Viscount Aleister Chamber (アレイスト・チェンバー, Areisuto Chienbā), often referred to by his formal title, Viscount of Druitt, is a nobleman well-known for his fine tastes and parties held during the social season.


Aleister is a handsome man with lavender eyes and platinum-blond hair, which has been described as "spun gold."[3]

Aleister often wears elegant clothing consisting of a white suit, a pocket square, and an ascot tie, along with accessories such a brooch and white gloves. According to Ciel Phantomhive, Aleister's nephew bears a resemblance to him.[1]


Aleister is a vain, pompous, and self-important individual who is prone to melodramatic outbursts, particularly when he is drawing comparisons between certain things and girls he has taken a liking to; for instance, he called Ciel Phantomhive, who was disguised as a girl, a "robin."[4] Not only is he particular about his appearance, but he also has an exceedingly high opinion of himself, for he once visualized himself as Emperor Nero, one who watches over the others in the Colosseum.[5] Furthermore, he is an avid fan of food and the arts,[6] and is fascinated by black magic.[7]

Additionally, Aleister is unscrupulous; he used to hold underground auctions at which he sold women as pets, body parts, or fodder for ritual sacrifices.[8] When he was caught for such, he was able to avoid serving a prison sentence via bribery.[6] Moreover, he was a member of Aurora Society, an organization that unlawfully conducted human experimentation.[9]


Aleister graduated from Weston College, the same school his nephew Edgar Redmond formerly attended before his expulsion.[1] At one point during his life, Aleister attained a doctor's license, though he never worked at a hospital or otherwise had a career associated with health care.[10]


Red Butler Arc

One night during the social season, Aleister hosts a party, which a number of nobles attend.[11] Ciel, deliberately dressed as a young lady, dances with Sebastian Michaelis and attracts his attention. He approaches and compliments Ciel, calling him a "robin." He makes several seduction attempts, oblivious to Ciel's discomfort.[4]

At Ciel's insistence, Aleister leads him to a hidden room,[12] where he releases a soporific gas that renders Ciel unconscious.[13]

Aleister tries to auction Ciel Phantomhive.

In an underground auction, Aleister addresses the audience, announcing that Ciel, who is tied and blindfolded, is the valuable item they have been anticipating. He offers a range of possibilities: Ciel can be kept in the cage, be played with, used in a ceremony, or parts of him could be sold according to what the customer prefers. He begins the bid at one-thousand, but then, the light in the room mysteriously vanishes. Aleister loses consciousness, and the police arrive shortly thereafter. He is assumed to be put behind bars.[14]

Indian Butler Arc

Aleister is one of the judges at the curry fair, along with Chef Higham and Mr. Carter. Ciel deduces that Aleister was able to bribe his way out of being arrested by the Scotland Yard.[6] As the chefs began cooking, Aleister theatrically favors Agni's usage of royal blue lobster, comparing it to a beautiful and elegant lady.[15] Like the other judges, he dismisses the entrants who used curry powder.[16]

Initially, Aleister and the judges are skeptical of Sebastian's curry doughnut, but when he cuts it open, he is astonished to discover that the curry is inside. Once he tastes it, he is captivated; he praises the curry doughnut as revolutionary, and compares it to a cute, young girl, reminiscent of Ciel as a girl.[17]

Due to their different flavors, he, along with the other judges, cannot make a decision and declare a tie between Agni and Sebastian, which is later overturned by Queen Victoria.[18][19]

Luxury Liner Arc

Aleister's Phoenix pose.

On April 17, 1889, Aleister boards the Campania. Three days later,[20] he attends an Aurora Society meeting and performs a modified version of the Phoenix pose. Afterward, he asks if the disguised Sebastian Michaelis and Ciel Phantomhive are beginners. When Sebastian says that they heard about the organization in a newspaper article, Aleister comments on Madam Samuel's untrustworthiness, thinking that she has exposed their secret. He, then, spots and recognizes Ciel, who hastily claims that it is their first meeting. Aleister is convinced that Ciel is speaking the truth, stating that he would not forget a beautiful boy like Ciel if they had met before. Noticing Ciel's bandaged eye, he assures him that he will have Rian Stoker heal it for him, as he is eager to stare into both of his eyes, but adds that he is fine the way he is, as well.[9]

When the meeting commences, Aleister points out the founder, Rian, to Ciel and Sebastian. Rian performs the Phoenix pose and then explains that "Absolute Salvation," the medicine the Aurora Society devised, is capable of reviving the dead. He tests it on the corpse of Margaret Connor, whose parents are present. Aleister is amazed when Margaret begins to rise. However, she, then, kills her mother and pursues the other attendees of the meeting, causing most of them, including Aleister, to flee.[21]

Aleister and the device.

