and he is quite skillful. Joker points out that becoming a first-tier member is good because you get your own private tent and do not have to worry about competing with the other second-tier members, and encourages them to work hard.[15]

Finally, he shows them to the practice tent. He tells them that newcomers practice over here, aiming to make their debut a real public performance. Joker advises them to work on the basics and warm-up and Beast interrupts, informing him that it is almost his turn. Consequently, Joker leaves them and while doing the same, Beast shoots Sebastian a distasteful glance. Sebastian and Ciel mull over what they have learned while they stretch, saying that the poisonous snake tent is the entrance to the first-tier members' tent and they act somewhat like a guard dog. Ciel says that to enter the private tent, they must be first-tier members and tells him that poisonous snakes should not be an issue for Sebastian so he should investigate to see if the children are there or not. Sebastian points out that he could not feel their presence either last night or during today's hour. Nevertheless, Ciel reminds him that they still do not have evidence that there is no relation to the children's disappearances and that Sebastian have not thoroughly and meticulously searched everything. Sebastian agrees that there is always a possibility that their current condition renders him unable to sense their presences. Ciel tells him to not say such unfortunate things as the Queen earnestly wishes for the children's safe return.[16]

Dagger takes notice of them, and tells them not to stretch so sluggishly. Dagger says that he has already completed his performance as today he was the top batter and also finished observing practice. He informs them that they should first decide their best quality asks them what sort of performance they would like to do. Ciel tells him that anything that does not require physical involvement would be good as Dagger lightly notes that he seems weak. He decides to teach Ciel how to be a dagger thrower. He encourages Sebastian to try a lot of things with his distinguished reflexes. Sebastian executes the activities zealously and vigorously, such as the flying blanco, juggling, pole climbing, fire passage, high wire, trampoline, and attempts to go further to sword eating but Dagger stops him.[17]


Everyone fawns over his skill, except for Ciel who wants him to fit in more and act as a beginner. Dagger then reveals that another "super newcomer" is present and introduces Suit, who is actually the Grim Reaper, William T. Spears. He describes him as a serious person who used to be some government worker. William notices Sebastian, uttering that he has sensed some unpleasant aura and now knows where it is coming from. He proceeds to attack Sebastian, and calls him a demon. William says that since he is a Grim Reaper, he will have to deal with the demon that will probably throw off his schedule. The other circus members are confused and surprised, and Dagger decides he must be joking despite his straight face. Dagger tells them that since William joined, he has been telling jokes like "how about this soul" and says that he is a hardcore occult fan. He encourages them to bond, but William dismisses Sebastian as a "savage beast." Ciel is encouraged by his presence, certain that it means something is amiss with the circus. Before Ciel could continue, Dagger reappears, urging him to practice so he will not be incompetent to Sebastian, and pulls him away to teach him about knife-throwing.[18]

Sebastian approaches William, who tries to leave but Sebastian grabs him back. At Dagger's perspective, he believes they are holding hands and is delighted that they are getting along already. Sebastian takes him outside to talk. William says despite him being busy, he has dispatched here to clean up the after the trash officer who is still undergoing punishment. Sebastian asks why he has to sneak in to investigate and William initially refuses to release any information to him, calling him a starving demon. Sebastian says he has no interest in poor-quality souls, and reveals the symbol of his contract, saying he is "collared." William accepts this, and says that their job is the investigation of those meant to die according to the soul collection list that has been distributed to them. With their Death Scythe, they look over the Cinematic Records of their memories and decide whether or not they deserve to die. The ones who snack away without realizing the Grim Reaper's great effort are the demons. He reveals that a large number of individuals are expected to die in a few days and asks for Sebastian to refrain from interfering. Sebastian takes advantage of William's dislike for him, and teasingly offers to help him with the souls. This prompts William to attack him with his Death Scythe, snatching off Sebastian's hat. The latter retrieves it and says that he would not associate with a Grim Reaper by choice and has no interest in poor-quality souls.[19]

Ciel interrupts, saying that the "noisy knife-thrower" is calling, and William begins to comment that Ciel is not high-class goods. This upsets Ciel, because William's failure to blend in could put their investigation at risk. He says how it is good that the rest of the circus assumed he was just joking yet not being able to blend in with humans is worse than "that vulgar Grim Reaper." They agree to not interfere with each other. William asks for Ciel to keep an iron grip on his "pet dog" and Ciel tells him that he doesn't want to be reprimanded by some glasses who cannot sneak in properly. William corrects him, saying that he's not "Glasses" but "Suit" and they go separate ways.[20]

Back in the practice tent, Joker announces that it's time for the new arrivals' room assignments. He notes that Ciel is not cheerful and tells him to smile as Ciel thinks to himself that the practice has been intense. Joker says that for fairness, they chose the room assignments by lottery and reveals that Ciel is to be in tent eight, and places Ciel with a second-tier member named Freckles. Sebastian is paired separately in tent nine, much to Ciel's dismay, and Dagger says that Ciel is attached to Sebastian, but tells him that he'll be independent soon. Ciel is anxious as if they are separated, moving around will be difficult. Sebastian's new roommate is revealed to be William. Dagger happily tells them that this their chance to meet new friends. Both William and Sebastian are decidedly unhappy about the arrangement, while Freckles warmly greets Ciel.[21]

