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Baroness Angelina Dalles-Burnett (アンジェリーナ・ダレス, Anjerīna Daresu), nicknamed An and known to her peers as Madam Red (マダム・レッド, Madamu Reddo),[1] is the widow of Baron Burnett, younger sister of Rachel Phantomhive, and aunt of "Ciel" and Ciel Phantomhive. She is an Aristocrat of Evil. Along with Grelle Sutcliff, Angelina is responsible for the Jack the Ripper murders.


Befitting her title as "Madam Red," Angelina possesses red eyes and crimson hair that is kept in a bob cut. She is regularly clad in red lipstick and clothing, which normally consists of a red skirt and matching waistcoat, a ruffled white blouse, a red hat, and black gloves. She also occasionally carries a red parasol.

She initially hated her red hair that she inherited from her father, usually covering it up and keeping her bangs long in order to hide her face, until Vincent Phantomhive stated that he liked her hair, which he said reminded him of "the colour of lycoris, a colour that blazes the earth."[4] After this, Angelina was no longer self-conscious of her red hair, cut her bangs and seemingly took pride in it (or saw it as what defines her) as she would later be always seen dressed in red.[5]


In the past, Angelina was quite withdrawn and shy due to her red hair, which she was insecure about. However, in the present, Angelina acts frivolous and carefree and is even vulgar. For example, she had suggested that Sebastian Michaelis work for her on account of him being handsome, while casually stroking his backside.[6] On another occasion, she attempted to make Undertaker laugh by telling him a dirty joke.[7] Despite her crude personality, Angelina believes that ladies are more attractive if they act innocent, naive, fragile, and cheerful, particularly around their lords; she had instilled this very concept into the young Elizabeth Midford.[8]

Angelina cares deeply about her family. She admires and loves her sister, Rachel Phantomhive,[9] Rachel's asthma was part of the reason why Angelina worked to become a doctor, as she stated that she would like to cure her respiratory condition.[10] Angelina also treats Ciel Phantomhive as though he were her own son.[11] She had tried to convince Ciel not to dwell on the darker side of society, but to no avail, and requested Sebastian to protect him.[12]

Angelina's constantly fluctuating like and dislike for the color red corresponds to the events that occurred in her life. After Vincent Phantomhive complimented her red hair, she fell in love with him and started to like red.[5] She was generally optimistic about her sister's and Vincent's marriage, saying that if the two people she loved most are happy, then she would be happy as well,[13] although the marriage caused her to dislike red again.[2] After she lost her husband and her baby in a carriage accident, her ovaries, and the rest of her family to a fire, she described red as the color she hated the most.[14]

The deaths of her family members had greatly traumatized her. As a result, Angelina harbors a general disregard for human life and despises prostitutes for being willing to get abortions while she is unable to give birth. She works with Grelle Sutcliff to carry out the brutal Jack the Ripper murders.[15]


Angelina meets Vincent.

Angelina fell in love with Vincent Phantomhive when she was fifteen,[5] but felt dejected when she discovered that her sister was marrying him. Because she was very close to her sister and cared deeply for her, she tried to be happy that the two people she loved most were getting married to each other. However, following their marriage, she came to hate the color red again. After Ciel and "Ciel" were born, she worked to earn her doctor's license, against the wishes of her parents. She also attended lavish parties, which she claimed that she hated, in red dresses and subsequently became renowned first as "Lady Red,"[2] then as "Madam Red." She frequently played with Ciel and Elizabeth Midford, stating that these were the people she loved the most.[16]

Angelina, hospitalized after the carriage accident.

Angelina later married Baron Burnett, who treated her lovingly and gently; he told her he did not mind that she harbored feelings for another man.[17] She called him an honest and pure man who treated her well and made her happy. She became pregnant, but after a carriage accident in which her husband was killed, her womb and unborn child had to be removed to save her own life.[18] Rachel frequently visited her in the hospital, and Angelina was grateful for her company.[19]

After Angelina recovered, Rachel invited her to her children's tenth birthday party. Despite her reluctance, she decided to attend the celebration at her sister's insistence. Upon arriving, she witnessed the Phantomhive Manor in flames—the burning red of the fire reminded her of the color she despised.[20] Subsequently, she learned that Rachel and her husband were killed in the fire and their sons' bodies were never found. She was devastated by the news, but additionally envious of her sister because she died with the person she loved, while Angelina had to carry on living.[21]

Angelina washes her hands after a murder.

