Baldroy (バルドロイ, Barudoroi), often nicknamed "Baldo" or "Bard," is the chef of the Phantomhive household.


Baldroy is a sturdily built man with dirty-blond hair and turquoise eyes. He ordinarily dresses in a chef's uniform, which includes a long white apron, and he often has goggles hanging around his neck and a cigarette dangling from his mouth.


Baldroy is a tough-minded, level-headed American veteran.[6] Like the other Phantomhive servants, he is fiercely loyal to Ciel Phantomhive and deeply respects Sebastian Michaelis.

Baldroy takes charge of the other servants whenever Ciel and Sebastian are not around, such as when he coordinated an attack on the first-string circus members.[7] He remains calm and sensible even during dire situations and focuses on how to proceed rather than succumb to his emotions.[8] Thus, he is often the one who unites and assuages the fears of the other servants.

Baldroy is passionate about cooking. Having served in a war, he is accustomed to hard work and a fast pace. For that reason, he tends to use a flamethrower or a blowtorch in order to cook food as swiftly as possible, which usually results in disaster.[7] In addition to a fondness for cooking and warfare, he is proud of his ability to repair electronics.[9]


Baldroy meets Sebastian.

Not much is known about Baldroy's past besides the time he served in an unknown war[10] in which he lost all his comrades.[11]

As a result of his experiences in said war, even after he was recruited by Sebastian, Baldroy tends to keep high-powered weapons on hand and puts things in terms of war, such as when he called mice "the enemy," the manor "the battlefield," and the hunt to catch them "a fight."[12]

Baldroy once had a "terrible time" with snakes in Arizona.[13]


Black Butler Arc

Baldroy burns dinner.

Baldroy, Mey-Rin, Finnian, Tanaka, and Ciel observe the match between Sebastian and a martial artist outside Phantomhive Manor. Sebastian vanquishes his opponent, which impresses them. Afterward, Sebastian instructs them to perform their duties.[14] When the Phantomhive servants make a mess prior to and during Chlaus’s visit, Sebastian cleans up after them and rectifies the various issues.[15]

One day, Elizabeth Midford visits and adorns the manor in extravagant furnishings, as well as dresses up the servants.[16] They dance alongside Ciel and Elizabeth.[17]

At one point, the Phantomhive servants attempt to exterminate rats, which have been biting the wires in the manor.[18] Sebastian effortlessly gets rid of the rats.[19] After Ciel is taken by Azzurro Vanel and while Mey-Rin is delivering to Sebastian the ransom letter she has received, a sniper attacks, but fails. Sebastian tells the servants to clean and cook and leaves after declaring that he will return before dinner.[20] Later, Sebastian returns with Ciel, and the servants welcome them home.[21] When the servants discuss the Azzurro Vanel case, Sebastian orders them to do work.[22]

Red Butler Arc

One morning, Sebastian assigns Baldroy, Mey-Rin, and Finnian their individual tasks for the day while Tanaka loiters.[23] When the Phantomhive servants make a mess, Sebastian cleans up after them and rectifies the various issues.[24] After Sebastian discovers that his chocolate statue is missing a head, he and the other Phantomhive servants hunt down Tanaka, assuming he is the culprit, but it is actually Ciel.[25]

When Ciel and Sebastian leave for London, the Phantomhive servants stay behind at Phantomhive Manor.[26]

On December 14, the Phantomhive servants prepare for Ciel's thirteenth birthday, which coincides with Elizabeth and Francis Midford's visit. Sebastian redirects Francis away from the disasters the servants inadvertently cause.[27] They all celebrate Ciel’s birthday.[28]

Indian Butler Arc

Baldroy, Mey-Rin, Finnian, and Tanaka frolic in the snow.[29]

Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis bring the Phantomhive servants along to the Phantomhive townhouse in London while they investigate a case. The servants meet Soma Asman Kadar and Agni.[30]

The next day, Agni fulfills household duties on the servants' behalf, to their astonishment.[31] Later, Agni collaborates with them and gets them to work efficiently.[32]

The servants watch and assist Sebastian in preparing for the curry competition.[33][34] The servants also participate in taste-testing the different curries.[35][36]

The servants accompany Ciel, Sebastian, and Soma to the curry competition.[37] The servants are jubilant when Sebastian's curry dish garners rave reviews from the judges.[38] Queen Victoria arrives, to their shock, and crowns Sebastian the winner. The servants rejoice.[39]

The servants are pleased when Soma reconciles with Agni and stunned when Queen Victoria refers to Ciel as "boy."[40] They congratulate Sebastian on his victory[41] and enjoy the view of the evening sun.[42] Soma hugs Ciel and cries over Mina while the servants look on.[43]

The next day, Sebastian assigns Baldroy, Mey-Rin, and Finnian their individual tasks for the day while Tanaka loiters. Agni helps out, as well. The servants voice their appreciation for their current lives at the manor.[44]

The following day, the servants bid farewell to Ciel and Sebastian, who are heading to London to investigate Noah's Ark Circus. Ciel tells them to take care of the manor.[45]

Circus Arc

Baldroy reveals a hidden machine gun to Beast and Dagger.

