A Bizarre Doll (歪んだ肉人形, Bizāru dōru) is a carnivorous being who preys after the souls of humans.[1] It is an erroneous experiment of the Aurora Society's medicine, and is meant to be resuscitated back to life[2] instead of becoming a soulless, moving corpse.

The rightful creator of the Bizarre Dolls is the Undertaker and, in order to resuscitate them, he adds fake records to their Cinematic Records.[3]


Bizarre Dolls are senseless, peculiar beings, immune to snake venom and resistant to pain.[4] Knives pierced through their hearts,[5] and the penetration of bullets are ineffectual to them.[6]

However, the Bizarre Dolls are inferior, in terms of power, to both Grim Reapers and demons, as they are defeated easily by them; Grelle Sutcliff effortlessly slices the Bizarre Doll on the carriage,[7] and Sebastian Michaelis massacres many of them singlehandedly.[8]

Margaret Connor biting into the neck of her mother.

These creatures do not portray any ounce of intelligence, as they did not try to shake off the snakes that bound them nor did they pursue the greater abundance of food; for they had remained with the current enemy at hand.[9] The Bizarre Dolls do not rely on sight or hearing, even if they did harbor those senses, since the sound distraction executed by Snake is futile.[10] They do not depend on the faculty of smell either, as there are some Bizarre Dolls without noses.[11] They are incapable of recognition, particularly of the members that belong to the time when they were alive; which is depicted when Margaret Connor viciously bites into a woman's neck, oblivious to the fact that the victim is her mother.[12]

Allegedly, Bizarre Dolls are created due to illegal experiments with humans, conducted by the elite doctors of Karnstein Hospital.[13] But in terms of accuracy, they are the consequence of the addition of fake records to their Cinematic Records, in which prevents the circumstance of death, i.e. the "End" mark.[14] The body mistakenly believes that life is still continuing and starts moving again without a soul. All living beings instinctively try to fill up whatever they lack, and the same concept goes for the Bizarre Dolls; in order to find a 'soul', they will try to open up the bodies of the living in order to settle the balance of the never-ending Cinematic Record. And for that purpose, they are able to pursue after souls without the methods of perception, i.e. sight or hearing.[15]


  • Immunization: Bizarre Dolls are immune to bullets and knives, and they cannot feel pain.[16][17]
  • Instinct: They are able to pursue the souls of humans without being able to see, smell, or hear.[18]
  • Speech: Upgraded Bizarre Dolls seem to possess the ability to speak a single line repeatedly; it is possible that those words were the last words said by the Bizarre Doll before its death.[19] Some Bizarre Dolls are able to operate on an even higher level depending upon the aspirations of the individual used; for instance, Johann Agares was able to perform all sorts of speech, coupled with his capability to maintain normal human behavior, and therefore was nearly indiscernible from humans.[20][21]

Identified Bizarre Dolls


A Bizarre Doll riding a carriage.

  • Although the Bizarre Doll's main pursuit is souls, it is impossible to claim another's as their own.[3]
  • Bizarre Dolls carry a putrid, repulsive stench, as stated by Snake.[4]
  • Bizarre Dolls are capable of riding carriages, indicating that they have sustained some sort of experience during their previous lives as humans. They can control the carriage's direction, despite their vision impairment.[24]
  • The creation of the Bizarre Dolls are extended to not only corpses of human beings but animals such as horses as well.[24]


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