Solo Butler (単執事, Soro Shitsuji) is the twenty-sixth episode of the Kuroshitsuji anime and the second episode of season two.


Ciel Phantomhive remarks about the sound of water and the warmth of the sunlight but feels uneasy opening his eyes. However, after hearing Sebastian Michaelis' voice, he opens them to find Elizabeth Midford sitting across from him on a boat. Baldroy, Mey-Rin, and Finnian are nearby in a boat as well.

They arrive at a newly built dam where Ciel makes an announcement. Meanwhile, three participants gossip about the young Phantomhive. Ciel interrupts their conversation, leaving the three baffled and embarrassed. Ciel then runs into Elizabeth, who wants to go look for a rare white stag that lives in the forest. Ciel promptly refuses but eventually agrees when Elizabeth starts crying. Ciel states that it is his responsibility, whether it is to take care of the river, attend boring parties or to make his fiancée happy. In the meantime, Lau and Ran-Mao hold bets with the crowd on whether or not they will find the stag.

When a storm comes, Ciel decides to stop the search and promises to come back another day. He says that he could hire a person to find the stag, which upsets Elizabeth a great deal; it is meaningless if it was not Ciel and her who find it. She runs away, crying that Ciel doesn't understand her feelings. After a short while, Finnian hurries over and claims Elizabeth is in trouble. Ciel rushes over to find that Elizabeth is trapped on a boat in the fast river currents. Lau points out that the old dam is about to burst. Ciel orders Sebastian to stop the flood and vows to save Elizabeth by himself. Surprisingly, Sebastian breaks the dam upriver, causing a huge amount of water to rush in. The boat is flipped over but Ciel manages to grab hold of Elizabeth.

Later, Ciel wakes up in Sebastian's arms, and Elizabeth hugs him and apologizes. He is relieved that she is safe, and he yells at Sebastian for not breaking the new dam and for adding on to the flood. Sebastian says that he was following Ciel's orders, and had changed the shape of the river to prevent future floods. Elizabeth is still upset that they were unable to find the white stag, but Sebastian replies that the white stag is just over the hill. The group run over to look and discover that the white stag is a hill figure.

While Ciel and Elizabeth hold hands, Elizabeth asks if Ciel is happy as she is, because she had just spent a day with him. She explains that if they find the white stag, their life will be filled with happiness. Ciel thanks Elizabeth.

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