Wench Butler (女郎執事, Mero Shitsuji) is the twenty-seventh episode of the Kuroshitsuji anime and the third episode of season two.


Sebastian Michaelis reads to Ciel Phantomhive the newspaper describing the case of young newly-wed women who are being mysteriously burned to death in London. He questions about the queen's remark that in order to prevent the incident from happening again, she is once again entrusting the job to her "Dog" and "Spider." Ciel says that he has no recollection that a human combustion case had happened in the past, nor does he know who "Spider" is. Ciel tells Sebastian to not inform Angelina Dalles of his mission, as she will only worry and cause him problems. Sebastian smiles mischievously and says he does not think it will be an issue.

In the carriage, Ciel questions if he really knew the past of his household. He mentions that his enemies will be lured into action if he succeeds in the job his father had previously taken upon. He adds that he wants them punished, regardless of means.

As the pair investigate, they realize that every burned woman had gotten her photo taken by an old married couple. While chasing the culprit, Grell Sutcliff appears and claims that he is also pursuing the killer to collect her soul when she commits suicide at midnight. When inquiring about the souls of the deceased women, Grell reveals that their souls burned along with their bodies. Ciel has no memories of Grell, although he comments that he has seen the red color somewhere before.

During the confrontation, the killer discloses that she wanted a passionate love and hated the man she was forced to marry. She states that there was a man, with golden eyes, who told her she will change her life for the better, by committing the crimes. She shockingly burns herself before she can reveal the name of the golden-eyed man. Ciel wants to pursue "Spider" to find out more about the case.

Afterwards, Sebastian shows records to Ciel, which indicate that while Phantomhive is in charge of resolving and investigating matters, Trancy is in charge of post-case matters.

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