Azzurro Vanel (アズーロ・バネル, Azūro Baneru) belongs to the Ferro family, which operates under the trading organization called Ferro Company.[2] He is a drug dealer, a member of the Italian Mafia, and an Aristocrat of Evil.


Azzurro has small eyes, a stubble on his chin, and shaggy, dark hair that he wears up in a ponytail. He has multiple piercings—one on his right ear, three on his left ear, and two on his left eyebrow—and a noticeable, large scar across his face. As a member of the mafia, he dresses nicely, in a clean, white suit, although he leaves his purple, button-down shirt worn underneath partially unbuttoned and wears no tie. He's also been seen with a cigar in his mouth.


Azzurro is a cruel, ruthless, and malicious individual; he is willing to resort to any means to complete his job, including kidnapping, beating, and threatening a child, and ordering his staff to murder unarmed servants.[3] He has a considerable lack of concern for his men, mocking their screams when they call him from a car phone.[4] However, once he loses control and dominance over a situation, he easily becomes nervous and frightened, he also grows desperate, particularly if the circumstances are beyond his understanding.[5]


Black Butler Arc

102 Azzurro plays pool

Azzurro plays pool, during a meeting with the noblemen.

Azzurro engages in a meeting with Ciel Phantomhive, Chlaus, Angelina Dalles, Lau, Arthur Randall, and Diedrich. They discuss a malicious "rat" and the necessity of it being eradicated, implying that a drug-dealer is among them.[6] He overhears of Ciel receiving drugs,[7] and as a result, he has his men kidnap Ciel later that day.[8]

102 Azzurro threatens Ciel

Azzurro threatens Ciel Phantomhive.

At his hideout, once Ciel regains consciousness, Azzurro states that the most beneficial market to him, who is a part of the Italian Mafia, is drugs; he complains that, however, because of the Phantomhive's strict vigilance, he was unable to freely deal and indulge in drugs. He asks for the location of the drugs that Chlaus has slyly managed to obtain for Ciel, and threatens to kill his servants. Infuriated with Ciel's lack of cooperation, he violently kicks him and tells his hired snipers that "negotiations are over," and for them to annihilate Ciel's servants.[3]

Later, the snipers report to Azzurro via car telecommunication that they have failed their mission. Azzurro is greatly displeased, and orders them to return at once; however, his snipers suddenly begin screaming about an oncoming attack. Initially, Azzurro jests at them, but then he becomes increasingly disturbed as he listens to the snipers shriek about the inevitable menace. Their voices are cut off, and Ciel derides him for his unsuccessful plan. Azzurro, outraged, kicks Ciel in a tumultuous manner. Abruptly, Sebastian Michaelis, Ciel's butler, answers Azzurro through the phone, and his nonchalance unsettles him. From behind him, Ciel emits a "woof," and Sebastian, having interpreted the ambiguous signal, replies that he is coming soon, much to Azzurro's speechless shock.[9]

102 Azzurro intimidated

Sebastian Michaelis intimidates Azzurro through the phone.

Subsequently, Azzurro has his men fortify their defenses,[10] and waits anxiously in a back room.[11] Eventually, Sebastian enters the room, and Azzurro is skeptical of his occupation as a butler; he believes that he is either a hired hitman or ex-SWAT mercenary, although Sebastian insists that he is "a butler to the core." Azzurro then points a gun at Ciel, demanding for the drugs. When Sebastian reaches in his coat, however, he is shot several times by hidden gunmen. Azzurro, comforted by the notion that Sebastian is eliminated, boasts that he is the winner of the game. He threatens to sell Ciel and removes his eye-patch. Suddenly, Ciel addresses Sebastian, asking for how long did he plan to play dead "like a racoon."[12]

102 Azzurro attempts to bribe Sebastian

Azzurro attempts to convince Sebastian to work for him.

In response, Sebastian begins to stand up, praising the efficiency of the guns and how they have improved since a hundred years ago. Azzurro is utterly bewildered by the fact that Sebastian is still impossibly alive, and orders his men to finish him off.[13] Sebastian "returns" the bullets he has removed from his body to the gunmen, killing them in the process.[14]

Azzurro grabs Ciel and threatens to kill him, but Ciel's and Sebastian's relative indifference and their talk about the Faustian contract not only confuses him but incites him to impulsively pull the trigger. Notwithstanding, Azzurro soon realizes that Ciel is not dead, and Sebastian, who is beside him, drops the bullet in his front pocket. He commands Azzurro to release his master, and with a meaningful flicker of his finger, Azzurro's arm is forcibly removed from Ciel. Azzurro frantically offers Sebastian a copious amount of money, alcohol, and women, to work for him. But, Sebastian refuses, stating that he is Ciel's faithful servant, in respect to the contract they have formed. Ciel tells Azzurro it is "game over," and Sebastian, the demon, kills Azzurro.[15]


  • (To Ciel Phantomhive) "You know, little Phantomhive... here in your country, it is difficult for us Italian Mafia to conduct business. Very, very difficult. You Inglesi all have tea stains on your brains. Think about it. What do you think is the best way for people like us to make money? Not murder, not smuggling... not women, not organs... That leaves drugs, yes? But once we arrive here, there was not even a whiff of mellow fragrance in this country—all thanks to the Watchdog."[16]
  • (To Ciel Phantomhive) "I'll get rid of you... and conquer Inghilterra our way! But I must say... you are too pretty to dismember, little Phantomhive. I bruised you up a bit... but I should still be able to sell you in one piece. Now, now. Don't be frightened. I will drug you so you do not feel a thing by the time a pervert comes to take you away—"[17]
  • (To Sebastian Michaelis) "I will pay you five— no, ten— times your current wages to be my bodyguard! You can have all the booze and girls you want... So...! Come to my side!!"[5]

  • "'The order of England's underworld,' one of the 'villainous' nobles that have assumed the bad-guy role for the royal family for generations. 'The Queen's guard dog,' who uses his absolute power to bite to death anyone who opposes her. . . . Just how many nicknames do you have, and how many families have you crushed, Ciel Phantomhive?"[18]



  • Azzurro's first name means "blue, azure" in Italian.[19]


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