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Back in their shared tent, Freckles asks for the top bunk and Ciel allows, saying he always prefer the bottom as he despises climbing. Freckles points out that he has some fancy upper class English and Ciel tells him that it's because he has been working in a house since he was little. Freckles tells him to call him if there's any trouble

Boundary lines

and offers some sweets from the Funtom Corporation and gives him the options of caramel, milk, or strawberry-flavored. Ciel takes caramel, ironically eating his own products. In William's and Sebastian's tent, William says Sebastian has the upper bunk and draws a line in which entrance past that point is strictly forbidden as it holds his private property. He makes it clear that he is very unhappy about sharing a space with Sebastian. Sebastian cordially agrees to his demands. William says that Grim Reaper's require sleep so he hopes Sebastian will not create any noises that will interrupt his sleep. In turn, Sebastian says that demons do, in fact, enjoy sleep but only as a luxury. That night, Sebastian attempts to slip out of the tent, presumably to do more investigating of the circus, but is halted by William who doesn't allow him wandering about without his master.[22]

In the morning, Freckles awakes an over-sleeping Ciel, reminding him that it is the second-tier members' duty to prepare breakfast. Ciel hastily covers his right eye and grabs his eyepatch. Without Sebastian's aid, Ciel dresses slowly and sloppily and fumbles with his clothing. Freckles yells that he's too slow and goes on ahead. Sebastian is amused when he sees how Ciel dresses himself and notes that he's unaccustomed to changing his own clothes. This prompts Sebastian, in the breakfast tent, to redo the knot on Ciel's eyepatch. The other circus members stare at this odd behavior and Freckles mocks him, stating that Sebastian is not his mother. This embarrasses Ciel, who orders Sebastian to leave him alone.[23]

Ciel is given the job of peeling potatoes, which he does poorly, making the skins too thick and not leaving enough potatoes. Freckles says they cannot make anything with it, but Sebastian saves breakfast by deep-frying them and making them into fish and chips and Freckles states that he loves those. The circus members then make a dive for breakfast, and Ciel is not able to get much besides bread. Pitying him, Freckles shares the food he was able to get. He says that Sebastian is good at cooking and says that he has heard that Sebastian was an ex-butler and he made Ciel's failed potato peels tasty. Freckles then finishes eating and urges that they go practice.[24]

After breakfast, the circus members go back to the practice tent, where Ciel's failures at balancing and other simple acts are revealed. Freckles questions why he is doing so poorly now when he succeeded at the entrance exam. William and Sebastian, on the other hand, are superior performers, which impresses Freckles.[25]

After a hard work out, Freckles takes Ciel to go shower, saying it is best to do it during the day, so they will not catch a cold. It is revealed that the showers are public and Freckles cheerfully tells Ciel to strip as he'll help him wash his back. Ciel is appalled that they're doing this outdoors in the dead of winter. Freckles says that if they splash themselves with water and wipe immediately, they'll be fine. He adds that aristocrats said that ice swimming is good for him. Ciel resists Freckles' attempts to help him, which causes them to fall into a bucket of water, soaking them both. Freckles tells him to give it up, since they are both already soaked, and lifts up his shirt, which reveals his slave mark on his back. Ashamed and upset, Ciel runs away and hides, while the other circus members wonder what is wrong with him. Sebastian comes to his aid and drapes a towel over him, and Ciel complains, saying that this life is making him feel queer. Sebastian mocks his lack of endurance, but Ciel says as a nobleman, he should not have to put up with it. He decides to finish their investigation as quickly as possible, since waiting until they get promoted is too long and arduous. Sebastian informs that he cannot go out a night because of William's restriction. They decide to invade the first-tier members' tents at the first opportunity while they're out performing. Ciel adds that he must find a way to evade Freckles while doing so. He prompts to go home soon, wanting to eat sweets while drinking warm tea which Sebastian assures he'll prepare right when they return home.[26]

Later, Sebastian and Ciel assist the first-tier members in preparing for a show. During a lull, Ciel realizes they have an opportunity to investigate, and orders Sebastian to come with him so they can do it quickly. On their way out, Joker appears carrying Wendy, who twisted her ankle and cannot appear in the show anymore. He asks Sebastian to go in her place, and Ciel develops an alternate plan so he can still investigate, even without Sebastian's presence. Sebastian quickly helps in getting rid of the snakes, then returns to find out that he has to work with William in the show.[27]

While Ciel investigates, and finds a picture of young children, who he guesses are the first-tier members, with an unknown man.[28]

During the show, William refuses to cooperate, saying he does not want to touch a demon. Sebastian angrily scolds him, saying it is ruining the show. The first-tier members look on confused, wondering what they are doing. While watching, Beast's outfit tears, making Dagger flustered, and she is forced to leave to get a replacement top. Sebastian takes note of her leaving, and appears to be worried. Sebastian tells William he will not drop him, and tells him to hold out his hands. William refuses to disparage himself by doing so and thrusts his Death Scythe at him. Seeing an opportunity, Sebastian grabs his weapon, causing William to fall. He releases it once William has swung up high enough, and they finish their act.[29]

