His Butler, Freeloader (その執事、居候, Sono Shitsuji, Isōrō) is the thirteenth episode of season one of the Kuroshitsuji anime.


A string of attacks have broken out, resulting in men being stripped and hung upside down with a note attached that insults Britain. This has plagued the Scotland Yard, as they have yet to catch the culprit. Ciel Phantomhive, overhearing this, decides to solve the case himself.

Ciel and Sebastian Michaelis go to East End to find information from local Indians, and instead, get involved in a fight when one claims Ciel broke his ribs after merely bumping into him. Soma Asman Kadar and Agni enter, looking for someone, when they notice a duel taking place. Soma sends Agni out to attack them. Ciel angrily asks them why they're being attacked for merely passing through. Soma, upon hearing this, sends Agni out to defeat his fellow Indians instead.

That night, Lau arrives at the manor to visit Ciel, and Soma and Agni follow in afterward, stating they will stay there because they saved them earlier. The following morning, Soma tries to play with Ciel, but he refuses. Soma and Agni follow him around to his lessons when Soma decides that if he wins in a fencing duel, Ciel will have to play with him. However, Soma doesn't understand fencing, causing him to move in, easily. When Agni sees that his master might get hit, he stops Ciel. Agni and Sebastian then fence in their masters' places, with the match ending in a draw.

Sebastian then leaves to prepare for dinner, taking over Baldroy's job, much to his chagrin. Agni offers to help, and is able to find a use for all of the servants, which makes them all quite happy, and stuns Sebastian.

That evening, Soma reveals that he's looking for a woman named Mina, a servant who is very important to him. Ciel mocks this, but agrees to finally play with Soma. However, Soma states that he is very busy, and leaves the manor with Agni to look for Mina.

When they return, Soma goes to bed, but Agni leaves again, something Sebastian anticipated.

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