Sometime later, Aleister steals the device that can reportedly render the Absolute Salvation ineffective from Rian's room. Afterward, he encounters Ciel and Sebastian in the first-class passenger hallway, while having several persons, Undertaker included, carry the device for him. When Ciel and Sebastian acknowledge him, he asks them how they know him, but then dismisses the issue, declaring that they must know him because he is renowned in society as the incarnation of beauty. Sebastian questions why Aleister is still on the Bizarre Doll-infested ship, and he reveals that there is something he needs to protect, even if he must risk his life on the sinking ship. He adds that the Bizarre Dolls are mere puppets to him, but then stops himself, saying that he has spoken too much. Sebastian quickly recites the Aurora Society's greeting, and they all join in. Aleister, then, regards them as comrades and notes that he does remember their faces somewhere. When Ciel correctly deduces that the device can subdue the Bizarre Dolls, Aleister, initially shocked, urges them to follow him, for he will show them the coming of a new Aurora Society.[22]

At the first-class passenger lounge, Aleister has his men set down the device; he requests that they be careful, averring that the device is worth more than their lives. Aleister tells Ciel and Sebastian that he will not activate the device yet since the "cast" is incomplete. Just then, Rian appears, along with Grelle Sutcliff and Ronald Knox, and yells at Aleister for stealing the device. Aleister admits that he was waiting for Rian and announces that the empire Rian built will collapse and be replaced by Aleister's, which will be called the Aurora Empire. When he overhears Grelle's intention to kill him, Aleister threatens to destroy the device by tilting his glass of wine over it, prompting Ronald to stop Grelle from attacking. He, then, laughs, emboldened by his "power" to win against all of them with just one glass of wine.[23]

Aleister calling Ciel "cock robin."

Aleister as Emperor Nero.

Subsequently, dozens of Bizarre Dolls break into the room, and Ciel asks Aleister to activate it. He says he will only do so if Ciel calls him "Caesar" and refers to Ciel as a "cock robin." The others begin fighting the Bizarre Dolls, and he compares the battle to Nero watching fights in the Colosseum from above while enjoying his wine. Grelle demands that Aleister activates it, and he orders them to pledge their loyalty to him by reciting his version of the Aurora Society's greeting and assume his adapted form of the Phoenix pose, which they do.[5]

All doing the Phoenix Pose.

Pleased, Aleister presses a button on the device, and soon discovers that it does not work for the Bizarre Dolls continue wreaking havoc, to his and the others' confusion. He tells Rian that the device he made is not working. Ciel is shocked to learn that it was not Aleister who built it, and Aleister confesses that he cannot build something like the device and that he had only decided to borrow it.[24]

Grelle attacks Aleister.

Exasperated, Grelle lunges at Aleister, intending to kill him. Although Undertaker blocks Grelle in time, with the reason that Aleister is too amusing for him to let him die, Aleister is too shaken up by Grelle's sudden attack and faints.[25][26]

Aleister manages to survive, even after the Campania sinks, and safely returns to London. Details about his "miraculous survival" become the newspaper's front page cover.[27]

Public School Arc

Aleister attends the pre-festivities of Weston College's annual cricket tournament. There, he scolds his nephew, Edgar Redmond, for being rude to one of Lawrence Bluewer's sisters, and then comments about how nostalgic it is to be at his alma mater.[28] He is heartbroken when Blue House wins the cricket tournament,[29] but cheerfully participates in the after-party, where he charms a couple of ladies.[30]


  • (While hosting an auction) "Derive your enjoyment from appreciating her as you would a fine work of art... or keep and treasure her as you would a pet. She would prove a glittering jewel for any ritual as well, would you not agree? Or according to demand, you may wish to sell her off in pieces."[8]
  • (Referring to Agni's curry) "The beautiful woman I met at the ball... You, who possess a most noble beauty, are stood there with seven gems adorning your sublime form. A gold brooch in the shape of a dove... A bracelet of sapphires and pearls... A choker of garnet... A cameo medallion. And a ring of diamonds and emerald for your finger. All of them enhance your loveliness. You have stolen my heart."[31]
  • (Referring to Sebastian Michaelis's curry) "The sweet girl I met at an evening soiree. By day, you chirp childishly, a mischievous little songbird. But by night, your true self peeks out... The seductive smile beneath the mask, where a grown woman stands. I would like to put my arms around you!!"[32]



  • It is possible that Aleister Chamber was named after Aleister Crowley, a Victorian era nobleman with a passion for the occult and a lack of sense when it came to manage his money that ultimately led to his doom.[33]

Out of Universe

  • The performance of his voice actor Tatsuhisa Suzuki influenced Aleister's portrayal in the manga and was the reason why he became a recurring character.[36]
  • When making the manga, one of Yana Toboso's assistants accidentally called Aleister koshaku, which means "insolent," instead of shishaku, which means "viscount." This became a recurring joke for Toboso.[37]
  • In early editions of Volume 2, his name was misspelled as "Aleistor."

  • Nayuta Fukuzaki, the actor who plays Ciel in Lycoris that Blazes the Earth, admires Sasaki and wants to play Aleister one day.[43]


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