When the first-tier circus members, except for Snake, Joker, and Doll, invade Phantomhive Manor, Baldroy, Finnian, and Mey-Rin go on the offensive. Baldroy first encounters Beast and Dagger, who instantly attack. Baldroy avoids their attacks, blocking them with a frying pan. He then sends Finnian after them, and he also calls Mey-Rin to inform her of the invaders' whereabouts.[46]

Beast and Dagger try to retreat, but they mistakenly encounter Baldroy in the kitchen instead. Baldroy reveals a hidden machine gun and starts it up. Dagger dives on Beast, using his body as a shield, and dies quickly from Baldroy's attack. When Beast moves in to attack him, Finnian creates a hole in the wall, which Baldroy uses to escape from the kitchen. He then lights a match and points out to Beast that there is a lot of flour in the air in the kitchen because of the use of the machine gun. He discusses a past explosion of a flour mill, which killed 18 people. Thus, when there is a lot of flour in the air, he can use it as his weapon, like makeshift exploding gas. He throws the match into the kitchen, and Beast is killed in the resulting explosion.[47]

Later, when Ciel and Sebastian return to the manor, Mey-Rin, Finnian, and Baldroy are reprimanded for destroying much of the mansion in eliminating the first-tier circus members. They are set to work cleaning up the mess.[48] When Nina Hopkins arrives, Baldroy and Finnian go to greet her, but are blatantly ignored, much to their annoyance.[49]

Phantomhive Manor Murders Arc

When Charles Grey and Charles Phipps arrive at the manor, Grey immediately begins to attack Baldroy and Mey-Rin. They work together to block him, with Baldroy using a kitchen knife to counter Grey's sword. However, Sebastian's aid is eventually required, and he prevents Grey from further attacking Baldroy and Mey-Rin. Later, Grey and Phipps tell Ciel and Sebastian that the fight was done merely to see how good the Phantomhive defenses are.[50]

Ciel, upon their requests, agrees to throw a party, which Baldroy and the other servants help in making preparations for, attending to, and cleaning up.[51]

When Georg von Siemens is found dead, Baldroy points out that they should move the body to the cellar so it does not rot.[52] He and Finnian move his body. When asked for their alibis, all the servants say that they were cleaning together.[53] So Ciel is the only one without an alibi and is taken as a prisoner of some sort. Later that same night, while sleeping after the party, Sebastian wakes Baldroy up. He then gives Baldroy instructions for the next day.[54] The following morning, when Sebastian is found dead, Baldroy stops Ciel from slapping the body repeatedly.[55] Tanaka, whom Ciel appoints as his butler, gives the servants their jobs and sends them on their way. Later, Arthur tries to put the three deaths in order. The servants say that Sebastian talked to them all the night of his murder, and this proves he was the last to be killed.[56]

Ciel is asked to lead a group to see the bodies, but he asks Finnian and Baldroy to guide them in the bottom floor. Baldroy helps search Sebastian's body and briefly comforts Finnian after he yells at Arthur Conan Doyle.[57] The group then goes to search Sebastian's bedroom. They then begin discussing Sebastian's past, and Finnian says that none of the servants really know anything about him or Ciel.[58]

The key is still not found after all the luggage is checked, and Lau comments that Sebastian might have thrown it out the window. Finnian and Mey-Rin run outside to look for it, and Baldroy goes after them to try to get them to go back inside. When they begin crying, he reminds them of their job to protect the manor and Ciel. Tanaka then appears with umbrellas for them and tells them that they do not have enough food.[59] They all go to the kitchen and begin planning how to deal with the lack of food. Jeremy Rathbone then shows up, and the servants capture and tie him up. They bring him to Ciel, and Baldroy shows Sebastian's owl when asked to. When Jeremy is freed, he asks that the bodies are placed in separate rooms, which the servants leave to do. They discuss Jeremy on their way to the cellar. Finnian says he thinks they can trust him, but Baldroy and Mey-Rin tell him that he will get hurt if he trusts people too easily.[59] Baldroy then comes back to tell Ciel that they finished moving the bodies.

