Black Butler (黒執事, Kuro Shitsuji) is the thirty-sixth episode of the Kuroshitsuji anime, as well as the twelfth and final episode of season two.


Sebastian and Claude row a boat with Hannah and Ciel's body on board to the Island of Death, as Hannah sings a Welsh lullaby named Suo Gân. Hannah says that both Sebastian and Claude will fight a true Demon's Duel for the right to claim Ciel's soul, as it is one of the conditions of her contract with Alois. After removing the Lævateinn from her body, Hannah puts the sword in a cave ceiling and at her hand signal, the two demon butlers begin their duel. Both butlers take the sword back and forth between them but neither manages to make a fatal blow.

Sebastian, feeling confined by the cave, uses the sword to split the island in half creating a large fissure in the ground. Hannah, worrying for the safety of Ciel's body, takes him and jumps further up the cliff. In limbo, Ciel and Alois comment on the fight, with Ciel saying Alois doesn't understand Sebastian's motivations. Alois concedes the point and apologizes for using Ciel for his own purposes. Alois has apparently become sane. The battle appears to be a stalemate until Claude lands on a rock that gives way under him, causing him to lose his balance.

The momentary distraction allows Sebastian to plunge the Lævateinn through Claude's body, a fatal blow as injuries dealt by the Lævateinn cannot be healed. Sebastian comments that Alois has been "playing" with Claude all this time and he never realized it, causing Claude to think back. As he dies, Claude comments that Alois managed to make a "small ripple" in the long, boring life of a demon, so perhaps Alois's soul was more precious than he thought. Hannah sheds tears of joy and reveals that the contract Alois made with Hannah was to get Claude to acknowledge him, that she has fulfilled part of her contract.

Sebastian comes for Ciel as it is clear that it is his victory. Hannah compliments him and states that with that, her contract has been completed and she has consumed Alois' soul. But after pretending to want to hand Ciel back, she holds him tightly and falls to the ocean below with him, speaking muted words that earn a shocked look from Sebastian. He dives in after Ciel and after reaching him, he appears to kill Ciel as he awakens.

Back on the island, Hannah lies down with Claude's body, saying that she, Claude, Alois, and Luka can now all be together, Jim and Luka's voices can be heard agreeing. Sometime later, Ciel awakens in bed with Sebastian preparing him tea, in spite of the fact that all of the cups and plates are empty. As Ciel is dressed by Sebastian, his eye takes on a demonic glow.

It is revealed that as a condition of Alois' wish being fulfilled, Alois asked that Hannah bring Ciel "back to life." She did this by causing Ciel to be reborn as a demon. As a result, Sebastian can no longer consume Ciel's soul but is still bound by their contract, successfully ensuring no one will ever get to eat Ciel's soul. Ciel sends goodbye notes to everyone he knew, and dismisses the Phantomhive staff, telling them they may do as they wish with the manor house, even burn it down. Then, he leaves with Sebastian. As the two sit in the carriage conversing about what to do next, Ciel's eyes turn red, the same shade as Sebastian's. He tells Sebastian that their contract is still valid, as his old contract mark glows on his eye.

In the end, Sebastian carries Ciel through a field of black and white roses towards a cliff. Ciel feels that a great curse has been lifted from him, having been freed from his human life; with Sebastian responding that in exchange he is "cursed" to serve Ciel forever, as eating a fellow demon's soul is impossible. Sebastian asks where Ciel would like to go now, but Ciel states that it doesn't matter. Where they are going, both humans and demons are treated the same. Ciel remarks that Sebastian is forever his butler and wants to only hear one response from him.

Sebastian jumps with Ciel from the cliff into the darkness saying, "Yes, My Lord."

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