"So alike were they... Two peas in a pod, one a mirror image of the other."
This article is about the elder twin and true Phantomhive heir. You may be looking for the current Earl of Phantomhive, Ciel Phantomhive.

"Ciel Phantomhive" ("シエル・ファントムハイヴ", "Shieru Fantomuhaivu") is the true head of the Phantomhive house.[8] He is also the identical twin brother of Ciel Phantomhive and Elizabeth Midford's original fiancé.

Character Outline

"Ciel" looks identical to his brother and they have been stated to be mirror twins, but unlike Ciel, he does not bear a Faustian contract mark on his right eye. Another notable difference is that while Ciel's bangs curl to the right, "Ciel's" bangs curl to the left.

He is an individual who exudes confidence and remains unruffled, even when accused of being an impostor.[9]

"Ciel" has a notably more confident aura than his brother; he is usually seen smiling widely, laughing and playing with Elizabeth.[10] He is more playful and outgoing than his brother and shares many aspects of his personality and mannerism with his father. "Ciel" also does not suffer from debilitating asthma[11] as his twin does.

Despite their differences in personality, "Ciel" used to be very close to Ciel and assist him with his ailment: He would stay inside with him to keep him company,[12] warm milk in the middle of the night,[13] and sneak cough drops for him.[14]

Additionally, "Ciel" has shown to be rather possessive of Ciel as he expressed unhappiness upon the prospect of being separated from his brother in the future[15] and bluntly told his father that he does not need any "fake brothers" after Vincent explained Weston College's Fag system to him.[16]

As the eldest son, "Ciel" was his father's heir and expected to succeed him eventually as the Earl of Phantomhive and Watchdog. To prepare him for his future duties, he received special lessons, i. a., he was instructed in fencing by his aunt Francis Midford.[17]


"Ciel Phantomhive" was born to Vincent and Rachel Phantomhive on December 14, 1875, a few minutes before his younger twin brother Ciel.[18]

"Ciel" was content being his father's successor until Vincent took his sons to the nearby town for a lesson,[19] and Ciel entrusted "Ciel" that he would like to move out of the manor and open a toy shop in London in the future.[20] Not wanting to part with Ciel, "Ciel" told his parents that he did not want to become Earl anymore and wished to run a toy store with his brother instead.[21] After a conversation with Rachel and Vincent, "Ciel" reluctantly accepted that he did not have any other choice but to become the Earl of Phantomhive.[22]

Years later, on his and his brother's tenth birthday, "Ciel" was woken up by Ciel and given one of the two rabbit fèves from their advent calendar. They wished each other a happy birthday before they got dressed and went downstairs to marvel at the decorated dining room and the presents under the tree.[23]

The twins were then congratulated by their parents and given the day off from their studies. Happily, "Ciel" and Ciel walked around the manor until they arrived at the kitchen. There, Tanaka and the cooks shooed them away as they were not allowed to see their birthday cake until the party started. Tanaka told the twins to go to their room and that he would come to get them ready for the party at six o'clock.[24]

"Ciel" and Ciel went to spent the time waiting by playing games in their room and fell asleep after a while.[25] When they woke up, it was already six o'clock, but Tanaka still had not arrived. They continued to wait, and when there was still no sign of Tanaka 45 minutes later, the twins became anxious,[26] and "Ciel" decided to go and find out what was wrong. He refused his brother's wish to accompany him and told him to stay in their room before he left.[27]

"Ciel" wandered around Phantomhive Manor in search for answers. Eventually, he discovered his parents' corpses and retrieved the blue Phantomhive ring from his father's finger.[28] At some point during the attack on the manor, something terrible happened to "Ciel".[29] Alongside Ciel, he was later kidnapped by human traffickers and tagged.[30]

The twins were put in the same cage, and "Ciel" apologized to Ciel for being pathetic and "a failure of an older brother" as he had not been strong and powerful enough to protect him. In their misery, the brothers began to cry and embraced each other.[31] At night, "Ciel" woke up his brother to show him the blue Phantomhive ring and tell him that it would help them return home. Then, "Ciel" swallowed the ring to ensure that it would not be taken away from them.[32]

The next day, the twins were brought by a man and taken to his mansion. There they were washed, dressed, and given food. While Ciel believed that they had been saved by a "nice man," "Ciel" remained suspicious.[33]