Later, the servants are trying to figure out what to serve since they are out of meat. Jeremy comes in and helps them prepare dinner out of the few ingredients and herbs they have. After the supper, the servants watch as everyone compliments the food.[60]

When everyone is waiting to see who Patrick Phelps' killer was, the servants all stand around Ciel with makeshift weapons to protect him. After Jeremy reveals who the killer is, Finnian brings up Irene Diaz's red vial, which Jeremy explains. His explanation leaves the servants exasperated.[61]

At Sebastian's funeral, Baldroy is one of the ones who carry his coffin. After being buried, Sebastian rings the bell that shows he is still alive, and Baldroy helps dig him up. When he is unearthed, the servants and Elizabeth jump on and hug him. Baldroy then begins crying for the first time since Sebastian "died."[62]

Luxury Liner Arc

The servants see Ciel, Sebastian, and Snake off.

Sebastian informs the servants that there will be a new servant. Snake's snakes then enter the room and cause Baldroy to hide behind Finnian. Finnian allows one to crawl around him and calls it "friendly," much to Baldroy's distress. Snake begins naming all of his snakes, while Baldroy hides from them. A little later, he asks Sebastian if they should be hiring "some shady guy," to which Sebastian responds that he is also shady.[63]

Baldroy goes with the other servants to see Ciel, Sebastian, and Snake off as they board the Campania. Sebastian leaves them with the order to do their jobs properly. After Ciel, Sebastian, and Snake left, an unknown individual (Ronald Knox) flirts casually with Mey-Rin; annoyed, Baldroy wonders who the "playboy" is.[64]

The main servants participate in Ciel's Easter egg hunt game. Sebastian decides the teams, and Baldroy is paired with Mey-Rin. They easily defeat Nina and Edward; Mey-Rin smashes their egg with a slingshot.[65] Victorious, Baldroy tells them that if they let their guard down, they will lose. Baldroy suddenly remembers some eggs he had placed under a chest. He and Mey-Rin both look for them. Sebastian and Ciel suddenly hear an explosion; Sebastian comes into the hall and sees both of them completely disheveled. Baldroy states that he had forgotten he had planted explosives in the eggs and placed them there.[66] Sebastian cannot understand why he would do such a thing. Both Baldroy and Mey-Rin are then disqualified.

All of the servants are present and cheering when Ciel presents Elizabeth with her Easter egg.[67]

Public School Arc

Baldroy is sitting with the servants on the grounds at Ciel's cricket match. Elizabeth is also with them. He comments that this is bad. Finnian questions him about what's wrong; he also adds that the Blue House is "going out so fast." Mey-Rin comments that the Blue House sucks, but Elizabeth insists that they must cheer. Furthermore, since Mey-Rin and Finnian are unaware of the rules, Baldroy explains them in detail.[68] When he's finally finished, Mey-Rin exclaims that the game will last so long. Baldroy reassures them that that's why he's here as chef—the food he has prepared will sustain them through the game.[69] Mey-Rin and Finnian, however, talk to each other quietly. They feel that Baldroy's food may kill Lady Elizabeth.[70] They wonder what they can do to "save" her. Watching their lively behavior, Sebastian wonders what they are doing.

Later on, everyone enjoys the food immensely; Baldroy is happy they like it, but he comments that it is not the pie he made.[71] Mey-Rin and Finnian cannot explain what happened, but they are glad the pie disappeared.

Baldroy stands alongside everyone else when they see how great Ciel looks.[72] They all laugh good-naturedly when Ciel falls into the water after the boat ride.[73] During the final party, everyone is present and enjoying themselves.

They all welcome Ciel and Sebastian back home after the pair returns from boarding school. Baldroy explains that Old Man Sam's fence broke and all the sheep escaped.[74] Ciel suddenly laughs and tells Sebastian to handle the situation.

