Quotation1 I am Alexis Leon Midford, the Marquess of Midford! Head of the Order of the British Empire! Quotation2
Alexis Leon Midford[1]

Marquess Alexis Leon Midford (アレクシス・レオン・ミッドフォード, Arekushisu Reon Middofōdo), a distinguished knight and the head of the Midford house and the Order of the British Empire,[1] is the husband of Francis and the father of Edward and Elizabeth.


Alexis Midford anime appearance

Alexis' anime appearance

Alexis is a middle-aged man with a cleft chin, thick eyebrows, and a mustache. He stylizes his hair by slicking it back and sideways.

He typically dresses in formal and sophisticated attire, signifying his prominent status as the Marquess of Midford.


Alexis is the complete contrast to his wife, who is an austere woman; he is a relaxed, easygoing, and affable individual.[4] For instance, although his wife considers passionate embraces in public unseemly, Alexis does not mind them; in fact, upon seeing his future son-in-law, he proceeded to warmly welcome and hug him, to his wife's distaste.[5]

Furthermore, Alexis asserts his occupation as the Head of the Order of the British Empire by consistently demonstrating courage and honoring the code of chivalry; he protected the defenseless and refused to run away while battling the hostile Bizarre Dolls.[6]


Alexis attended Weston College with his future brother-in-law Vincent Phantomhive. He was the prefect of Green Lion's Fag.[7]

Alexis later became the distinguished head knight of England. In a fencing event held by Queen Victoria, he was defeated by Francis and subsequently married her.[8]

Years later, Alexis and Francis attended Ciel's decoration as the Earl of Phantomhive; the former took part in the ceremony.[9]


Luxury Liner Arc

Ch52 Cute nephew

Alexis' real feelings towards Ciel.

Alexis, Francis, Edward, and Elizabeth plan to travel to New York on the luxury passenger ship Campania for three weeks from April 17, 1889. Alexis has Elizabeth invite Ciel Phantomhive on their family trip.[10]

On April 17, Alexis, Francis, Edward, and Elizabeth board the first-class passenger deck of the Campania, where they encounter Ciel and his servants, Sebastian Michaelis, and Snake. Alexis stares at Ciel with great intensity, before affectionately hugging him. Afterward, he, his family, and Ciel eat together on the ship.[11]

Three days later,[12] the Bizarre Doll invasion begins. Alexis and Edward rush to the elevator hall, where Francis and Sebastian, who have been battling a horde of Bizarre Dolls, are. When Edward asks Sebastian where Elizabeth is, Sebastian says that Elizabeth is with Ciel, to Alexis's and Francis's relief, for they are certain that Ciel will protect her at all costs. When Sebastian offers to escort them to some place safe, they refuse to go; Alexis declares that the Midfords have guarded England for generations and that, as knights, they would never abandon their people; Edward adds that, as English knights, they protect the weak. Both Alexis and Edward, then, turn to Francis for her approval, which she gives.[13]

Ch57 Midfords

The Midfords protect the passengers.

Alexis, Francis, and Edward prepare to fight the Bizarre Dolls, while Sebastian is about to leave.[14] Suddenly, the ship violently shakes, shocking them. After running to the first class deck, they discover that the ship has crashed into an iceberg and Sebastian dashes to the wheelhouse.[15]

Later, Alexis, Francis, and Edward arrive at the first class lounge; they encourage the passengers there to persevere and kill the hostile Bizarre Dolls, thereby saving the passengers. Alexis promises to protect them and commands the unharmed to assist in lowering the lifeboats. Edward urges them to hurry. When a passenger asks Alexis who he is, Alexis introduces himself as the Marquess of Midford and leader of the British knights.[16]

Afterward, Alexis, Francis, and Edward head to the first class deck, where Edward helps direct the passengers into lifeboats and Ciel returns Elizabeth to him.[17] The Midfords are in lifeboats,[18] by the time the ship heavily tilts[19] and breaks in two.[20] A rescue ships comes at dawn, and the Midfords return to London.[21]

Public School Arc

Alexis attends the pre-tournament festivities at Weston College with his wife and daughter.[22] As his family, Ciel, and McMillan converse, he tells the story of "Miracle of the Sapphires," the first time Sapphire Owl dormitory won the annual cricket tournament. He was Green Lion's prefect's fag at the time. Their house lost to Sapphire Owl and their leader, Vincent Phantomhive. After the story, he encourages Ciel to work hard and bring victory to his house once again.[23]

Blue Cult Arc

One evening, while Alexis is eating dinner with Francis, Edward approaches them, questioning them about Elizabeth's whereabouts. Francis informs him that Elizabeth, having received a dinner invitation from a friend, left with Paula. The same event occurs the following week.[24]


  • "The Marquessate of Midford is a house of knights that has protected England for generations. To ignore the plight of her people would go against the code of chivalry."[6]


  • According to the official YenPress translation of the manga series, Alexis is the Head of the Order of the British Empire[1] despite said order having been founded in 1917.[25] In the Japanese original, however, Alexis is the Head of the Order of the Garter (英国騎士団, eikoku kishidan) which was founded in 1348.[26][27]


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