His Butler, Supremely Talented (その執事、異能, Sono Shitsuji, Inō) is the fourteenth episode of season one of the Kuroshitsuji anime.


Agni leaves the townhouse at night without Soma Asman Kadar, something which Sebastian Michaelis informs Ciel Phantomhive and Lau of. Soma bursts in, aware of him going out, and they decide to follow him to Harold West Jeb's house.

Once inside, they overhear Harold and Agni talking about Mina, causing Soma to burst in. However, Agni obeys Harold's orders instead and moves in to attack Soma. Sebastian, in disguise, goes to his rescue, and Lau, Ciel, Sebastian and Soma escape the townhouse.

Back at the townhouse, Soma throws a fit, breaking Ciel's new tea set, upset that everyone has abandoned him. However, Sebastian chases him down and reprimands him for being so childish. After calming down, they return to tea and speculate that Harold West Jeb is having Agni enter the upcoming Curry Fair so he can get a Royal Warrant in return for Mina's safe return. They further decide that Agni must have done the attacks, so as to eliminate the competition, which Ciel finds boring. Ciel decides that since he traveled all the way to London, he will get something out of it by having Sebastian win the Royal Warrant instead.

As Agni is an excellent maker of curry, Sebastian goes to work to try and make a competition-worthy curry, with Soma and the servants acting as his taste testers. After many attempts, Sebastian assures Ciel on the morning of the competition that he can and will win.

At the competition, Soma finds Mina, who mocks him for thinking she would like to return with him. Angela Blanc approaches one of the competitors and gives them an ingredient to use in the competition.

As the judges try to begin the competition, Queen Victoria arrives.

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