Sebastian in the morning supervises the entire household's chores.[75] Then Snake, Baldroy, Mey-Rin, and Finnian accompany Ciel and Sebastian to London. Mey-Rin and Finnian marvel at a large clock. Baldroy explains that it is Big Ben.[76] Ciel takes all of them with him as he goes through different stores. He asks Snake and Baldroy if they want anything—this is their chance since he's treating everyone. After both of them exchange glances, Baldroy decides on an adult magazine, but Sebastian immediately refuses, telling Baldroy not to show "such things" to Ciel.[77] Ciel eventually gets Baldroy some candy cigarettes and tells him that it would be bad if, as their chef, he damaged his taste buds.[78]

Finally, they are at a store where the latest Funtom perfume is being sold.[79] Suddenly, a scream shatters the air, and Sebastian leaves Ciel in Baldroy's care. Later, a crowd of people rushes to buy the perfume, surprising everyone.[80]

Emerald Witch Arc

All five members of the household accompany Ciel and Sebastian to Germany. Standing in the village square, Baldroy complains that his butt hurts since they have been sitting for so long. Shocked, Mey-Rin replies that he's being indecent. Snake hears Finnian speaking German, and he questions him about it. Finnian replies that he can speak a little.[81] Sebastian instructs them to load the luggage in the second carriage. Then they all proceed into the Werewolves' Forest.

The group suddenly sees a village in the forest, and everyone disembarks from the carriages.[82] Baldroy and Finnian both call out to see if anyone's there.[83] They are all then unexpectedly surrounded by angry villagers who are waving their pitchforks at the group. Once the situation is resolved, they head with Sieglinde Sullivan to the Emerald Castle.

When they arrive at the manor, everyone is amazed at its magnificence. Inside, Sullivan tells Wolfram Gelzer to show the servants to their quarters.[84] Later, although they all offer to help, Sebastian tells them to rest after their long journey.

The group is untied after Ciel's attack. Baldroy is on the floor next to a seated Mey-Rin when Ciel wakes up. Baldroy states that he almost lost a few years there, and Tanaka agrees with him.[85] Sebastian reaches his hand out to Ciel when Ciel unexpectedly knocks it away.[86] Ciel then grabs hold of Finnian, surprising everyone. He says "Ciel doesn't want pain anymore"; this confuses everyone even more. When Sebastian tries again, Tanaka stops him. Ciel suddenly starts screaming about the lights being too dim. Everyone feels that his eyesight may have been affected by the attack as well.

After they have left the room, Mey-Rin starts crying about his condition. Baldroy tells her to stop, saying it is bad luck. Tanaka asks Sebastian what they should do. Sebastian sorrowfully states he does not know since he cannot go near Ciel. Nevertheless, he excuses himself in order to do something.[87]

In the morning, Sebastian greets all of the servants.[88] He puts Baldroy in charge of lunch.[89] Sebastian continues to take care of Sieglinde. Meanwhile, the servants discuss the situation in the kitchen. Snake and Baldroy comment that Sebastian really doesn't care about Ciel; he should only be thinking of him. Nevertheless, Mey-Rin has faith in Sebastian—she responds that he must have his own plan.[90] Tanaka (in his real form) sips tea and adds that it is a butler's duty to return his master to his perfect condition.[91]

Later on, Sieglinde addresses the rest of the Phantomhive household. She tells them that Ciel's eyes are fine; the condition was mostly psychological.[92] All of them are extremely relieved. Baldroy immediately suggests that they head back to the manor so Ciel can get some real rest.[93] Mey-Rin states she knows he just wants to cook him some meat. Finnian wants to make snacks, and Snake wants to make scones-all for Ciel. Sebastian sighs and asks them not to increase the workload.

Meanwhile, Finnian is taking care of Ciel when a werewolf attacks them.[94] He protects Ciel, and he kicks the werewolf out of the window. The servants burst in, and Finnian tells them what happened. Baldroy wants to go after him, but Sebastian stops him.[95] Sullivan says something about a ritual and leaves with Wolfram.

A few minutes later, the servants beg Ciel to come out of bed—everything is all right now. However, Ciel screams that he just wants to go home. Sebastian, Snake, Baldroy, Mey-Rin, and Tanaka discuss how they can help Ciel.[96] Sebastian suggests shocking him some more, but Tanaka is against this. Tanaka states it would be best to watch over Ciel until he gets better. Baldroy adds that this is the reason that he doesn't like the occult.[97] Sebastian agrees to not try anything strange-just to sit and wait.[98]

Later on, Snake rushes to tell Sebastian a "big scoop";[99] Oscar came back from the underground area. Sebastian asks him what Oscar discovered. Snake tells him along with the rest of the household that there are werewolves in the castle's basement as well as something else. Baldroy questions Snake about what this "something else", but he is unable to explain further. They believe Sullivan is in league with the werewolves; however, Mey-Rin states her concern and worry for Ciel was not false.[100] Snake adds that there is a magical charm on the door that forbids intruders' entry.[101] Mey-Rin asks Sebastian how he will proceed. He tells them he's going underground to see for himself. If Wolfram returns, he instructs them to distract him until he returns.[102]

When Wolfram and the other maids return, the servants pretend to be very busy. Snake is preparing the scone dough, and Mey-Rin and Baldroy try to engage Wolfram in conversation, but they cannot since they do not speak German. Suddenly, one of Snake's snakes wraps itself around one of the maids and is poised to strike. As she screams, Sebastian effortlessly grabs it and returns it to Snake, surprising the Germans. After the excitement dies down and the main household is once again alone, Snake states that Oscar has another "scoop" to report—the maid smells just like one of the werewolves.

