Ch51 Aurora Society

Aurora Society's Phoenix Symbol.

Aurora Society is a highly secretive organization, founded by Rian Stoker.[1] Their aim is to revive the dead.


Ch52 Aurora Society's meeting

Aurora Society's meeting.

Aurora Society is a private association of elite doctors from Karnstein Hospital, who frequently carry out illegal human tests in an attempt to revive the dead. Its declared objective is to save mankind by designing a medicine that can counteract the "worst" kind of health issue: death.[2] The society's motto is "absolute salvation of mankind through medicine."[3]

According to a nurse, the Aurora Society regularly holds confidential meetings and presentations for the results of their experiments, and collects donations from nobles.[3]


Its technology is an artificial medicine, known as the "complete salvation," that revives the dead by implanting a special device into the dead's brain to generate a weak electric current in order for signals to be sent to the rest of the body.[4] However, when tested, the medicine backfires and resuscitates them into man-eating Bizarre Dolls instead.[5]

This technology is said to have been bought by a certain company named "Osiris," in which Ciel Phantomhive believes is a dummy company.[6]


Ch59 Aleistor and the device

Aleistor and the Device.

As said by Rian Stoker, there exists a device that omits supersonic waves, rendering all patients subjected to the complete salvation inactive again.[7] The device is later stolen by Aleistor Chamber, and when he attempts to activate it, the device does not work.[8]

Private Meetings

One of its private meetings is located in Campania's first class smoking room.[9]

The signal to go to the meeting is when a waiter walks around the hall, carrying empty glasses. The attendees would take one and go to the meeting place.[10]

Ch52 Phoenix Pose

The Phoenix pose.

In order to enter, one must pay an extravagant price for a glass of water[9] and acknowledge the fixed greeting, "The complete flame in our chests shall not be extinguished by anyone. We are 'The Phoenix.'"[11] After saying so, one must pose as a phoenix. Once permitted, he or she, particularly first-timers, would receive a membership badge.[12]

Important Attendees

Truth Behind Aurora Society

It is revealed that the Undertaker, a Grim Reaper,[13] is the true mastermind behind the resurrection experiments and is responsible for making the corpses move.[14]

Rian Stoker was not able to revive the deceased with the medicine he possesses, and thus, he relies on the Undertaker's powers. He uses the treatment Undertaker has concocted on his patients, despite not being able to comprehend the general notions of the treatment.[15] Undertaker then is able to control the corpses, in which he refers to as Bizarre Dolls by tampering with their Cinematic Records.[16]


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