Charles Phipps (チャールズ・フィップス, Chaaruzu Fipusu) is one of Queen Victoria's Private Secretarial Officers and butlers.[2] He and his counterpart Charles Grey are collectively referred to as "Double Charles."


Phipps is a tall young man with short silver hair and a mole on the left side of his chin.

Phipps dresses in a white uniform composed of a double-breasted jacket, a black tie, and an arrangement of cords, with two of which wrapped around his torso and one looping over and under his right shoulder. He sports a pin consisting of a bow with a profile view of Queen Victoria hanging on a short chain. One of his two belts supports a rapier on his left-hand side.


Phipps is a calm, reserved individual. Phipps is staunchly loyal to Queen Victoria and dutifully carries out his tasks alongside his counterpart Charles Grey, with whom he is frequently paired.

Unlike Grey, who readily engages in combat, Phipps tends to refrain from fighting. For example, he merely observed Grey's clash with Mey-Rin instead of participating and, afterward, helped Mey-Rin up after Grey knocked her down.[2] Furthermore, Phipps often takes an objective, pragmatic approach to situations and generally does not entertain unproven suppositions or involve himself in matters that are not of his concern.[3] For instance, while Grey was suspicious of how impossibly quick it took for Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis to send a package from Germany to London, Phipps assumed that Ciel must have utilized his numerous connections in the underground society to accomplish the task.[4]

Phipps playing a snake charmer's flute.

Moreover, Phipps is exceptionally skillful and fast. He is particular about cleanliness and orderliness; on one occasion, he sewed a flower on Finnian's hat to patch it, and insisted that he could do such work because he is a "top-class butler."[5] Later, he made the same comment regarding his ability to play a snake-charming flute.[6] Additionally, Phipps has an aptitude for art; he likes to cook[7] and paint.[8] He is also partial to cute things.[9]


Phipps and Grey discuss Elizabeth's genius swordsmanship.

At a fencing match, a young Phipps and Charles Grey watched as two opponents fought each other. Phipps asked if the victorious contestant was Alexis Leon Midford's son, the one rumored to be a genius with the sword. Grey corrected him, revealing that the genius was the daughter, Elizabeth Midford. Phipps observed her curiously, while Grey scowled.[10]

Some years later, Phipps and Grey attended and graduated from Weston College.[1]


Circus Arc

Phipps, Grey and John watch Kelvin's manor burn.

From afar, Phipps, Charles Grey, and John Brown watch Kelvin's manor burn. Phipps comments that they are there to document the goings-on and report back to Queen Victoria. Grey speaks of the possibility of Ciel Phantomhive, "the poor thing," getting punished, and Phipps says that that is for the Queen to decide.[11]

Phantomhive Manor Murders Arc

Phipps arrives with Charles Grey at the Phantomhive Manor, where they let themselves in by cutting down the door. Baldroy and Mey-Rin are in the kitchen—the room Phipps and Grey have invaded—and they immediately go on the defensive. While Grey attacks Mey-Rin and Baldroy, Phipps watches calmly and does not intervene. When Sebastian stops the fight, Phipps helps Mey-Rin up. He and Grey, then, formally introduce themselves as Queen Victoria's private secretarial officers and butlers, and reveal that they have a message from the Queen to Ciel Phantomhive.[12]

Phipps sews a flower onto Finnian's hat.

Sitting down with Ciel, they explain that the Queen would like Ciel to host a banquet and to entertain a guest in two weeks time. Initially, Ciel is doubtful, but Grey points out that the Queen is not pleased with Ciel's report on the Noah's Ark Circus mission, which prompts Ciel to agree in order to redeem himself.[13] After declaring that they have confirmed the safety of the manor, they take their leave. On the way out, they encounter Finnian. With exceptional speed, Phipps fixes Finnian's hat, to both Finnian's and Grey's surprise.[14]

Luxury Liner Arc

Phipps and John Brown have disguised themselves as the Scotland Yard members that were supposed to bring Karl Woodley to jail. Charles Grey eventually kills Karl along the way. After Grey does as such, he complains about not being able to defeat Ciel, and Phipps says that that is because he acts without considering the consequences. Grey tells him to cease his lectures, and wonders aloud about what the Queen is plotting. In response, Phipps states that mere butlers like them do not need to know and that all that matters is for things to go according to the Queen's wishes.[15]

On Easter Day, Grey swings on a rope and bursts through a window of the Phantomhive Manor, with Phipps arriving shortly after and announcing that they have a delivery from the Queen. Phipps has brought a basket of eggs he meticulously painted, which impresses Elizabeth Midford.[16]