All the servants are reunited when Ciel lets them into his room after he returns to normal. Sebastian opens the door, and all of the servants tumble in.[103] Sebastian remarks that they are really rude for listening at their master's door. All of them, Sebastian included, then line up by Ciel's bedside. Ciel speaks—because of his carelessness, they all suffered and worried. He asks them to forgive him. Although they are surprised, he adds determinedly that they will never see him in such a sorry state again. He finally asks that they continue to serve him.[104] They all respond with "Yes, My Lord."

After a few minutes of the servants' light banter, Ciel also makes another request—he wants them to forget how he was until now. Mey-Rin deduces that Ciel also recalls his off-the-charts behavior.[105] Ciel adds that he didn't want to behave like that. Baldroy concludes that Ciel reacted the same way as soldiers. On the battlefield, when they are wounded for the first time, they panic.[106] Sebastian wonders if the attack's aim was purely psychological. When Ciel asks him to explain, Sebastian relates the news about the Queen's letter. He also had the components of the antidote analyzed. When Ciel reads the Queen's letter, everything starts to fall into place. However, he's incredibly annoyed with the Queen's final request—she wants the "little green witch to come to tea".[107]

Ciel knows this request will not be easy to accomplish. Sebastian adds that even the Queen's selfishness is incomparable to Ciel's.[108] Finally, Ciel tells the entire household to make preparations to leave—further instructions will come later.

The entire Phantomhive household is hiding and waiting in the forest. Mey-Rin whispers that it is starting to get noisy. A flare suddenly lights up the night sky. Baldroy yells it is about time.[109] He adds their boss is calling them, and they all head out.

In the forest, the household is trying to find Ciel. Snake states Goethe smells Smile over there.[110] Mey-Rin takes off her glasses, confirming that it is Ciel. When they reach him, he states their retreat plan starts now. They'll split into two groups and escape.[111] Snake tells Baldroy he can feel them coming. Baldroy asks how he can tell—Snake responds through Wordsworth that his snakes can feel vibrations with their skin.[112]

As they start running, Snake releases his snake onto their pursuers. Baldroy states that he had a bad experience with Snakes in Arizona; they will not be able to escape.[13] As they verbally counter in German, he fires bullets back at them, yelling he cannot understand what they are saying. Baldroy tells Snake to go on ahead, and do not drop the "Lady." Baldroy then states it is time to use the "marmalade."[113] With his explosives, he manages to hold off most of the enemy. However, Wolfram suddenly appears. He fights Baldroy like a wild animal.[114] Wolfram gets past Baldroy, and he heads toward Snake. Baldroy warns Snake that he's gaining on him, but Snake is unable to save himself. When he falls down, Wolfram grabs the "lady." However, this is actually Ciel in disguise. He thanks Wolfram for coming and shoots him.

Within seconds, Ciel realizes that Wolfram unbelievably dodged his bullet.[115] Wolfram then mercilessly hits Ciel. Snake and Baldroy are unable to come to his aid. When Wolfram is about to deliver the final blow, Diedrich saves Ciel.[116] Although Ciel is surprised to see him, Diedrich quickly defeats Wolfram. He tells the three of them to hurry up and run—this forest has more dangers than these "villagers." Since the German army is here, they are not safe at all. Unexpectedly, a Panzer (the latest model of an armored land vehicle) appears, shocking Ciel, Baldroy, and Snake. As they start running, Ciel exclaims that he cannot believe the Germans have such advanced weaponry. Baldroy tries shooting it, but he cannot put a scratch on it. Diedrich tells them if they can get to a train they can escape.

Suddenly, Ciel falls, still weak from his injuries.[117] At the same time, the Panzer's cannon fires. Diedrich, Baldroy, and Snake look on in horror as they are unable to rescue Ciel. Luckily, Sebastian arrives just in time to save him. Ciel immediately scolds him for being late. Sebastian apologizes and states that he has all the gas' samples.[118] Ciel tells Baldroy and Snake to help the others get to the train; he also hands the case to Snake. Finally, he states he and Sebastian will take care of the Panzer.