Later on that day, the twins were dressed for a "party." The man took them to a cathedral where a cult consisting of people wearing masks in the shape of moths had gathered.[34] Ciel asked the man, who had brought them there, where they were, but he only replied that they did not have to be afraid before announcing to the crowd that the twins would be their next sacrificial lambs and that they had to defile their pure and innocent souls in order to "prepare" them for the ritual.[35] "Ciel" and Ciel were then violated by the cultists.[36]

Afterwards on the day before Christmas,[37] "Ciel" and Ciel were branded with the "mark of the beast."[38] In the following month, the twins were continuously violated, interjected with an unknown substance, force-fed, and abused in various different ways.[39] However, as they were together, they did not completely lose hope; and "Ciel" declared that he would always protect Ciel.[40]

At the end of this month, "Ciel" was used as a sacrifice in a ritual to summon a demon while Ciel had to watch, helplessly.[41] In the process of the sacrifice, "Ciel" was stabbed in the chest and died.[42]

The ritual was successful. However, the summoned demon unexpectedly chose to form a contract with "Ciel"'s twin instead of with any of the cultists.[43][44] Upon Ciel's request, the demon killed the cultists[45] and recovered the blue Phantomhive ring from "Ciel"'s body[46] before they left and set the cathedral on fire.[47]

Shortly after Ciel and the demon left, Undertaker saved "Ciel"'s corpse from the burning cathedral[48] and turned him into a Bizarre Doll.[2] Over the next three years, Undertaker kept "Ciel" "alive" and even matched his growth to his brother's.[49]


Blue Cult Arc

While "Ciel" is sleeping, Undertaker makes him swallow a mysterious liquid. "Ciel" wakes up half-asleep and asks him if it is morning. Undertaker covers his eyes with his hand, and tells him to sleep a little longer because it is too early for him to wake up.[50]

On November 15, 1889,[51] "Ciel" arrives at Phantomhive Manor, where he is greeted by the servants there.[52]

Shortly afterward, Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis also enter the manor. "Ciel" hears them and descends the stairs, to their collective shock. He scolds a dismayed Ciel for getting drenched and assures him that he will never leave his side again and that he has come home. When Finnian states that it is impossible for there to be two Ciels, "Ciel" asserts that he is real. Finnian adds that he knew something was wrong when "Ciel" came home and calls him an impostor. Amused, "Ciel" declares that the true head of the Phantomhive house, Ciel Phantomhive, is actually him.[53]

Blue Memory Arc

"Ciel" muses that this is the first time he has actually met Sebastian. He promptly asks him how dare he "do that" to him on "that day." Sebastian affirms "Ciel"'s statement that he is "Earl Ciel Phantomhive," to the servants' disbelief. At that moment, Tanaka arrives at the staircase and addresses "Ciel", stating that he was not in his room when he brought his tea. He reveals that he knew all along that there were two Ciels; twins in fact, to the bewildered servants.[54]

An amused "Ciel" chides Ciel for confusing the servants by impersonating him. He adds that Tanaka told him that he used losing everything in the fire as an opportunity to hide the fact that he was a twin and calls Ciel a naughty boy for doing so. Ciel is hesitant when "Ciel," asks him why he made such an outrageous lie and states that he will not be angry with him. Ciel, then, mutters that he is "the spare" to "Ciel Phantomhive," heir to the Earl of Phantomhive.[55]

Seeing Ciel's shocked face, "Ciel" laughs and promises not to scold him for his lies—he even says that he would punish everyone who would call him a liar. Ciel and Sebastian are still baffled about "Ciel"'s appearance as, to their knowledge, "Ciel" indeed died nearly four years ago. Then, Undertaker arrives and reveals that he rescued "Ciel"'s body from the fire that night because he would not be able to restore him if he were burnt to ashes. When Sebastian questions his motives, Undertaker admits that he cannot bear to lose another Phantomhive.[56]

Undertaker explains that "Ciel" is a "perfected" Bizarre Doll, and "Ciel" tells Ciel that, with Undertaker's help, he was able to watch him from afar while he executed his Watchdog duties. Then, Grelle Sutcliff and Othello burst into the manor with the intention of punishing Undertaker.[57]

However, it never comes to a fight as Scotland Yard, together with Alexis and Edward Midford, storms the manor as they have an anonymous tip that Blavat Sky was in the mansion. Fred Abberline demands to speak to the Earl and is shocked to see two Ciels. "Ciel" tells Edward and Alexis that he's the real Ciel and that his twin stole his identity. At first, they are in disbelief, but then, Elizabeth appears and confirms his words, calling Ciel a liar.[58]

