Carter is a tax collector, who serves in India. He is one of the three judges of the Curry Fair.[1]

Character Outline

Carter is an middle-aged man, with a bushy mustache, beard, and sideburns. He has black eyes and hair, and the fringes on his forehead are arranged to one side. Tiny glasses are perched on the bridge of his nose, and he dresses in a suit with a bow.[1] Carter is a spirited person, and a prudent critic.[2]


Indian Butler Arc

Ch21 Carter impressed by Agni's curry

Carter impressed by Agni's curry.

Carter, along with the other judges (i.e. Higharm and Aleistor Chamber), is introduced by the host of the curry fair.[1] He waits as the chefs cook their meals, and ascends to the stage to taste the food presented to him. Similar to the other judges, he dismisses the contestants who used curry powder instead of their own selection of spices.[3]

After the elimination, Agni and Sebastian Michaelis are only two chefs left, and Carter is vividly impressed by Agni's curry. When Sebastian presents his curry bun, Carter is stunned by its unorthodox appearance, and he tastes it after Sebastian surprisingly fries it.[2][4] Carter votes for Harold West Company's Agni, saying that he created a curry mixed so well, it is "within the realms of the Gods." Higharm, on the other hand, chooses Sebastian's curry, and Aleistor is indecisive. They finally declare it as a tie, which is later overturned by Queen Victoria.[5][6]


  • (Referring to Agni's curry) "And that sweet and spicy, clear and rich soup! All this was accomplished without compromising the marvelous taste of the lobster!"[2]


  • Carter is the only one out of the three judges who has not voiced an opinion on Sebastian's curry.[7]


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