His Butler, Capricious (その執事、酔狂, Sono Shitsuji, Suikyō) is the fourth episode of season one of the Kuroshitsuji anime.


Ciel and Sebastian arrive at Ciel's London townhouse, where they find Angelina Dalles, Lau, and Grell Sutcliff looking for tea.

They sit down and discuss the Jack the Ripper murders while enjoying tea served by Sebastian. Lau decides he would like to visit the crime scene, so they go see Undertaker to learn more. They learn that the murders were committed with such accuracy that only a medical professional could know how to do it. Because the organs were removed, they suspect that the murderer is using them in black magic rituals.

Sebastian leaps out of the moving carriage to compile a list of suspects and greets Ciel, Lau, Angelina, and Grell back at the manor, where he explains his findings. He has narrowed the suspects down to one man, Aleistor Chamber, who is holding a party that evening. They decide to go to the party to investigate closer.

At the party, it is shown that Ciel has dressed up as a girl in disguise, lest a young, one-eyed boy be recognized as Ciel Phantomhive. They spot Elizabeth Midford there and go to great efforts to avoid her.

In order to get closer to Aleistor, Ciel and Sebastian dance, which attracts Aleistor's attention. Sebastian takes his leave, so he can speak privately with Aleistor. While talking, Elizabeth takes notice, and attempts to come over, but Sebastian stops her, by pretending he was hired as a magician. He gets Lau to help him, and they put on a magic show, while Ciel and Aleistor slip away.

In another room, Aleistor drugs Ciel with a gas, which knocks him out. When he awakes, he finds himself tied up and blindfolded in a room where Aleistor is auctioning him off. Thinking this is proof enough, Ciel calls for Sebastian who comes to his aid. As he has already called the Scotland Yard, Sebastian carries him away from the manor.

The following morning's paper, though, shows that another killing has happened, meaning Aleistor, who was at the party all last night, cannot be the murderer.

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