Quotation1 I tried frantically to glean all I could about the Phantomhives. I wanted to know what made them so special. And then I came to learn the truth about them. And their true identity as the 'Aristocrats of Evil.' Quotation2

The Aristocrats of Evil, also referred to as the Evil Noblemen or Villainous Nobles, are a special, secretive organization that involves the Phantomhive house, and its aggregate of upper-class associates.[2]


The Aristocrats of Evil's headquarters is the Phantomhive Manor. Certain patrician members would gather with the existing head of the Phantomhive house, and aid him, the Queen's Watchdog, in eliminating all sources of the Queen's distress and stamping out illegal acts in the underworld that may affect polite society.[2]

Many members carry out clandestine intelligence operations to collect vital information relating to criminals, and impart such knowledge to the head of the Phantomhive house for him to eradicate said criminals.[2] The vast and elaborate information network stretches from Europe to Asia.[3]

They are a highly exclusive group, and those not considered a part of them cannot maintain as close a contact — for example, Kelvin, an outsider, was snubbed by Diedrich (an Aristocrat of Evil) and Vincent Phantomhive (the head of the Phantomhive house at the time) when they were discussing an important case.[4]

Known Aristocrats of Evil

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Ch32 Aristocrats of Evil

The Aristocrats of Evil (Previous Generation)

Current Generation

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The Aristocrats of Evil (Current Generation)

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