Beast is on her way to the tent, noting that the audience is excited. Inside the tent, Ciel takes note that the first-tier members are standing in front of a sign that says "workhouse," and questions its relevance. At that moment, Beast walks in and changes her top. As she leaves, it is revealed that Ciel was not caught because Sebastian was able to run back in time to hide them in a chest. Ciel shows Sebastian the photograph, who comments that the hallmark in the ring the man is wearing is the same hallmark on Beast's prosthetic leg.[30]

Ciel decides to investigate Joker's tent and sends Sebastian back to finish the encore to not draw suspicion and to consequently release the snakes. In Joker's tent, Ciel muses that the man is dressed nicely so he's either from the affluent class or aristocracy and guesses that since he's being photographed with workhouse children, he's an philanthropist. He finds a letter under Joker's pillow and sees that it's been sent from "Tom, the Piper's son." Inside is a paper with his name and birthday on it, and worries that his cover has been blown. Sebastian finishes the encore and releases the snakes guarding the first-tier members' tent, and hearing the commotion of the show finishing, Ciel slips out of Joker's tent. He attempts to leave the restricted area, and is caught by a first-tier member, Doll.[31]

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Ciel has been discovered in a restricted area of the circus by Doll, a first-tier member, who protects Ciel by grabbing a nearby snake and reprimanding Snake for having them outside of his tent. Snake apologizes, and Doll leads Ciel away from the restricted area. She reveals that she is actually Freckles, and this is why she helped him. Ciel inquires why she's wearing that costume although she's a guy. Doll says that he's rude and that it's obvious she's a girl and puts his hand on her chest to demonstrate. Ciel, mortified, and withdraws his hand and Doll offers for him to take "a peek downstairs" to check and he hastily declines.[32]

Ciel coughs as she questions why Ciel was back there since he should have known that there'd be venomous snakes lurking about. He speculate that he has no choice but to pretend he's a thief and claims that he was looking for items to steal. He says he did not actually take anything, and he was afraid of living on the East End again. Doll assures him it is okay, because he did not steal anything, and because she had done something bad to him earlier by revealing his slave mark. She orders him to not steal anything again, and he agrees. Ciel coughs and then questions why she would share a tent with him when she's a first-tier member. She says that she's not a fan of private rooms and staying with someone else makes her sleep better sometimes and hopes that he doesn't mind to continue to share a tent with her now that he knows of her true identity. He assures her that it's okay and Doll says they'll keep today a secret and shakes hands. As she leaves, he thinks to himself that there's no proof she won't tell anyone as humans have no scruples about lying. His smile dissipates as she leaves, adding that he, too, has no scruples about lying.[33]

Ciel returns to the tent shared by William T. Spears and Sebastian Michaelis, where he questions Sebastian's decision to release the snakes even though he knew Ciel was still in the tents. He doesn't deny it, saying that Ciel has gave an earlier order to release the snakes as the first-tier members returned so he simply did so. Ciel gives him a dark look as he coughs and Sebastian tells him that as long as the contract is still in effect, he'll protect his life at all costs. However, if Ciel makes a mistake on his own accord, he will possibly suffer a painful experience while still alive and notes that "any game becomes boring when it lacks thrills." Sebastian says that he would have thought Ciel who is greedy for games will think the same and Ciel says that it's in bad taste to play games that makes him want to throw up and calls him a demon. Sebastian accepts it with pride and Ciel moves on to a different subject, Ciel discussing what he found in the first-tier members' tents: a piece of paper with his name on it, his rank, his mansion's address, and a brief personal history. William interrupts, extending his Death Scythe at Ciel, informing that he is intruding his private property by three centimeters. He says that they're incapable of staying apart just like a dog and its owner and Ciel decides to further the discussion outside while coughing. He adds that the sender's name is "Tom, the Piper's son," and there's also a hallmark in the sealing wax along with the letter "K."[34]

Ciel states that normally, the sealing is engraved with a symbol of motivation and the initial of the person plus the family crest. In other words, Tom, the Piper's son, is someone who holds a family crest with the prefix of a horse. People who have their family crest displaying a horse are usually knights or other soldiers. It's not a rule, though it's basically impossible to get one without a rank of some level. All of these crests are recorded by a heraldry. Ciel says that despite their number of records, he is convinced that Sebastian is capable of finding it with this information alone. While coughing, he lists the pieces: disappearing children, a circus, Tom, the piper's son, and him, and questions their relevance to one another.[35]

