Mrs. Abbie is the housekeeper of Heathfield Manor.

Character Outline

Mrs. Abbie is an elderly woman with slightly wavy, pinned-up black hair and glasses.[1]

Mrs. Abbie is a prim and proper individual who enforces the rules and maintains order. She does not take kindly to those who shirk their responsibilities.[2]


Blue Cult Arc

In late 1889, Mrs. Abbie interviews Mey and Ran who have come to Heathfield Manor to become maids. After asking them about their background and whether or not they can read, Mrs. Abbie hires them both and orders Jane to guide them to their room.[1]

When Chris Heathfield returns to the manor, Mrs. Abbie informs him that they have hired four new maids: Mey-Rin, Ran-Mao, Miranda, and Annie.[3] Afterward, she reminds her chatty maids not to neglect their duties and to pay close attention to their cuffs and collars as they get easily and visibly dirty.[2]

The next day, Mrs. Abbie has the maids attend the morning gathering, where, once again, Chris studies them.[4]


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