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Call thy name, “Stella Mystica” is a song used in Kuroshitsuji Anime, which can also be heard in Kuroshitsuji Sound Complete Black Box disc 2 number 15. It is sung in English.


Night above the forest
Through dusty moonlight
He, a crystal sheep
Come falling with grace

Embrace like a snake
Trace through my silk nape
Kiss to my fate
Fulfill my desires

Shadows and lying blue dolls
Make thee much delighted

Don’t be scared
Come to me
Call thy name
“Stella Mystica”

Bite off a ripe glove
Undress my red corset
Wander the castle
Till we’re one again

Pillows and wallow pleasure
Tell me how do you dream
To be a bird?
Most certainly

Take me where dreams fill the darkness

Shadows and lying blue dolls
Bring thee much rejoices

Right indeed
Time for peace

Call thy name
“Stella Mystica”


This song is played during Episode 22  when Sebastian and Ash are dueling on the Effiel Tower.