Grey decides to participate in the Easter Egg Hunt—the objective of which is to be the first to obtain a particular egg of Elizabeth's. Sebastian Michaelis adds some egg tapping-inspired rules: everyone will be divided into teams of two; a partner will carry a raw egg in a ladle during the Egg Hunt; one can freely exchange the egg through the use of ladles; a team is disqualified if, for whatever reason, the raw egg breaks. They are then arranged into teams, and Phipps is partnered with Grey.[17]

Sebastian reminds the players that they are not allowed to aim for anything other than their opponent's raw egg, and the first to find Elizabeth's egg and bring it to her wins. Subsequently, the game initiates.[18]

Grey and Phipps encounter the team of Finnian and Snake outside. Snake's snake, Wilde, detects Grey, who has concealed himself behind a wall. Snake calls forth a multitude of snakes to surround Grey, which terrifies and revolts him. From the roof, Phipps plays a snake-manipulating flute, leaps to the ground, and declares that a "first-rate butler" should be able to do as such. The flute effectively disorients Snake, who collapses on the ground, and his raw egg is broken beside him; Grey and Phipps have successfully eliminated Team Finnian and Snake.[19]

Grey and Phipps are disqualified.

While Ciel is attempting to reach Elizabeth's egg, which is perched on a chandelier, Grey attacks him, but is warded off by Sebastian. Grey and Sebastian fight with their ladles, and Phipps lunges at Sebastian from behind with his flute, but the latter manages to dodge in time. Grey demands if a "mere servant" like Sebastian dares to break their egg, and thus, Sebastian restrains from doing so. Grey and Phipps continue to battle with Sebastian; Grey nearly breaks Ciel and Sebastian's raw egg, but suddenly, his and Phipps's raw egg cracks open and a baby chick emerges.[20]

Sebastian reiterates the rule that no matter the reason, if one's egg breaks, he is disqualified, and Phipps states that they have lost. Phipps looks on affectionately at the baby chick, while Grey is dismayed.[21] After the hunt, Phipps and Grey join the rest of the participants for a snack outdoors. Grey, at last, delivers Queen Victoria's letter to Ciel.[22]

Public School Arc

The Double Charles deliver the specimens.

Phipps, Charles Grey, and John Brown accompany Queen Victoria on the night of June 4th to Weston College. He and Grey feast with the P4 at the same table.[23]

Later at Buckingham Palace, Ciel Phantomhive personally reports to Queen Victoria about the events that occurred in Weston College; Phipps stands on the side along with Grey, while Ciel mentions the idea of reviving the dead.[24]

Emerald Witch Arc

Phipps and Charles Grey deliver their completed analysis of the plant specimens from the Werewolves' Forest sent by Ciel Phantomhive, to Queen Victoria. Soon after, Grey voices his suspicion with the inconceivably fast delivery of the package to Phipps, who argues that Ciel must have many connections underground to accelerate the process.[25]

Blue Cult Arc

Phipps prepares cakes for Queen Victoria and her guests to enjoy when they arrive.[26] Sometime later, outside Buckingham Palace, Phipps and Charles Grey greet Sieglinde, who is scheduled to meet with Queen Victoria that day. They tell Sieglinde, who is accompanied by Wolfram Gelzer, Ciel Phantomhive, and Sebastian Michaelis, to follow them into the palace; Sebastian does not follow them, however, claiming that he has an errand to run for Ciel. Subsequently, Phipps and Grey lead the group up the stairs and down a hallway; they open the double doors to a room where Queen Victoria and John Brown are, and wait in the hallway while Sieglinde has her special audience with the Queen.[27]

After the meeting, Phipps has Victoria ask Ciel which cake of the cakes she sent home he likes most, which she later does via a letter to Ciel.[28] When news about the mysterious Sphere Music Hall reaches Queen Victoria, she sends two men to attend the music hall's parties in order to investigate. When questioned by Phipps and Grey, the pair confess that they have found nothing amiss regarding the music hall; however, even after their investigation is over, they do not stop attending the parties.[29]

Sometime later, Buckingham Palace, Phipps is present, along with Grey and Sebastian, as Ciel delivers his interim report regarding the Sphere Music Hall to Queen Victoria.[30]

Occasionally, Queen Victoria would make personal visits to Sieglinde, and Phipps and Grey would accompany her.[31]


  • (To Finnian) "Disorderly garb . . . reflects a distracted mind . . . my boy."[5]
  • "A first-class butler is able to deal with any emergency."[5]
  • "All is as Her Majesty the Queen wishes it to be."[32]


  • Phipps has kept the baby chick that hatched during the Easter Egg hunt; it is now a full-grown chicken and is always seen perched on either his shoulder or head.[33]

Out of Universe

  • According to the Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus Character Reference Sheets, Phipps is around 24 years old (same as Grey). Yana Toboso herself posted on her Twitter account that Phipps is slightly younger than Grey, being under 26 years old.[37]


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