Ciel plans to return to his London townhouse when he suddenly has a coughing fit and begins to vomit. Sebastian and Doll, who recently arrived, are appalled. Sebastian takes Ciel to see Doctor, who says he suffered from an asthma attack. Sebastian questions this as this is the first time he has seen Ciel in this condition and he has been with him for three years. Doctor says that if he hasn't had this condition for three years, it's considered recovery. However, if you have a haphazard chill or time of stress, it can abruptly come back. Sebastian says that he has seen him suffered from a cold once or twice though it was never this severe and hypothesizes that it occurred this time because of the main causes coincided together. Doctor says that it's natural for him to get a cold since he went bathing with brutish people and Ciel regains consciousness. Sebastian gives him something to drink as Doctor infers he has had bad asthma when he was very young and he should be careful since there are cases where people have died from it. Ciel muses to himself that in the present, he sees Doctor and Doll there instead in contrast to last time where his aunt, mother, and Elizabeth was there.[36]

Back in the first-tier members' tent, Snake tells Jumbo, Joker, and Peter that Sebastian and Ciel were in their tents but he doesn't know about their goal. Joker dismisses Snake, and they debate what to do. Joker says that they might have found out about Doll and Peter says that Doll is too childish so that's why he has pressed the point that she shouldn't be on board and prompts to deal with them tonight. Jumbo stops him, saying that it'll be trouble cleaning up afterwards if they are connected to Scotland Yard. They decide to consult Father before doing anything.[37]

In the sick tent, Ciel wakes up to find Doll sleeping with him, her arm and her leg on top of him. He thinks to himself that now it's him with the sleeping problem and calls for Sebastian. He traces words on Sebastian's palm since he's unable to speak, informing him to go to the crest office to find out who owns that seal and to come get him in the morning. Sebastian takes the moment to tease him, stating he will not tell Elizabeth Midford that he shared a bed with another female. Ciel is embarrassed that Sebastian knew her gender from the start.[38]

As Sebastian leaves the tent to get started on his assigned task, William encounters him and questions what he is doing. He refuses to let Sebastian leave the circus, saying that until his inspection is complete, he's not allowed to carry out any independent actions. Sebastian attempts to make a deal, offering to never eat souls in William's area, if he can leave for an hour. William refuses, saying it is a demon's signature ability to lure people with sweet words and drag them until the darkness, and Sebastian is forced to find another way to find the information he needs.[39]

In another area of the circus, Joker is preparing to leave to see Father, and encounters Beast. Beast says she wants to stop doing the things Father asks of them, and asks Joker to leave the circus with her. Joker brushes her off, saying that crossing over the mountain to escape is impossible and attempts to leave. She hugs him from behind, saying that they has decided to protect their most precious thing and for that, they're willing to do anything. But she doesn't want to see his painful face anymore. Joker interrupts and states that they cannot turn back now, and tells her to go to bed.[40]

Sebastian reveals that he was watching, and asks if she is crying. Beast tells him to go away, and Sebastian tells her Joker is cruel for being nice to her, even knowing that he does not return her feelings. He asks when did she start these miserable tears and a relationship that relies on nothing more than sentimentality. Beast counters that he doesn't understand anything which he doesn't deny but adds on that there's one thing he does know and that is the way to release her from her pain. He grips her wrist and she struggles to let go but he challenges what she can do with the pile of painful thoughts. The weight of it will neither move forward nor backward and even if she desperately calls out to Joker, he would not look back at her. He asks if she wants to feel comfort and forget Joker. He says that he only wants to get in and explore the secret place deep inside of her.[41]

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Beast and Sebastian are in Beast's tent, who is telling Sebastian about her relationship with Joker and how since Father left, he has distanced himself from her and never gave her the words she desired. Sebastian questions 'Father' and Beast explains that he is their patron and helped them develop artificial limbs, thus giving them new bodies. The hallmark belongs to Father and they are his possessions. Sebastian seduces Beast into telling him Father's name.[42]

Back at Doctor's tent, Sebastian wakes Ciel up and checks to see how his fever is, remarking that it has lowered considerably. Ciel says he felt better than yesterday but not entirely well either and comments that Doll is gone, presumably for breakfast. Sebastian hands him some water and Ciel notices his gloves are gone and inquires about it as he can see Sebastian's black nails and seal of the contract. The butler simply says that he has gotten them a little dirty. Ciel moves on and questions if Sebastian completed his task, and Sebastian says there is no need for them to remain at the circus any longer. Sebastian carries Ciel outside where they encounter William and Sebastian informs that they have finished their business here and will excuse themselves now. William notes that he has no interest in where they go as long as they go since he can move around at ease.[43]

They return to the manor, where Soma and Agni are worried about Ciel's disappearance. Soma says that Ciel has left for two days without telling him anything and if it has continued, he would have sent out a search party. He then notices Ciel coughing and asks what happened as he looks horrible. Ciel brushes it off and tells him to get out of his way. Soma persists that he must have a cold and Ciel stubbornly replies that it's nothing.[44]

