This page lists the deviations and differences that occurred during the transition from the manga to the anime adaptation.

Season 1

Volume 1
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Manga Anime

Season 2

Volume 1
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Manga Anime
Nothing from the second season happened in the manga. Anime-only season; not canon.

Book of Circus (Season 3)

Volume 6
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Manga Anime
John Brown secretly slips Noah's Ark Circus tickets into Ciel Phantomhive's pockets, shortly after the Curry Fair.[1] Charles Grey, Charles Phipps, and John Brown mistakenly think Lau is a Phantomhive Household servant, and give him the tickets along with Queen Victoria's letter, and he delivers them to Ciel.[2]
No such scene in the manga. Further details on how the Noah's Ark Circus first-string members kidnap children are shown in the anime, where after impressing a certain little girl with circus tricks, they lure her into a carriage that will supposedly take her to "dreamland." Several Scotland Yard officers attempt to rescue her but are killed by the circus members. Ronald Knox collects the deceased officers' souls after they depart.[3]
William T. Spears collects Joker's soul, Ronald Knox informs him that Grell Sutcliff is tasked with the mission to collect souls at Phantomhive Manor.[4] Grell's release from confinement is actually shown. Ronald has retrieved Grell's Death Scythe after asking a girl from the General Affairs department. Grell promises to repay him by working hard on his job and then sets off to the Phantomhive Manor to collect the souls.[5]

Book of Murder (OVA)

Volume 9
BoM poster
Manga Anime

Book of the Atlantic (movie)

Volume 11
BotA Key Visual
Manga Anime


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