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The Aurora Society's motto[1]

Aurora Society's phoenix symbol.

Aurora Society (暁学会, Aurōra gakkai) is a highly secretive organization, founded by Rian Stoker.[2] Their aim is to revive the dead.


Aurora Society's meeting.

Aurora Society is a private association of elite doctors from Karnstein Hospital, who frequently carry out illegal human tests in an attempt to revive the dead. Its declared objective is to save mankind by designing a medicine that can counteract the "worst" kind of health issue: death.[3] The society's motto is "absolute salvation of mankind through medicine."[1]

According to a nurse, the Aurora Society regularly holds confidential meetings and presentations for the results of their experiments and collects donations from nobles.[1]


Its technology is an artificial medicine, known as the "complete salvation," that revives the dead by implanting a special device into the dead's brain to generate a weak electric current in order for signals to be sent to the rest of the body.[4] However, when tested, the medicine backfires and resuscitates them into man-eating Bizarre Dolls instead.[5]

This technology is said to have been bought by a certain US company named "Osiris," which Ciel Phantomhive believes is a dummy company.[6]

Aleister and the Device.


As said by Rian Stoker, there exists a device that omits supersonic waves, rendering all patients subjected to the complete salvation inactive again.[7] The device is later stolen by Aleister Chamber, and when he attempts to activate it, the device does not work.[8]

Private Meetings

The Phoenix pose.

The signal to go to the meeting is when a waiter walks around the hall, carrying empty glasses. The attendees would take one and go to the meeting place.[9]

In order to enter, one must pay an extravagant price for a glass of water[10] and acknowledge the fixed greeting, "The complete flame in our chests shall not be extinguished by anyone. We are 'The Phoenix.'"[11] After saying so, one must pose as a phoenix. Once permitted, he or she, particularly first-timers, would receive a membership badge.[12]


The Aurora Society was founded by Rian Stoker, the director of Karnstein Hospital, with some of his fellow upper-rank doctor colleagues to find a way to revive the dead and "cure" humanity of death.[2] However, despite his best efforts, Rian was unable to revive the deceased with the medicine he possessed.[13]

Eventually, Rian met Undertaker who quickly became the true mastermind behind the resurrection experiments and is responsible for making the corpses move while Rian became completely reliant on Undertaker's powers.[14] Although Rian was not able to comprehend the general notions of the treatment Undertaker had concocted, he used it on his patients.[13]

Undertaker created the moving corpses, which he refers to as Bizarre Dolls, by tampering with their Cinematic Records.[15] He built the Device as a faux safeguard for Rian to keep up the illusion that he was reviving the corpses with technology.

In 1888, the Aurora Society was sought out by Edgar Redmond, Lawrence Bluewer, Gregory Violet, and Herman Greenhill to revive Johann Agares, Derrick Arden, and some other Weston College students who they had murdered.[16]

The Campania

On April 19, 1889, the Aurora Society held a private meeting in the Campania 's first-class smoking lounge.[10] As part of their investigation, Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis attended the meeting in disguises and were given membership badges.[17]

In the lounge, Ciel and Sebastian met Undertaker and Aleister Chamber.[18] Together, they watched Rian's presentation and the resurrection of Margaret Connor which quickly turned into a bloodbath when Margaret went berserk and started to attack her mother[19] and other people.[20]

Margaret could be destroyed by Ronald Knox.[21] However, she was not the only Bizarre Doll the Aurora Society had taken onboard the Campania: Both the bottom[22] and the front freight storage room held Bizarre Dolls.[23]

Sebastian was able to kill the Bizarre Dolls stored in the former,[24] but those in the latter could escape their coffins and attacked the ship's passengers.[25] To stop the chaos, they had to retrieve the Device from Rian's room.[26] The Device was revealed to be a hoax,[27] and Undertaker told Rian that everything he told him about the revival project was a lie.[28]

Later, Rian died when the Campania sank.[29] Because of his death, the revelation of the Aurora Society's true nature, and the dismantlement of Karnstein Hospital, the organization was seemingly abolished.[30]

After the "Fall"

However, Undertaker also used the Aurora Society to found several locations as fronts to gather blood from patrons in order to sustain the life of his moving corpses.

The possible locations were: Heathfield Manor where former nurses from Karnstein Hospital were employed and hundreds of other maids had been hired but still advertised for maid jobs in newspapers. An orphanage in Norfolk which took in underage orphans from all over England and received large donations by an Aurora Society member. A sanatorium for ex-servicemen in Wiltshire where several Karnstein Hospital doctors worked and a "miracle healer" who was capable of nursing soldiers back to health. A new resort hotel in Brighton whose hotel manager belonged to the Aurora Society and where the guests did not wish to leave.[31]

Identified Members


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