In Ciel's room, Sebastian says that Ciel certainly tells a lot of lies and secrets as he didn't even tell him about his chronic illness and questions why. Ciel responds that Sebastian didn't ask so he didn't tell and furthermore, it has healed. Nonetheless, Sebastian tells him to be careful and that he'll read a medical book about asthma for next time. Ciel asks if it's for his demon aesthetics and Sebastian says that he has to react to any kind of situation as a butler. He then reveals that Father is Baron Kelvin, who Ciel vaguely remembers from a few functions, that is parties his predecessor took him to when he was younger. They prepare to go to his manor, but Agni and Soma block his exit. Soma says that as governor of the townhouse and as the best friend of Ciel, he cannot overlook that he's ill. Ciel, annoyed, remarks that that's ridiculous as he's not his best friend and attempts to leave and Soma orders Agni to stop him. Ciel's anger is impassioned and commands Soma to get out of his way as he cannot tend to idiotic games and Soma replies that his job is to lie in bed and be nursed at a hospital. After yelling, Ciel has another asthma attack. He orders Sebastian to have them removed, but Agni convinces Sebastian that part of his duty as a butler is to look out for his master's health despite going against orders. Agni reprimands that for his master to be bright and healthy and for that, he'll risk his life and that is what he'll call a butler's aesthetics.[45]

Persuaded, Sebastian lets Agni take over Ciel's health care and Ciel begins shouting at him but Soma interrupts him, saying he'll nurse him personally. He tells Agni to prepare rice porridge and a herb bath and Sebastian will retrieve Ciel's nightclothes and an ice pillow. Sebastian convinces Ciel that they have learned enough for the day, and that they can do everything tomorrow.[46]

Back at the Noah’s Ark Circus, Peter hits Doll for being naïve and listening to outsiders. Doll argues that Ciel is just a child and that they made a promise, and Peter dismisses her explanation, calling her childish. Jumbo stops Peter from striking her a second time, saying that is not what they should be doing. He says that the ones who trespassed into their tent are Smile and Black and the one who possessed skills commensurate to theirs is Suit and all three of them have disappeared. Thus, staying here longer will be dangerous. Dagger suggests waiting until Joker comes back, but Beast says that even if it hurries, it'll take at least three days. Wendy adds that that will take too long and they need to take action. Joker remarks that their Father has said that this time the target's special and if they fail, he'll be angry. Peter says that this time the 'boy's house isn't in a town close by and they should do it while he's still in London. If they start now, then by the time they go and come back, it'll be dawn already. They agree to carry out Father's orders the next day and they send Doll to inform Joker of their plans.[47]

Beast prepares a horse for Doll, who apologizes, saying the whole situation is her fault. Beast dismisses her apology, and blames herself instead, which confuses Doll.[48]

William is then heard contemplating on the incident. He says that originally his job was to clean up their synchronized mistakes but this is something outside of an accounting manager like himself's jurisdiction. It's also uncalled for to force a civil servant to harshly stand night-watch for a little over a month and states that "tomorrow, everything will end."[49]

Main article: Chapter 29

At Kelvin's mansion, Joker is seen putting up his hair and putting on make-up in order to greet him. Baron is excited by his presence, and asks if "he" is with him, presumably referring to Ciel. Joker says he is not, and that he believes the circus may have been marked by the Yard. Kelvin is excited by the news, saying that the newcomers who invaded their tents must have been Earl Phantomhive and his butler. Excited, he orders Joker to start a banquet, who is worried about the others at the circus, and wonders if they should issue orders. Angered, he asks why Joker is talking back to him and implies that he has a certain level of power over Joker's siblings. Subdued, Joker agrees to follow his orders.[50]

Back at the circus, the members are packing. Beast asks Wendy if they have time to wait for Joker's return, stating that she would like to talk to him. Wendy says they cannot wait, but she is sure she can talk to Joker tomorrow. Outside of the tents, Snake approaches Jumbo and Dagger, questioning why they are leaving. Peter tells him they will not be able to perform tonight, and threatens Snake that if he gives a bad performance in their absence, he will kill him. Dagger says they will be back by the next morning, and Snake flirts with Dagger through his snake Emily.[51]

At the Phantomhive Manor, Ciel is shown to have recovered from his asthma attack, but is still sleeping. Agni and Sebastian leave the room, with the former carrying a sleeping Soma. Agni apologizes for yelling at Sebastian, and praises his butler skills, but Soma says he is too mean. Surprised and confused, Sebastian questions this, and Soma elaborates, saying that when a child is sick, he or she should be fawned over by his or her parents. Since Ciel does not have any parents, it is Sebastian's job to fawn over him and be nice.[52]

When Ciel wakes up much later, Sebastian is shown to have taken the advice to heart, attempting to spoon-feed Ciel, who finds his behavior odd. He tells him he is being gross, and to stop it immediately. Sebastian apologizes, helps him dress, and tells him that Elizabeth Midford at his main house. Ciel says he would like to get the investigation over with, and on their way out, he charms Soma into letting them pass.[53]

In an unknown location, Doll is seen stopping with her horse to rest, and contemplates on Ciel, saying she does not think he is with the Yard.[54]

William T. Spears is also seen up, talking to a bird, and requesting that it send documents to the personnel department.[55]

Ciel and Sebastian arrive at Baron Kelvin's manor where they are greeted by Joker.[56]