In an underground passageway, Baldroy, Snake, and Diedrich arrive at a door; Snake tells them to wait—six to seven people are on the other side. Baldroy hands the case to Snake and enters the room with Diedrich. After they shoot everyone, Baldroy comes to get a relieved Snake.

Diedrich orders Baldroy and Snake to put coal in the furnace. Finnian, carrying Sullivan and "small" Tanaka, also arrives alongside Mey-Rin. Snake receives Keats, who showed the group the way. Baldroy tells Snake and Mey-Rin to check the oil; he also tells Finnian to open the gate.[119]

Once the train starts, Baldroy tells Finnian to get on.[120] Suddenly, Wolfram arrives. The group panics when they think that he's going to attack them. However, he shoots a soldier who was going to attack Sullivan. At the same time, Wolfram is shot by the female German officer, who yells that he betrayed them. She next aims for the group. Before she can kill them, Sebastian and Ciel arrive just in time to save them. Plunging his knife into her throat, Sebastian states some food escaped from the oven.[121]

The entire group then arrives at Diedrich's castle. Baldroy, Finnian, and Mey-Rin comment on how big the house is. However, Heinrich says this castle, Weizsäcker, is small compared to the other castles. Ciel looks at Diedrich and comments that he's a rich boy. The wounded are all treated; Mey-Rin and Tanaka offer to help since they are not injured.

Wolfram and Sieglinde are disguised on their journey to England.[122] Before Ciel leaves, Diedrich tells him to be careful. When the group arrives in London, Sebastian asks Wolfram to refrain from speaking in German because it will draw unwanted attention. The servants leave Sebastian, Ciel, Wolfram, and Sullivan and proceed to the mansion. When the group returns, the servants all greet them. The entire day passes in light fun along with Agni, Soma, and Elizabeth.

Blue Cult Arc

At Phantomhive Manor, Sebastian gathers Baldroy, Mey-Rin, Finnian, Snake, and Tanaka, and gives each of them instructions, save Tanaka, who is told to remain as is, for the upcoming Halloween celebration. Baldroy, Mey-Rin, and Tanaka share details on the American, Chinese, and Japanese Halloween traditions, respectively, which inspires Sebastian.[123]

On Halloween, Baldroy and the other servants, dressed in costumes, greet Ciel, when the latter arrives. Baldroy, then, mingles with the tenants of Phantomhive land, whom the celebration, which features a combination of various Halloweens from around the world, is primarily dedicated to.[124] Later, Baldroy and the others set lanterns afloat into a river to end the night.[125]

A few weeks after, Baldroy, Mey-Rin, and Snake greet who they recognize as Ciel upon his return to the manor, while Finnian has reservations.[126]

Sometime later, Ciel and Sebastian enter the manor, where the servants greet Ciel. Ciel is confused when Baldroy asks him why he went out "again" in the rain.[127]

At that moment, "Ciel" descends the stairs, to their collective shock. He scolds a dismayed Ciel for getting drenched and assures him that he will never leave his side again and that he has come home. When Finnian states that it is impossible for there to be two Ciels, "Ciel" asserts that he is real. Finnian adds that he knew something was wrong when "Ciel" came home and calls him an impostor. Amused, "Ciel" declares that the head of the Phantomhive house, Ciel Phantomhive, is actually he.[128]

Blue Memory Arc

To Baldroy's and the other servants' disbelief, Sebastian confirms that "Ciel" is the real Ciel Phantomhive. Tanaka soon confirms the same thing and tells them that, fourteen years ago, Rachel Phantomhive gave birth to twins. Pressured by "Ciel" to explain why he deceived them, Ciel calls himself "Ciel"'s spare.[129]

Baldroy listens to the conversation between Ciel, Sebastian, "Ciel", and Undertaker.[130] He also witnesses Grelle Sutcliff and Othello break into the manor[131] and the subsequent fight[132] which is interrupted with the arrival of Alexis, Edward, Fred Abberline, and multiple Scotland Yard officers.[133]

The policemen proceed to arrest Sebastian and Ciel[134] after they found blood bottles in the manor's basement[135] and Blavat Sky attested that Ciel is "Lord Sirius"—the cult's founder and mastermind behind the Sphere Music Hall murders.[136]

Finnian protests and says that Ciel would never do such a thing, but Baldroy holds him back and cuts him off by asking Sebastian who will pay their wages from now on. Sebastian tells him that he has to wait for his payment and that he should come and collect it later. Afterward, Sebastian and Ciel are taken away by the police, and Baldroy and the other servants can only watch.[137]

