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His Butler, Competing (その執事、競争, Sono Shitsuji, Kyōsō) is the fifteenth episode of season one of the Kuroshitsuji anime.


Queen Victoria arrives and after a brief speech given by her aide, Ash Landers, the judges declare that the competition can now begin.

Soma sits out from watching the competition, sad about missing Mina, and Agni worries this means Soma won't forgive him. The competitors work quickly, and in the judging phase, Sebastian's and Agni's curries are highly praised.

While the judges deliberate, Ciel approaches Soma and asks why he has abandoned Agni. Elsewhere, Agni cries at knowing how Mina crushed the prince, and she merely mocks him, saying her life is so much better now that she's a wife of a wealthy man.

Mina is attracted by a particular curry, the one Angela's secret ingredient went into, and seems surprised by the taste. At the judging table, Ash asks Sebastian to bring over a sample of curry bread for Queen Victoria to taste, which she then praises highly, through Ash. However, Mina, who is now glowing a dark violet with red eyes, mocks the statement, but when Harold West Jeb tries to stop her, she throws him with superhuman force.

Many more of the audience members also undergo this transformation and turn their attention to Ciel, but Sebastian stops them. The unaffected members flee the scene, while Sebastian stops Mina from attacking the queen.

Soma identifies the ailment as "curryma," a spice that responds to the darkness in people's hearts, which is the reason it is forbidden. Soma and Agni make up, and agree to stay together. Soma then orders Agni to stop Mina. Together, Sebastian and Agni take down most of the men.

Ash comments to himself that if such a spice is the problem, then no human should have escaped its effects, as no one is truly at peace with themselves. Ciel, hearing this, speculates that it is Sebastian's curry that saved the others from being affected by curryma. Sebastian force-feeds his curry bread to the victims, and they snap out of the effects of curryma.

Queen Victoria, through Ash, then declares the curry bread the winner. Agni and Soma thank Sebastian and Ciel, respectively, for teaching them so much, and Soma declares that he will travel the world.

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