Main article: Chapter 30

Ciel and Sebastian arrive at Baron Kelvin's manor, and learn that Joker is there and has been waiting for him. Inside the mansion, they see dolls are hanging around, and are appalled by the décor. Sebastian proceeds to ask Ciel if he should kill Joker now and rescue the kidnapped children. Ciel answers saying to wait, wanting to see that if the children are in fact alive that it would be best to capture them in the act and at this time they are not aware of his motives, therefore they cannot report it to the Queen. Joker snickers, remarking how "they can't judge a book by it's cover" and that Ciel is a good example of that. He comments that it is unbelievable that Ciel, a boy, holds the title of "the Queen's Watchdog" as well as "Evil Nobleman" and calls him by his stage name. Ciel retorts saying that his name is Earl Ciel Phantomhive and that a servant should not act so familiar with him.[57]

Joker has prepared dinner for them, which Sebastian tests for poison by tasting the wine. Ciel says how he has no intention of eating a meal served by rats so Sebastian's tasting was unnecessary Baron Kelvin arrives with brainwashed children in tow, excited by Ciel's presence. While eating dinner, Baron asks Joker to prepare a performance for him, which he is noticeably hesitant about doing. Nonetheless, upon Baron's insistence, he prepares the act.[58]

First a tightrope walker and then an animal trainer are killed gruesomely during the performance, as it is clear they are untrained children. Joker and Ciel are clearly upset by their deaths, while Baron finds it humorous, applauding and laughing. As a dagger thrower nearly hits a child, Ciel orders Sebastian to stop the performance, which he does. Baron, surprised by Ciel's disgust, orders Joker to clean up the act.[59]

Ciel calls Baron vulgar, ugly, and perverted, and states he has no more desire to remain at the same table as him. As he pulls out a gun on Baron Kelvin, Joker dashes forward with a sword on Ciel, while Sebastian pulls a knife on Joker. Baron orders Joker to "stop pointing that dangerous thing" at Ciel, who then asks where the rest of the kidnapped children are. Baron Kelvin agrees to lead him to his basement, where he has another surprise for Ciel.[60]

It turns out that Baron Kelvin has created a replica of the room Ciel was sacrificed in, and asks for a reenactment. He recalls meeting Ciel five years ago, and the beginning of his obsession with him.[61]

Main article: Chapter 31

Baron Kelvin reminisces on meeting Ciel Phantomhive, who was very shy and clung to his father when he was younger. Ciel then spots his uncle, Chlaus, and Ciel and Vincent Phantomhive go greet him. Baron was unable to take his eyes off of them, calling them "special people."[62]

On another occasion, he returns to the Phantomhive Manor, where many people are playing pool. He approached Vincent excitedly, who excuses himself to speak with someone else. Baron says he then understood that "special people can only be touched by other special people." Feeling that he was ugly, he meets Doctor and undergoes many plastic surgeries in an attempt to become more beautiful.[63]

Disgusted by his actions, his wife left him, but he did not care, as only getting close to Ciel mattered. Joker is then shown replying that the Phantomhives had been attacked, and all are believed to have been killed. His life lost meaning, until he heard that Ciel had actually survived the attack. He wanted to go to Ciel's sacrificing, but because he had just had an operation, he was bedridden for at least a month.[64]

He had heard that Ciel had killed them all, and wished to recreate the day Ciel had been sacrificed. Disgusted and upset, Ciel shoots Baron Kelvin. Joker rushes to save Baron, but Sebastian cuts off his left arm. Joker begs for Baron's life, saying that he saved them, and that they need him to remain alive in order for him to save his other brothers and sisters still at the workhouse.[65]

Ciel states that he understood, but he intends to kill Baron anyway. Laughing, Joker reveals that the other first-tier members have gone to his manor in order to kill all the witnesses.[66]

At the Phantomhive Manor, the first-tier members of the Noah's Ark Circus split up, because the place is so massive, and they do not want to spend a lot of time looking for their target. Jumbo encounters Finnian outside, who tells him that visitors at that hour are not welcome and to come back later. Jumbo moves in and attacks Finnian.[67]

Back at Baron Kelvin's mansion, Joker laughs and says even his servants will not be spared. Ciel questions who he thinks he is dealing with, stating "they are the servants of Phantomhive."[68]

Finnian recovers from his attack outside the Phantomhive mansion, and tells Jumbo that he cannot let him pass. A splat is the last thing heard.[69]

Main article: Chapter 32

Jumbo lies bleeding, after Finnian attacks him. Finnian comments that he hates painful things, and approaches Jumbo. Jumbo yells for his brothers and sisters to get away, stating that the place is weird. Wendy and Peter hear his cries and go to save him. Upon approaching him, they see that Finnian has already killed him. Finnian asks them to be quiet, and Peter shoots what appear to be whips at him, removing Finnian's hat in the process.[70]

Finnian is upset, because he loved the hat; Ciel gave it to him and because he used it to cover up a tattoo. Finnian says that Ciel does not give him injections, kill his friends, or lock him up, which is why Finnian is so loyal to him. Wendy and Peter prepare to slice Finnian in half with one of the whips, but before they reach Finnian, Wendy is killed by an unseen sniper.[71]

Thinking that there are several snipers, because of the number of shots, Peter abandons Finnian and moves to the western rooftop to take them out. Mey-Rin approaches him and says it is her job to rid the mansion of dirt. Peter is shocked to learn that she is the only sniper, because of the sheer number of guns loaded. It turns out that Mey-Rin can wield the guns like handguns, and only has so many to cut down on the reload time.[72]