Baldroy, Finnian, Mey-Rin, and Snake wait a while until they head out to help Ciel and Sebastian escape from the police carriage[138] and pick them up at the forest's edge later.[139] On the run from Scotland Yard, they drive to London and try to seek shelter at the Funtom Corporation headquarters before going to Pitt's Lark Photographic Studio. Pitt then helps them to escape through the waterway beneath the studio.[140]

Unfortunately, they were spotted when they entered the studio, and Arthur Randall and a group of policemen follow them down to the sewers. However, before Baldroy, the other servants, and Ciel are found and arrested, Lau and Ran-Mao come to their assistance[141] and guide them to one of Lau's opium dens where they are given clothes and food.[142] While they eat, they discuss what to do next.[143]

Blue Revenge Arc

After extensive researching and planning, it is decided to form pairs and investigate various places potentially connected to the Aurora Society and Undertaker and "Ciel"'s schemes. Baldroy is paired with Lau; they must investigate a sanatorium for veterans in Wiltshire and dismantle any operations that harvest blood.[144]

Baldroy and the others disguised as "flowers" on a boat.

Baldroy and Lau on a train.

Ciel, Sebastian, and Lau determine that they must leave London posthaste, as Scotland Yard will soon be at their heels. The group ventures by boat through the River Thames, with the Phantomhive household wearing hair ornaments. When the Scotland Yard's Thames Division demands to see Lau and Ran-Mao's cargo, Lau states that he is delivering "flowers," or girls, to his clients, and bribes them. After the officers permit them to pass, the group arrives at the Reading Railway Station and divides, with Baldroy and Lau boarding a train together.[145]

Baldroy muses that, while they owe Lau a lot, he is uncomfortable with Lau, as he is an enigma. When Baldroy takes out a tin box, Lau assumes that their adversary must be formidable for Baldroy to resort to "that." Baldroy explains that the box merely contains candies that Ciel has given him, and Lau asks for one. Lau points out that Baldroy seems glum, and the latter comments on the bleakness of a sanatorium for ex-servicemen, as it is functionally a warehouse where soldiers, now considered useless by society, are waiting for their deaths.[146]

Baldroy and Lau in disguise.

Baldroy calls all nurses angels.

Baldroy and Lau reach the Athena Sanatorium for Former Servicemen in Wiltshire. Baldroy notes the modernization and cleanliness of the place. Lau reviews their roles: Baldroy is Burgh, the second son of an aristocrat who returned home after being wounded in battle; Lau is his private physician who has been hired to care for him, for he, traumatized from battle, is emotionally unstable. Their documents and identity papers have been forged, as well.[147]

Baldroy and Lau enter the sanatorium. After Lau introduces "Burgh" and himself, a nurse leads them into a private room before stating that the chief nurse will be there momentarily. Lau is eager to meet the so-called "Miracle Healer," and Baldroy remarks, to Lau's bemusement, on how all nurses are angels to military personnel, since they endure plenty of hardships with fortitude.[148]

The door bursts open, and a team of individuals in gas masks storms in, to Baldroy's and Lau's shock.[149]

Baldroy and Lau are wary.

Baldroy and Lau prepare to engage in combat with the team.[150] However, the team, much to their surprise, hoses them down in bleach, strips off their clothes, and proceeds to disinfect, sterilize, sanitize, and dress them in patient gowns.[151]

Baldroy and Lau are clean.

One of the members is revealed to be Ada, the chief nurse, who states that pathogens are not allowed in the sanatorium and therefore Baldroy and Lau must be cleansed. Lau asks if she is the so-called "Miracle Healer." While donning a mask, she avers that the patients in the sanatorium are able to recover due to treatment involving rigorous hygiene control, which is not a miracle. The other members concur with her point, declaring that they ensure bacteria does not get into the sanatorium. Ada adds that such is the "core" of the sanatorium.[152]

Doctor Knox enters, inquiring if Ada has finished her "elaborate disinfection event." He introduces himself and says that he will be in charge of Burgh.[153]

Ronald tells Baldroy that they should work together on his recovery and questions who Lau is. Lau introduces himself as Chang, the private physician for the Burgh family, and explains that he has been using Eastern medicine to treat Baldroy. Ada orders Lau to leave, since he is an outside physician, and Lau excuses himself.[154]

Lau comforts Baldroy.

