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His Butler, at the Funeral (その執事、葬送, Sono Shitsuji, Sōsō) is the sixth episode of season one of the Kuroshitsuji anime.


Sebastian's Cinematic Record plays, showing some rather mundane events, much to Sebastian's amusement and Grelle's annoyance. Grelle had cut Sebastian and was hoping to see something dramatic, but Sebastian tells them the rest is pay-per-view.

Sebastian notices that his clothes are ruined, and Grelle and Sebastian charge at each other, with Sebastian using his wool coat to jam Grelle's death scythe, rendering it useless.

Grelle is forced to fight Sebastian in hand-to-hand combat, where Sebastian is able to finally be successful against them. Sebastian then grabs their death scythe, removes the coat, and prepares to kill them with their own weapon. However, before he can, an unknown Grim Reaper stops him. He then introduces himself, explaining that his name is William T. Spears, and he is there to take Grelle back because they committed numerous crimes.

William then apologizes to Sebastian but immediately notes how disgusting it is to have to apologize to a demon. They take their leave, with Sebastian "returning" Grelle's death scythe by throwing it at William's head.

Sebastian then apologizes to Ciel for not killing Jack the Ripper but says it does not matter anymore. Ciel wobbles when he stands, and Sebastian attempts to steady him, but Ciel slaps him, saying he is only tired.

Sometime later, Undertaker explains to curious children that the reason the chapel is so busy is that it is Angelina Dalles' funeral. Ciel arrives late to the funeral, carrying a red dress, and tells Angelina that white is not her color, red is. Red flower petals drift through the chapel, courtesy of a truck outside.

Ciel reminisces about good times with Angelina and his parents, while at Phantomhive Manor, the servants comment on how sad it is that she is gone. Elsewhere, Scotland Yard comments that the case of Jack the Ripper has been solved through the underworld of Britain.

Back at the funeral, Lau questions if they will reveal who the real Jack the Ripper is, but Ciel says there is no need. They part, and Ciel and Sebastian meet up with Undertaker at the grave of the last of Jack the Ripper's victims, i.e. Mary Jane Kelly. Undertaker calls Ciel kind for giving her a grave, but Ciel says he could have saved her or even Angelina if he had made their lives a priority, but he does not regret his decisions, now that Jack the Ripper is dead. Undertaker mocks his sense of duty to Queen Victoria, but tells him he can stop by his shop, nonetheless.

Sebastian also says Ciel is either kind or weak, saying it was his hesitation to kill a relative, even one who was killing him, that prevented him from firing. Ciel deflects, though, saying it is Sebastian's job to protect his life. Ciel orders Sebastian to never betray or leave him, which he agrees to.

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