When Peter tries to get away, Mey-Rin shoots him, causing him to crash into the house and wake Elizabeth up. Tanaka tells her the noise was in her dreams, and prevents her from investigating.[73]

Beast and Dagger also hear the noises, and think that because there must be a bodyguard, then Ciel Phantomhive must be at the residence. As they progress further into the house, they encounter Baldroy, who has been waiting for them. Beast and Dagger attack him, but he avoids their daggers and whips. Finnian comes to help Baldroy and uses the nearby statues as weapons.[74]

As Beast and Dagger attempt to get away, they run into a room guarded by Mey-Rin and get shot at. Running away, they finally get into the kitchen, where they run into Baldroy again. Beast attacks him, mocking him for approaching them unarmed, but he brings out a hidden machine gun. Dagger uses his body as a shield and saves Beast.[75]

Upset, Beast moves to attack Baldroy, who escapes with Finnian's assistance. All of the shooting caused flour to rise into the air, which Baldroy ignites, presumably killing her in the process.[76]

Back at Baron Kelvin's manor, Ciel reveals to Joker that his servants' jobs are to protect the Phantomhive family's secrets and pride.[77]

Main article: Chapter 33

Ciel reveals to Joker that the servants of the Phantomhive house are essentially a small army, capable of eradicating intruders. Distressed, Joker quietly wishes that at least the first-tier members of the Noah's Ark Circus will live, and wonders what could have been done differently. He begins crying, and is reprimanded for it by Ciel.[78]

Doctor appears, and is surprised by Ciel and Sebastian's presence. He stands up, revealing that he is actually capable of walking. He notices that Baron Kelvin has been killed, and is a little upset, but only because Baron Kelvin was someone who understood his ideals. It turns out the artificial limbs he makes are actually created from the bodies of children—they are not merely ceramic but literally fine bone china—calling it "the best recycling ever."[79]

Joker was apparently unaware of this, and is disgusted. Doctor pulls out one of the brainwashed children from the cage, and says that Baron Kelvin supplied him with money and materials. Doctor pulls a girl onto the replica of the stone where Ciel was sacrificed and pulls a knife on her. Ciel remembers the day that happened to him, and becomes extremely distraught. He begins to scream and vomits, and Sebastian asks him if he is afraid. Sebastian removes Ciel's eyepatch, and quietly advises him to "speak my name"; Ciel, still extremely shaken, manages to do so and orders him to "kill these guys," which he does with ease.[80]

Ciel then orders Sebastian to burn the place, but Sebastian tries to convince him otherwise, stating that Queen Victoria has requested that the children return safely. Ciel ignores him, and insists that he burns the place. Pulling off his glove on his left hand, he uses the sign of his contract to ignite the mansion.[81]

Main article: Chapter 34

A flashback is provided, and it appears to be narrated by Joker. It shows the Noah’s Ark Circus first-tier members, minus Snake, in an alley in the East End, referred to as a gutter. Joker explains what ailments afflict each individual, which makes working, even as a thief, difficult. One day, Baron Kelvin found them in the alley and brought them all to his manor.[82] Joker refers to life at the manor as heaven, and all of the members seem much happier than they were previously.

It is then revealed that this flashback is actually a Cinematic Record that is being played by William Spears in Joker’s last moments of life.[83] William marks his entry complete, and seems annoyed by the number of individuals whose lives he must review. Another Grim Reaper, Ronald Knox, shows up, which William seems disappointed by.[84] Ronald reveals that Grelle Sutcliff is off on another mission involving the Phantomhive family, which he was apparently excited by.[85] Ronald appears bored to be there, and tells William he would like to finish the work quickly, as he has plans for later.[86]

Doll then rides up to the manor on her horse, and is surprised to see it burning, knowing that Joker was supposed to be inside. She rushes forward, but the heat and smoke from the fire make entry impossible. When Sebastian and Ciel come out, who she knows as Black and Smile, she is shocked at their appearance and questions why they are there and what happened.[87] Sebastian shares that Joker is dead, and that they were sent by Queen Victoria to eradicate the circus.[88]

Doll is shocked and upset, particularly about being lied to when she trusted Ciel. Ciel confirms that it was a lie, and that his job is to clear the queen's worries, which is why he killed Baron Kelvin and Joker.[89] Doll remembers when she was given her stage name by Joker, and falls to the ground crying.[90] She pulls out a knife and moves in to attack Ciel and Sebastian, saying she will not forgive them.[91]

Ciel then simply says "Sebastian," and a Funtom Corporation candy is seen broken and falling. It is presumed that Doll was killed.[92]

Undertaker is then seen commenting that he told Ciel to hold every soul dear, but due to his power, Ciel seems to have forgotten the importance of things that cannot be recovered.[93] John Brown, Charles Grey, and Charles Phipps are also shown, simply watching the goings-on with the mission of reporting to Queen Victoria later.[94]