Her losses also caused her great strife as a doctor, since she was obliged to regularly perform abortions on prostitutes, who considered pregnancy nothing but a nuisance.[22] Shortly after this, Angelina began to murder her patients who requested abortions; she declared that because they did not want their life, womb, or happiness, she would take it from them. During one of these murders, she met the Grim Reaper Grelle Sutcliff, who offered to assist her.[15]

Several months after she initiated the killings, Ciel came back alive with a butler to the Royal London Hospital, and Angelina was overjoyed; she did not mind that he refused to share what happened, stating that his safe return was enough.[23] There, Angelina arranged for a carriage to take them to the ruins of Phantomhive Manor. She also gave Ciel the only family crest ring that survived the fire.[24]

At Ciel's decoration as the Earl of Phantomhive, Angelina told Sebastian, who was watching from the hall, that he should have watched it up closer because he was "as good as family to Ciel by now." He disagreed, saying that he is simply one hell of a butler.[25]


Black Butler Arc

Angelina engages in a meeting with Ciel Phantomhive, Chlaus, Lau, Azzurro Vanel, Arthur Randall, and Diedrich. They discuss about a malicious "rat" and the necessity of it being eradicated, implying that a drug-dealer is among them.[26]

Red Butler Arc

Angelina loots Ciel's London townhouse for tea leaves with her butler, Grelle Sutcliff, and family friend, Lau. Sebastian Michaelis accommodates them with tea, and she states that she could not resist coming to visit Ciel when she learned he was going to be in town.[1] Ciel informs them that he is investigating the Jack the Ripper murders, and Lau decides he would like to visit the recent murder scene.[27] The group travels to see Undertaker in order to gather more information.[28] However, Undertaker refuses to reveal anything if they do not amuse him. Angelina attempts to succeed in making him laugh by telling a dirty joke, but fails to invoke laughter.[7] After Sebastian successfully entertains him, they learn the precise procedure of the murders. The internal organs were removed with such precision that they could only have been committed by an expert in the medical field.[29]

On the carriage ride home, Sebastian is ordered to compile a list of potential suspects, and swiftly departs, impressing both Lau and Angelina.[30] They return to Ciel's townhouse late because Grelle accidentally traveled the wrong way. Lau and Angelina are dumbfounded to see that Sebastian has already returned home first, with the tea and preparations finished. They listen with admiration, as Sebastian reads off the blacklist of suspects.[31] They chat, while having tea, and Sebastian, paying close regard to the conditions, narrows down the possibilities to Aleister Chamber, who had graduated from medical school but never held a position as a doctor.[32]

Angelina asserts that her social status will be able to get them into his party to investigate with no problem. She comes up with the idea of having Ciel dress up as her niece (as otherwise, he would have been recognizable), Lau as her lover, Sebastian as Ciel's tutor, and Grelle as their usual occupation.[33] At the party, Angelina indulges in luxury, while Lau fans her.[34]

They eventually realize that Aleister has been auctioning women off, and they leave the party, believing the case has been solved. The following day, a newspaper's headline depicts that another murder has been committed. They then resume their investigation after acknowledging that it is impossible for Aleister to be Jack the Ripper, since Ciel was with him last night.[35]

Later, Angelina gets Ciel to play a game of chess with her while Sebastian analyzes the list of suspects. Ciel explains how his intricate relationship with Sebastian works, and Angelina says that her sister, his mother, would not have wanted him to pursue a dark path of revenge. Ciel insists otherwise and consecutively beats Angelina at chess forty-six times before retiring for the night. Angelina then requests Sebastian to remain by Ciel's side to protect him.[36]

Angelina and Grelle are revealed to be Jack the Ripper.

