Arnold Trancy (アーノルド・トランシー, Anoruddo Toranshi) is the brother of the previous head of the Trancy household.[1]


Arnold is an adult with blond hair and black eyes. He dresses formally, his outfit consisting of a suit, a tie, and a top hat.


Arnold is a skeptical man who doubts Alois's identity. Nonetheless, he is more interested in taking some money from the latter. He is palpably greedy, a trait Alois is aware of, and clambers for money even if his reputation may be demeaned.[1]


Trancy Arc

Note: Events occurring in this arc only pertain to the second season of the anime and do not constitute canon material.

One day, Arnold comes to visit Alois Trancy with a priest and Aleistor Chamber by his side. He is suspicious of Alois' legitimacy as the former head's son so his motive is to prove if the indicated boy is really his long-lost nephew. He explains to them that Alois has been kidnapped soon after his birth, which causes Countess Trancy's grief and suicide. The Former Head Trancy is left to search for his son, but then one day Alois returns with a "jet-black butler." The Former Head Trancy allegedly dies from an infection, and Alois became the head of the household. With the priest's eyes that "can see the truth" and the Viscount that has had previous ties with the former head, he asks for both of them to expose the mysteries behind Alois Trancy.[1]

At dinner time, Alois tells Arnold and the others about his past story. Alois says that he has spent an incredibly long time in a village which he even didn't know the name was. There, he met someone he kept as a brother, and shared the same fate. But one night, Alois ran through the streets and saw everyone lying dead. He saw the boy he kept as brother, and he was happy. Unfortunately, Alois found his brother dead. Just after that Alois's father came to pick Alois although he eventually dies.[1]

After they finished eating, Alois approaches Arnold and hugs him. Then he whispers to Arnold that he didn't like getting close to his face since Arnold's mouth has a very sickening smell, and the latter is embarrassed.[1]

Later, Arnold, infuriated, is about to leave. Alois, from the balcony, stops him by taunting his greediness. He disseminates banknotes and land agreements, dropping them to the ground, and Arnold desperately tries to pick them all up despite being mocked and laughed at.[1]


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