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His Butler, Imprisoned (その執事、入牢, Sono Shitsuji, Nyūrō) is the nineteenth episode of season one of the Kuroshitsuji anime.


Ran-Mao is flying ahead, while a couple of boaters find a corpse in the river, who Ciel Phantomhive is able to identify for Arthur Randall and Fred Abberline as John Stanley. He states that he needs something off the body, but Abberline says he was carrying nothing.

Earlier, at Phantomhive Manor, Ash Landers tells them that the dead man worked with the underworld for Queen Victoria, much like Ciel. Ash tells Ciel that the queen only wants him to find an object the man was carrying, but he refuses to share what item Ciel should look for.

Presently, Ciel decides they should find out why the man was killed, to gain a better idea of what they're looking into. They go see Lau, who controls the area where the corpse was found, who initially pretends to know what they're talking about, but forces Ciel to explain.

Elsewhere, Fred Abberline searches for information on John Stanley.

At Lau's residence, he tells Ciel someone else has been selling a more powerful drug called Lady Blanc, which reminds Ciel of Angela. However, neither he nor Ran-Mao has heard of Stanley. Ciel then requests that Lau spread a rumor that Ciel had obtained something important from Stanley's body because whoever took the item off of the corpse would begin to suspect the authenticity of the item and will target Ciel. Upon hearing this reasoning, Lau agrees and sends one of his men out to do so.

The child who found Stanley's body attempts to approach Fred but is stopped by Ash.

At Phantomhive Manor, Pluto is interested in Mey-Rin's pocket, from which she produces two of Funtom Corporation's candies. Tanaka investigates them, and identifies them as not being from Funtom Corporation. Sebastian Michaelis identifies the "candy" as being an anesthetic made from opium, and possibly the new Lady Blanc drug Lau mentioned.

At the Scotland Yard office, Ash is sitting in Randall's chair, much to his annoyance, and Ash says he has a message.

Sebastian speeds toward the candy factory with Ciel, while Lau and Ran-Mao face the Scotland Yard. Fred also leads a force to stop Sebastian and Ciel, to arrest them for selling drugs with Lau, stating that they found a large amount of opium in Ciel's warehouse. Randall appears and says until all suspicion has been laid to rest, Ciel is to be arrested, or risk defiling his family's name and losing his title as a noble. Lau, who escaped and killed several members of the yard, is to be executed.

Ciel, seeing that only has one option is present, allows himself to be arrested, separating him from Sebastian.

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