Main article: Chapter 35

At the Noah's Ark Circus, the second-tier members question where the majority of the first-tier members are, but Snake does not know. He then walks away from them and out of the circus.[95]

Elsewhere, Sebastian and Ciel prepare to board a train. Before they can get on, a young girl asks if they would like to buy an orange, which Ciel orders Sebastian to get. On the train, they discuss the fact that they are going to the workhouse where the first-tier members were brought up. Ciel states that the reason for this is because the patron of the workhouse is gone, so he intends to introduce himself to an earl near the workhouse.[96]

Sebastian, while peeling the orange, asks if he is being sympathetic, but Ciel dismisses this, prompting Sebastian to question why Ciel killed the children he was supposed to save. Ciel states that it is because they had become so far gone under Baron Kelvin's influence that death was kinder. Sebastian comments that Ciel is being arrogant. [97]

Once off the train, they hitch a ride on a stranger's wagon, and walk the rest of the way to the Renbourn Workhouse, which they discover is completely ruined, indicating that Baron Kelvin had lied to the first-tier members about taking care of the other children they remember being there. Sebastian speculates that Doctor used the other children there to make the artificial limbs.[98]

Ciel, on the other hand, finds it greatly amusing that the thing they worked so hard to protect, even sacrificing themselves for it, did not exist. Ciel states that by being a human, he is similar, as he works so hard to get over the horizon himself. [99]

Sebastian cheerfully agrees, and states that humans are interesting.[100]

Main article: Chapter 36

Back at the Phantomhive Manor, Sebastian reprimands the servants for destroying the manor in the process of taking out the first-tier circus members and for not being "quiet" as well, which they apologize for. He orders them to begin cleaning while he will take care of the general affairs and repairs.[101]

While cleaning, Elizabeth approaches, crying because she cannot locate something. Sebastian attempts to explain that after the repairs are done, she can dress up and go on a boat ride. However, she cheerfully ignores him, saying they can simply make new clothes and go out anyway. She requests Ciel's approval, and Sebastian states that he can call a tailor. Ciel reveals that he was not paying attention, but he mitigates Elizabeth's distress by saying he can make her a new dress too—an Easter one with matching flowers.[102]

Sebastian leads them to breakfast while the tailor arrives. Nina Hopkins greets Mey-Rin warmly, asking if her maid costume had "come in handy" yet. When Finnian greets her, Nina ignores him and Baldroy, and asks to be directed to Ciel.[103]

She takes measurements of Ciel, noting that he has actually gotten smaller since she last measured him. Inspired by this, she thinks of two, matching, Easter outfits for Ciel and Elizabeth, including decorative buttons, flowers, and a ruffled ascot tie. Elizabeth immediately agrees that it would be cute, and Nina begins frantically working on other designs for Ciel's outfits.[104]

However, while she begins drawing, Sebastian stops her, worried that red and yellow colors would make the already short-statured Ciel appear childish. She angrily rejects his argument, but he calmly states that she needs to lean toward being graceful and traditional, rather than being swept away by current fashion trends. She calls his complaints the "whining of an amateur," and kicks Elizabeth, Sebastian, and Ciel out of the room.[105]

Sebastian takes Elizabeth and Ciel to an afternoon tea, where Elizabeth notices that Ciel seems particularly distracted. When she begins to comment on it, Nina bursts in, declaring that it is time for another fitting. Elizabeth is pleased with the look, but Nina is not and she rips it off of him. Ciel attempts to cover up his slave branding, to prevent Elizabeth from seeing it, and comments that he was stuck on a pin, which is why he is standing oddly. Elizabeth asks to see the spot, in case he is bleeding, but he says he is fine and is cold. She tries to assist him in putting on a new shirt, but Sebastian prevents her from doing so, calling the action that of a servant's.[106]

Meanwhile, Nina has finished her ravings and has decided to take nude measurements of Ciel, in order to get a better silhouette. She grabs his left arm, but Sebastian covers the slave brand with his hand, in order to prevent Elizabeth from seeing. Nina questions this, and Ciel claims he hurt his leg and needs support, and he orders Sebastian not to remove his hand. However, this makes the measuring unnecessarily difficult, so Ciel claims, while blushing, that it is embarrassing to have Elizabeth stare at his naked body so much. She averts her eyes, allowing Nina to finish the measurements.[107]

Immediately afterward, Soma and Agni burst into the room, while Soma questioning why Ciel had secretly returned to the main house. Before Soma, Agni, or Elizabeth can see the mark, Sebastian rips down one of the curtains and changes Ciel beneath it quickly. Soma, Agni, and Elizabeth introduce themselves to each other, and Soma asks to go to the dining hall immediately. Ciel thinks it is still damaged, but Sebastian reveals that the mansion has already been fixed.[108]

At dinner, Soma tells Elizabeth that Ciel had recently been very ill, and Elizabeth questions Sebastian as to why Ciel never tells her anything. Sebastian says it is a very hard question to answer, but points out that Ciel has not been so relaxed in such a long time, and it must be thanks to getting to spend a free day with everyone. Watching Ciel's sleeping body, Elizabeth says she hopes that is true.[109]

Main article: Chapter 37


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