"Ciel" is about to explain everything to Edward and Alexis, who are very confused about the situation, when a Scotland Yard officer runs into the entrance hall with a blood vial from the Sphere Music Hall.[59] The officer is followed by some of his colleagues who have detained Blavat Sky[60] who pretends in front of everyone that Ciel is Lord Sirius, the Blue Star, and the true mastermind behind the Sphere Music Hall.[1] "Ciel", then, triumphantly watches his twin brother being arrested by Fred Abberline.[61]

After everyone is gone, "Ciel" sits in the study and looks out of the window when Tanaka arrives with his tea and Undertaker asks him if it was wise to let Baldroy, Mey-Rin, Finnian, and Snake go. "Ciel" entrusts Undertaker that he and Ciel never had a proper fight growing up and that he was now looking forward to having a real sibling rivalry with him. He then questions Tanaka whether he really does not want to leave too and is amused when Tanaka tells him that he will definitely stay.[62]

Later that night, "Ciel" looks at the moon and reaches for it when his body collapses. However, he is caught by Undertaker before he can hit the ground. "Ciel" says that he wants to go after his brother, only to be held back by his failing body, and wonders if this is how Ciel felt when they were children and he was housebound. Undertaker disagrees as "Ciel" appears to be happy right now.[63]

Blue Revenge Arc

Sometime afterward, "Ciel" explains to Alexis and Francis that he and his brother were kidnapped on their tenth birthday by a cult and that he was used as a sacrifice in a ritual from which he suffered near-fatal wounds. Thankfully, Undertaker saved and treated him. However, due to the severity of his wounds, his healing process was long and he was unable to return right away.[64] Alexis assures "Ciel" that they believe him, and Francis asks him whether he knows why his twin impersonated him for all these years, but "Ciel" can only tell her that he must have surely had his reasons and that he did not mean to hurt anyone. Then, "Ciel" declares that he will commence his rightful duties as the Earl of Phantomhive.[65]

After Francis and Alexis left, Tanaka gave "Ciel" all the documents he had to read over and he spent the next hours attempting to become familiar with them and planning the reorganisation of his household[66] before he was called downstairs to inspect the new Funtom Corporation products. "Ciel" marvelled over the fact that his brother had managed to fulfill his childhood dream despite everything and then instructed Tanaka to get rid of all the samples.[67]

"Ciel" speaks to Polaris.

Sometime later, "Ciel" is in the midst of getting his blood replenished while Undertaker idles nearby. Polaris enters and informs them that the blood factory in the north at Heathfield Manor has been dismantled and that Chris Heathfield has been taken into custody.[68]

"Ciel" is gleeful that his little brother has won the first round of their "first serious fight." Polaris throws a fit over their foiled operation, as he is worried that they will run out of radiance for "Ciel", whom he refers to as Lord Sirius. "Ciel" tells Polaris that the title "Lord Sirius" belongs to his little brother now, and the latter apologizes. "Ciel" then notes that the shivering Polaris is pale and that, while it is easy to collect fresh blood for him, he cannot function for too long without it. After "Ciel" dismisses him for the day, Polaris, while weeping, confesses that he is terrified of losing his master again, for he is "a butler, even in death."[69]


  • (To his brother, Ciel, as a child): "Don't worry. I'll protect you."[70]
  • (To his father, Vincent Phantomhive, as a child): "I don't need fake brothers."[71]
  • (Ciel about "Ciel"): "You were strong and kind, but you hated to be alone."[72]
  • (To Ciel): "I'm not going to scold you for your lies. Rather if anyone should accuse you of lying... I would never forgive them. If anything, I want to applaud you... for doing your best all by yourself these past three years. You don't have to lie anymore. Because, you see... I've come back."[73]


  • "Ciel"'s favorite cake is strawberry cake.[74][75]


  • "Ciel"'s name means "sky" in French, Italian, and Norman and also "heaven" in French, Italian, and Old French.[76]

Out of Universe

  • "Ciel"'s birthday (December 14) is also the date of Prince Albert's death. Coincidentally, in the second season of the anime, the "deathday" of "Ciel"'s twin brother (August 26) is Albert's birthday.[77]
    • December 14 is also the peak day of the Geminids meteor shower which occurs between December 7 and 17 every year.[78]


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