Kommandant Anne Drewanz (アンネ・ドレヴァンツ, Anne Dorevantsu) is a high-ranking officer in the German military who leads Special Kommando the First, a military unit. She assumes the role of one of Sieglinde Sullivan's caretakers,[2] as part of the Emerald Witch Education Project.

Character Outline

Anne is a young lady with fair hair and an endowed figure. When disguised as an ordinary villager, she appears to be a quiet and timid—yet dutiful—individual. As a first commando squad captain, however, Anne demonstrates her alertness, leadership skills, and strong sense of responsibility.


Anne was one of Sieglinde Sullivan's caretakers for many years, and spent a lot of time with Sieglinde.[3]


Emerald Witch Arc

One morning, Anne is in the Emerald Castle's kitchen with Hilde Dickhaut, Grete Hilbard, Wolfram Gelzer, and the Phantomhive household. Anne, Hilde, and Grete introduce themselves to Sebastian Michaelis.[4] Sometime afterward, Wolfram meets with Anne, Hilde, and Grete, and gets scolded by Hilde for not properly handling the outsiders.[5]

At the village assembly, Anne and Grete urge Sieglinde Sullivan to protect the village and drive out the intruders.[6]

Later, Anne and Wolfram enter the kitchen with food supplies. One of Snake's snakes wraps around Anne's body, to her horror, but Sebastian manages to retrieve it.[7]

When the B4 Factory, located under the Emerald Castle, catches on fire, and the residents of Wolfsschlucht receive news of Sieglinde being taken away, Anne, dressed in her military uniform, reports for duty. She informs her major, Hilde, that the flare Ciel Phantomhive shot has been pinpointed and that they are prepared to operate the new experimental weapon. Hilde tells Anne, Grete, and Wolfram that their priority is to capture Sieglinde, and adds that Sieglinde must be eliminated if she were to leave the Werewolves' Forest.[8]

Later, Anne is on a Panzer with the other soldiers; they follow the instructions of Hilde in coordinating the tank, and launch a deadly attack on Ciel, Baldroy, Snake, and Diedrich.[9] Eventually, Sebastian kicks the tank gun, inducing chaos within the tank as a result. Anne is shocked when Sebastian manages to punch a hole through the top of the tank. After he tosses in a couple of bombs, the tank explodes, and Anne dies.[10]

Soon after, Ludger, a Grim Reaper, reaps Anne's soul and analyzes her Cinematic Record: she was born on March 25, 1864, and died on August 17, 1889, due to lacerations all over her body.[1]



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