The next evening, Sebastian and Ciel wait for Jack the Ripper to show up and are not surprised to learn that it is Grelle and Angelina. They have figured out it had to be two individuals working together, with one possessing supernatural abilities (i.e. Grelle, who is a Grim Reaper). In addition, they have learned that all victims had recently had an abortion performed on them by Angelina, further pointing all suspicions to her. The prostitute Sebastian and Ciel have been guarding is the last name on the list, yet unfortunately, their tactic to wait for Jack the Ripper to arrive failed and the prostitute was killed nonetheless.[37]

Angelina comments that it is pitiful that Ciel discovered this, as they can no longer play chess together. She and Grelle then move in to attack Ciel; however, Grelle soon engages in a battle with Sebastian, leaving Angelina with Ciel.[38] Ciel questions her as to why she committed the crimes, and she pulls a knife, but only manages to deal a light wound upon his arm. He inquires about her motives again, and she retorts that a brat like him would not understand. She attempts to kill him, but he reminds her too much of her sister, and she hesitates. Grelle orders her to kill Ciel, but she states that she cannot, since she views him as a son. Grelle's opinion of her deteriorates, and furious, they stab her with their Death Scythe. Her Cinematic Record plays as she dies.[39]

Angelina's corpse.

Afterward, Lau, Elizabeth Midford, and a crowd of people attend Angelina's funeral. Ciel, though late, and arrives with a red dress in which he places over Angelina, declaring that "passionate red" suits her ideally; he then bids her goodbye as red petals float into the funeral.[40]


  • (To Ciel Phantomhive) "You should apart from being the Watchdog of the darker side of society, have another way of living. But you insist on returning to this darker side of society. Sister... your mother would have wanted that too. You want to take revenge for my murdered sister? Sister would definitely have not... we would not have wanted you to be like this."[41]
  • (Referring to Rachel Phantomhive) "My elder sister's health was fragile. But she was kind and beautiful, and did not put on airs, and I loved her. I loved and envied her soft flaxen hair, which was just like our mother's."[9]
  • (Referring to Vincent Phantomhive) "I despised my red hair, which was just like my father's And I loathed the colour red. I began to love the colour red because you complimented me.[42] I grew to love my red hair, which was just like my father's. And I grew to love the colour red. And I grew to love 'him.' When 'he' visited, I wore the red that he had said suited me. The 'man' I loved dearly was going to marry the elder sister I loved dearly. I wore my favourite red dress to their wedding. If the two I cherished so were happy... then I too was happy... Or so I should have been— My beloved and my beloved big sister's— I began to despise... the colour red once more—"[43]
  • (Referring to the fire) "The colour... that dyed that grey December sky... was that most hateful... red."[20]
  • "I lost everything that was precious to me. Everything had flown somewhere out of my reach. I was sad. So sad— But even more so did I envy my elder sister... for being able to die with "him," my beloved. And I continued to live on... as the sole survivor."[44]
  • (Referring to the prostitutes) "I hated them. They had something I could never have, regardless of how much I desired it. What I wanted. What I cherished. I, who had lost it all... and those whores, who possessed what I wanted more than anything... but were throwing it away..."[45]
  • (To Elizabeth Midford) "A lady... should always be delicate and lovely before a gentleman... an innocent girl first and foremost. Her job is to be surrounded by all things nice like Mother Goose's nursery rhyme says and keep smiling."[8]



  • "Angelina" is a diminutive of "Angela,"[46] the feminine form of the medieval Latin name "Angelus,"[47] which was derived from the Greek word ἄγγελος (angelos) meaning "messenger."[48]

Out of Universe

  • Vincent once said that Angelina's hair reminded him of the color of lycoris.[4] The poisonous plants of the lycoris genus usually bloom near cemeteries; because of that, they are associated with longing, separation, death, reincarnation, and the afterlife[50] in Chinese and Japanese legends and often used as funeral flowers. In one legend, it is also said that, when someone meets a person they may never meet again, lycoris would bloom along the path.[51]


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