Lau's departure prompts Baldroy to feign a breakdown. Lau hugs and comforts Baldroy, assuring him that he is not alone. Ronald defers to Ada on what to do, given Baldroy's serious condition. Ada agrees to Lau staying with Baldroy, even though such a stay is against the rules, stating that it is important for both Baldroy's body and heart to be cleansed for his recuperation. In private, Lau thanks Baldroy for his "great acting," claiming that he has had no countermeasure prepared when he left the room, to Baldroy's exasperation.[155]

Ada and Ronald escort Baldroy and Lau to their ward. Baldroy notes the cleanliness of the area, commenting that there are no rats or flies. Ada reveals that the sanatorium was built according to Florence Nightingale's innovative design, and Baldroy recognizes her as "the Angel of the Crimea."[156] Ronald avers that anyone staying in the sanatorium can return to society, even if they have been told that they will die soon.[157]

Layla reports to Ada and introduces herself to Baldroy, who thinks to himself that she appears to be about the same age as Ciel. Layla, noticing that Lau has been observing her, asks if something is wrong, to which he says no.[158]

At night, Baldroy muses on the situation and his distrust of Lau, who is renting a room in the staff dormitory. Nicholas, a fellow patient, identifies Baldroy's current bed as Ethan's former bed, and asks Baldroy if he served in the wars in India and Crimea, despite those wars happening thirty years ago. When Baldroy states that he went to Sudan in North Africa, Conny, another fellow patient, says that he, too, served there, and lost his leg as a result. Baldroy discloses to Conny that he lost his mind; he was so traumatized by the war that his wife and son gave up on him and left. Nicholas and Conny assure Baldroy that, with Ada there, he will heal like Ethan did.[159]

Later, while the other patients are sleeping, Baldroy attempts to sneak out to explore the facilities, but Ada, who is making night rounds to check on patients, intercepts him. Baldroy claims that he needs to use the restroom, and Ada elects to accompany him. With his plan foiled, Baldroy returns to bed.[160]

The next morning, Ada wakes up the patients, and has them gather in the courtyard. Once Baldroy, Lau, and the others are gathered, Ada constrains them to perform "healthy, vigorous calisthenics," which are a series of exercises. After the session, Ada tells Baldroy that she will show him around the facilities after his meal, and Lau volunteers to tag along. Baldroy and Lau conclude that the tour will be a golden opportunity to search for a blood-collecting facility.[161]

After the meal, Ada and Ronald lead Baldroy and Lau to the rehabilitation room. Layla, seated on the back of a patient, is taunting said patient in order to motivate him. She then greets Baldroy sunnily and offers to train him, to his dismay.[162]

Next, Ada and Ronald lead Baldroy and Lau to the operation theatre. Baldroy thinks to himself that they are possibly draining blood from patients in there.[163]

Afterward, Ada and Ronald lead Baldroy and Lau outside toward a cylindrical building. They enter the building and ascend the stairs. Ada reveals that the last facility is the blood-drawing room.[164]


  • "Cooking is art! And art is explosive!"[165]
  • "Guess I gotta get used to it, this kinda peaceful environment."[166]
  • "Geez, everyone wants to be Solomon Grundy, on the fast track to death. Talk about a waste."[167]
  • "The kitchen is the chef's sanctuary and his alone... the butler himself ain't allowed to stick his nose in."[168]
  • (To Beast) "I woulda rather met a babe like you in a pub, drinkin' warmed-over beer or somethin'."[169]
  • (To Finnian and Mey-Rin, referring to Sebastian Michaelis) "What's our job here? To protect this house! To protect the Young Master! You with me or what? Think back to right after we were scrounged up and brought here. We couldn't do anything except kill folks. But now, Mey-Rin can do the washing without tearin' stuff up. Finny can tell a weed from a herb. And I, who couldn't cook a thing, can at least manage to fry an egg. So why d'ya think that superman, who could do everythin' by himself, went and taught us useless lumps all kinds of things with such intense patience and perseverance? He did it so we could protect this manor and the Young Master if the day ever came when he wasn't around anymore! So there's only one thing we oughta be doin' right now, yeah?"[170]


  • Baldroy is afraid of snakes. When Snake and his snakes made their appearance at the Phantomhive Manor, he repeatedly hid behind Finnian.[171] His fear of snakes most likely originates from an incident in Arizona, which he has once mentioned.[13]
  • He is very familiar with the rules of cricket, as he says it is the game that inspires American baseball.[13]

Out of Universe

Baldroy as a soldier.

  • According to the anime, Baldroy was a sergeant in the British Army, and he was shown to have exceptional planning, foresight, and fighting skills. After a particularly bad fight, where he was the only survivor, Sebastian approached him and offered him a job at Phantomhive Manor.[174]


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